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Mouthy Maxine Part 1

Does anyone that is not a full blown progressive/socialist believe that their Democratic Party does not have a deep and visceral hatred of anyone who disagrees with them? Can they be so self delusional to think that the American people want the President and indeed our government to be run by such people who can not prove any of their point, and incoherent in the message they spout, rambling on and on about situations that have no basis in fact? There is no way they will be able to destroy…


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A Violent Era in America’s Future

Once again, the left has attempted to show outrage over the rights of the American people being used to have credible debate. Our political class, along with the violent protest groups that they support have attempted to serve notice that those of us who believe in the American way must be silenced, and must be forced to keep our opinions and beliefs to ourselves. Between the progressives/ socialists dinosaurs called the Democrats, the socialists throughout our academia and the media, and…


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The Russian debacle part 1

Great interest has been shown in this alleged collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russians. I say alleged because this is a story that should have been gone months ago.  The intelligence agencies of this country have presented all parties with the basic intelligence that Russians attempt to influence the intelligence, but none that they succeeded nor of the collusion between the Trump administration and the Russian government.

The question on what they have presented to these…


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Arizona senator John McCain has worked tirelessly to thwart President Trump and the rule of law in our country. In these past two months McCain has denigrated Trump overseas in a fashion that even surpasses the Democrats innuendo and lies about our President. Claiming that even Congress is not to be trusted  in investigating the supposed Russian meddling, which has been debunked by the past administration and members of the intelligence community, he has thrown the members of the Congress…


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Are activist judges taking over the country?

Once again, Trumps immigration pause to improve vetting of those who may wish to do us harm was shut down by an Obama justice in Hawaii. U.S. District judge Derrik Kahala Watson, a fellow law graduate of Harvard law school with the former President, the judge went one step further, and proclaimed his injunction covered the entire United States. This was based on the judges interpretation giving those who want to come to our country who are not U.S. citizens the right to travel and freedom of…


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Obamas Shadow Government Belongs in Jail

The Trump wiretapping scandal is still in the first stages. It has been shown that in fact, the Obama administration did actively wiretap Donald Trump, and has lead to a plethora of “leaks: that the mainstream media has made front and center to attempt to delegitimize the new President. It was operatives of the Obama administration who used these leaks allegedly procured through this illegal wiretapping that have been creating this entire Russian false story in an attempt to turn the…


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The Forces Aligned Against Trump Part 1

A new first for the Democratic Party. We have these politicians who have sworn fealty to the Constitution and the laws of this country calling for the overthrow of a duly elected president, we have members of Congress calling our President and those that support him and work for him scumbags. They support and promote violence, burning other peoples business and cars businesses and cars, and beating those that do not sgree with them always in packs like the rabid animals most Americans…


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BLM, Antifa, and the Anarchists Will Not Win

As I mentioned in my last column,(, the debacle that was the “Women’s March” wasn’t so much a march to empower women as they described on their website, but was a march for the freebies that they felt citizens should pay for them, abortion,and as a vocal demonstration of how much these progressives hate Trump. It wasn’t about women’s right, nor was it factual,…


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Anarchists and Democrats

Once again at Berkeley, it was shown to the American people who the real Nazis are. In a fit of childish outrage, a group of about 150 people with the faces covered created chaos on the campus. Starting fires, beating Trump supporters, destroying ATM’s, and even pepper spraying one lady who they felt might be a Trump supporter just for wearing a red hat is just showing how intolerant the “tolerant opposition” really is. It is nothing more that normalizing violence in the agenda to meet the…


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Progressive/Socialist Failures in America


Donald Trump has not even been sworn in yet as the next President and yet the media, academia, celebrities, and anarchists have been yapping and nipping at his heels like jackals over a dead wildebeest. Even the politicians on the progressive/socialist side have taken to turning their backs on the appearance of collegiality. Set against the backdrop of this administration declaring that it is “scandal-free” that is also being placed as a clarion call through the media has still not…


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The UN, Common Core And The Education Of Our Children

Many parents are concerned with the direction of education in the nation today. Children are not being taught what they need to learn.

