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Briefs Filed in MSSA v. Holder AKA – Montana Firearms Freedom Act!

Posted on AmmoLand.com-By Gary Marbut-On June 9, 2011:

Missoula, MT --(Ammoland.com)- Briefs are getting filed in MSSA v. Holder before the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.

This is MSSA’s lawsuit to validate the principles of the Montana Firearms Freedom Act.

This a challenge to federal power asserted under the Commerce Clause of the U.S. Constitution to regulate every human (and non-human) activity under the…


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Gun Ban Groups Seize On Al-Qaeda Threat!

Posted on NRA-ILA-On June 10, 2011:

Anti-gun groups have been quick to exploit last week's al-Qaeda video in which Adam Gadahn, an American-born militant on the FBI's "Most Wanted Terrorists" list, calls on followers in the United States to buy firearms and attack major institutions and public figures. 

On June 7, the Brady Campaign, the Violence Policy Center, the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, the Legal Community Against Violence, and States…


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Could The Net Be Killing The Planet One Web Search At A Time?

What’s wrong with this picture?

Posted on The Vancouver Sun-By Alex Roslin, For Postmedia News-On June 3, 2011:

It’s Saturday night, and you want to catch the latest summer blockbuster. You do a quick Google search to find the venue and right time, and off you go to enjoy some mindless fun.

Meanwhile, your Internet search has just helped kill the planet. Depending on how long you took and what sites you visited, your search caused the…


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Angry Flash Mobs, Brought to You by Obama!

What’s wrong with this picture?

Posted on Floyd Reports-By Floyd Brown and Mary Beth Brown-On June 10, 2011:

 “Some of the best TV in America comes and goes too quickly. This past year we enjoyed the short-lived FOX police drama, Chicago Code. The show featured the battle for police resources in a city run by corrupt politicians with little more desire than to milk the system for…


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Forecast for U.S. cities: Unions, Radicals Plot to Counter 'Right-Wing Threats' to 'Middle Class'!

What’s wrong with this picture?

Posted on WND.com-By Aaron Klein-On June 9, 2011:

The founders of a radical group that teaches tactics of direct action, confrontation and intimidation were among the main speakers at a union convention at which one leader called for opposing “right-wing threats to dismantle the Middle Class.”



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Nearly Half of Americans Expect Another ‘Great Depression’ in Next 12 Months!

What’s wrong with this picture?

Posted on Conservative Byte-On June 9, 2011:

Forty-eight percent say that another Great Depression is likely to occur in the next year – the highest that figure has ever reached.

The survey also indicates that just under half live in a household where someone has lost a job or are worried that unemployment may hit them in the near future. The poll was conducted starting Friday, when the Labor Department…


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Legendary Investor: Approaching Crisis ‘Worse’ Than ’08, Yuan Will be Safer Than Dollar!

What’s Wrong With This Picture?

Posted on Conservative Byte-On June 9, 2011:

Legendary investor Jim Rogers, CEO of Rogers Holdings, offered a very glum outlook on the U.S. economy yesterday. According to him, we’re headed for a…


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Rapper Lupe Fiasco Calls Obama a "Terrorist"!

Posted on NBC Chicago-By Marcus Riley-On June 8, 2011:

“We know of at least one Chicago rapper who won’t be getting an invite to the White House anytime soon.

Lupe Fiasco called out President Barack Obama this week, calling his fellow Chicagoan “the biggest terrorist.”

The comments came in an interview with…


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Ten Questions for Defense Secretary Nominee Leon Panetta!

Posted on The Weekly Standard-By DANIEL HALPER-On June 9, 2011:

“In anticipation of today’s Senate confirmation hearing for Defense secretary nominee Leon Panetta, a list of ten questions on the future of U.S. defense spending priorities was jointly released by the…


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Did Weiner Secretly Convert to Islam to Marry a Muslim?

Posted on Floyd Reports-By Guest Writer-On June 9, 2011:

Omar Abu-Namous is the imam of the Islamic Cultural Center in New York and he is encouraging Huma Abedin – a practicing Muslim – to stand by her husband, New York congressman Anthony Weiner. Why would this imam support Anthony Weiner, who was raised Jewish, in a marriage with a practicing Muslim woman?



