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Armed Private Security Services

Armed Private Security

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Barry Donadio, Private Detective Was On The Douglas Reyes Case In Maryland.

In the beginning stages of a horrible events that unfolded in December of 2015,…


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A private executive protection firm named Public Security LLC is strongly recommending that certain people and events need Bodyguards.

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Vote Barry Donadio For Queen Anne's County Commissioner on June 26th 2018

Vote on June 26th 2018 for

Barry Donadio


Queen Anne's County Commissioner

District 3



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Meet The Youngest Political Candidate In Queen Anne's County, Maryland

Dona Donadio is running as a Candidate for Queen Anne’s County Republican Central Committee in Maryland, she’s 18 years old.…


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The Former Under Secretary Of The U.S. Navy Is Endorsing Barry Donadio For the 2018 Election

Barry Donadio received another big endorsement for his political race for Queen Anne’s County Commissioner. This time, the…


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Efforts 4 Ellie

  Dear Business Owners-

We are having our 4th Annual Golf Outing on

Thursday, June 7, 2018 at Bay Hills Golf Club.

Please consider being a sponsor for our event. We are raising funds for Glycogen Storage Disease 1B. It is a very rare liver disease that receives no government funding and can be fatal. Ellie receives around the clock care, drinks uncooked cornstarch and spends a lot of time at doctors and…


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Former Maryland State Delegate Sossi Endorses Barry Donadio For County Commissioner

Former Delegate Richard A. Sossi and Barry Donadio (Photo by Matthew Abbott)

On April 26th 2018 Former Maryland State Delegate Richard A. Sossi endorsed Barry…


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Former Deputy Under Secretary Of The U.S. Army Endorses Barry Donadio

 Former Deputy Under Secretary of the U.S. Army Amie Hoeber 

On April 23rd 2018 the Former Deputy Under Secretary of…


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Former Secret Service Tactical Operator Warns Against Maryland’s HB 1302 “Red Flag Bill”

A former member of the U.S. Secret Service Emergency Response Team (ERT) that protected President Bush and Obama at the White House is warning against Maryland’s HB…


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“Not On My Watch” Says Donadio To Queen Anne’s County Becoming Sanctuary County

On April 3rd 2018, Barry Donadio stated that he would not support any moves to make Queen Anne’s County, Maryland a sanctuary county for illegal…


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Barry Donadio Recieves Endorsement From Former CIA Officer Charles Sam Faddis

Charles Sam Faddis Former CIA Officer (contributed photo)

A retired CIA Operations Officer that led the first CIA team into Iraq nine months…


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Donadio Says “ No Non-U.S. Citizens To Police Americans.” Dump Senate Bill 344 In Maryland

Barry Donadio, a Maryland Republican Politician is opposed to Maryland Senate Bill 344. It gives the ability for Permanent Resident Foreign…


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Time For Police To Be In Every School, Says Donadio

Barry Donadio, a Candidate for Queen Anne’s County Commissioner in Maryland, says he will push for having a Police Officer in every school.…


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Political Cartoons by Pat Cross

Political Cartoons by Chip Bok

Political Cartoons by Michael Ramirez


 Gun Control Crowd Silent After Black Female
 Kills Three In Maryland Shooting 

A 26-year-old female stormed a RiteAid distribution center with a pistol this morning in Aberdeen, MD, killing three before turning the weapon on herself, according to police.

“Our suspect is a lone female suspect, age 26, who had a last known address in Baltimore County. She has died at the hospital from fatal injury, a self-inflicted gunshot wound,” Harford County Sheriff Jeff Gahler said.

The shooter has been identified by multiple news outlets as Snochia Moseley, a disgruntled temporary employee who also happens to be a black female.

Normally in the case of a mass shooting incident like this, Twitter would be ablaze with calls for gun control measures, inane nonsense about terrorism, labels of toxic masculinity and dismantling gun rights groups like the NRA.

But something is different about today’s shooting: it was not carried out by a white male, leading to deafening silence from the usual suspects in the anti-gun world.

Moms Demand Action, a gun control group partnered with far left Everytown for Gun Safety, has been silent except for a generic “condolences” message posted to its Twitter page.

The group’s founder, ever-outspoken Shannon Watts, has not said a word about the shooting on her active Twitter feed.

There has been nothing but silence from petulant David Hogg, face of the Hitler youth pre-pubescent gun control crowd, who rose to national prominence after the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting in February which killed 17.

Leftist activist Michael Moore has not weighed in, either (literally or figuratively).

Nor is cable news playing the story on repeat with live coverage, a “BREAKING NEWS” chyron, and gun-control activists on call as guests during every segment.

If all of these “activists” truly believed in the cause, shouldn’t the standard be the same regardless of the ethnicity and gender of the shooter?

Big League Politics reached out to Shannon Watts to ask her just that. She did not return our request for comment.

The FBI, the DEA, the ATF, the Maryland State Police, the Maryland Transportation Authority Police and the local municipal departments of Aberdeen, Havre de Grace and Bel Air are all investigating the incident.

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