In the past, American textbooks were always picked by local school districts who have the responsibility of assuring that they textbooks use met criteria in the basics of education principles.  Involved in the selection of textbooks was the local school boards elected to their position, and the local community including the parents of the children…


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The Non-Scandals of the Obama Adminstration

Our soon to be past President has stated that he intends on giving a farewell speech on the 10th of January at McCormack place in Chicago, marking the beginning of the end of his administration. It will be informative to see how Obama talks about his administration during this speech.  He says that this speech will be a chance for him to say thank you to those who have supported him, and to celebrate what has happened in our country for the last eight years. More to the point, it…


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Traitor John Kerry

John Kerry was and is a traitor to the American fighting forces and the basic principles that our country is founded upon. Being a retired combat veteran myself, from a few years later and a different venue, I understand what it takes to work together as a team, and to stand side by side with your fellow man. I have worked with and stood next to some of the finest this country have to offer.  I would like to believe I speak for many when I say that John Kerry was, in fact a traitor and still…


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Obama, Israel, and the Treasonous United Nations

The UN has in essence declared war on both Judeo and Christian civilizations with the resolutions passed in the past few days. There will be more to come, both in the Middle East and here in the United States. The Western culture, long the bastion of prevention of crimes against humanity and a culture of laws that have helped maintain a reasonable peace through the world has been usurped by a United Nations that is anti-Semitic and assisting, along with the European Union in the…


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The Enemies Among Us Part 1

Having written about the group Jamaat al-Fuqra, now known as Muslims of America, once before  ( and considering the election of Donald Trump as President, there is more to investigated by our administration and made available to the generalpublic.

Different sources, including many within the Muslims of America organization have made clear that they expect the…


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Snowflakes and Soros Part 1

The election of Trump has led to a cacophony of whiners, criers and safe spacers to meltdown. These snowflakes had to cancel classes and even exams because they were so upset. Disappointment was not enough, the “popular kids  of the snowflake brigade have run their mouths to inflict their incite protests and riots throughout the blue areas of this country. Backed by the media, academia, and even the political progressives in the government have allowed these snowflakes to inflict all of…


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Obamas Third Term May Last Forever

Think there is no way that Obama will serve a third term? Think again.

Let’s start with what this administration has already done. Rumors of FEMA Camps have been proven true. The U.S. Army has a manual lately leaked called FM3-19.40 Internment/Resettlement Operations. A portion of the manual describes how internees will be “re-educated” for an appreciation of “ U.S. Policies. The Posse Comitatus Act has been bypassed and the military involvement in domestic law enforcement without…


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There Will Be More Charlottes

A Black police officer shots an armed black gunman in Charlotte. Once again it leads to riots and protests that decimated the downtown Charlotte area. The Black police Chief and Mayor are told they must resign because they were responsible.

The protesters, who could be aptly described as rioters went on to burn and damage property, troll the area for white people to beat, and after that call for “Justice”. Where is the justice for the business owners, some of who had been in that area…


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A New Revolution

They call themselves revolutionaries, they have a tendency to wax poetic about utopias that they have been taught in our schools. The radicalism is inculcated within them starting at grade school level, and unless repudiated by historical and economic realities continue to grow. Academia, entertainment, and the media have worked together since the 60’s to attempt to dismantle all the institutions that made this America great.

The utopias they want have been disproven in the past, and are…


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Obamas Gun Jihad

Our Muslim Marxist President is doing his best to take the guns away from patriots in our country. He has tried over the past six years to force Congress to do his bidding to violate the 2nd Amendment. Congress, to its credit has pushed back and allowed the law abiding people of this country to continue to keep the right given to them in the Constitution.

After San Bernardino, a city 30 miles from my home and the hometown of my wife, it did not take long for the Democrats…


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