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Four Curious Errors In Obama's 'Dreams'!

Posted on WND.com-By Jack Cashill-On June 9, 2011:

In the retelling of his life in the acclaimed 1995 memoir Dreams from My Father,” Barack Obama embellishes and fabricates at will. He is particularly cavalier with dates. He gets these wrong as often as he does right.

Obama does not, however, make an unusual number of errors in regards to general knowledge. Let me cite the four such…


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Obama Presses Europe, Pledges Help for Greek Crisis!

Posted on CNBC-By Reuters-On June 8, 2011:

President Barack Obama on Tuesday urged European countries and bondholders to prevent a “disastrous” default by Greece and pledged U.S. support to help tackle the country’s debt crisis.

Obama, whose political prospects have suffered from persistently high unemployment and ballooning U.S. debt, has pinpointed the euro zone crisis as one foreign “headwind” hitting the U.S. economy.

After a meeting with German…


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DOJ Potentially Charged With Obstruction of Justice!

Posted on Patriot Update-By Ann-Marie Murrell-On June 8, 2011:

I was going to entitle this article Weinergate Distracts Attention Away from Major Breaking Story” but it’s a little long and not quite as catchy…

Two days ago Facebook icon/blogger Ulster Man released an intriguing bit of news on his blog in…


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Is The U.N. Trying To Strip Americans’ Second Amendment Rights?

Posted on The Blaze-By Billy Hallowell-On June 7, 2011:

Is the United Nations gunning for Americans’ second Amendment rights?

In an op-ed for Forbes, University of Houston professor Larry Bell rails against the U.N.’s “Small Arms Treaty.”

Bell claims that the international body is passing…


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Obama Versus the Constitution!

Posted on American Thinker-By James Lewis-On April 25, 2011:

The genius of the Constitution is not some person, time, or place.  It is a very improbable conjunction of all three.  Jefferson and Madison were not the only ones to fear the abuse of power.  That idea goes back to the Epic of Gilgamesh.  Every family with an alcoholic father or a tyrannical grandmother knows it.  In England John Locke…


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Texas Police Find Children’s Bodies in Mass Grave!

Posted on Yahoo News-By AFP-On June 7, 2011:

Texas police, acting on a tip-off, Tuesday found a mass grave containing “a lot of bodies,” including the corpses of children, US media reported.

The Liberty County sheriff’s office was combing the area after being told 25 to 30 dismembered bodies, many of them possibly children, were buried outside a house at the intersection of two roads, the Houston Chronicle said.

“A lot of bodies” had been found…


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Iran Sends Submarines to Red Sea in Move That Could Anger Israel!

Posted on Israel News-By Reuters-On June 7, 2011:

Iran has sent submarines to the Red Sea, the semi-official Fars news agency reported on Tuesday, citing an unidentified source, in a move that could anger Israel.

“Iranian military submarines entered the Red Sea waters with the goal of collecting information and identifying other countries’ combat vessels,” Fars said.


It did not specify the number or type of vessels involved but…


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Environmental Propaganda Activists—The myth of killer mercury!

Posted on NetRight Daily-By Dr. Willie Soon-On June 8, 2011:

By Willie Soon and Paul Driessen – The Environmental Protection Agency recently issued 946 pages of new rules, requiring that U.S. power plants sharply reduce (already low) emissions of mercury and 83 other air pollutants. EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson claims that, while the regulations will cost electricity producers $10.9 billion annually, they will save 17,000 lives and generate up to $140 billion in…


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Despite Congressional Leader's Claim, Requiring an ID to Vote is Nothing Like Forced Segregation!

Posted on The Center for Public Policy Research-On June 7, 2011:

Washington, D.C. - Efforts to protect voting integrity are not "literally" equivalent to Jim Crow segregation laws, and claims that they are by a member of the Congressional leadership is disgraceful, divisive, historically-ignorant fearmongering, say members of the black leadership group Project 21. 

On the…


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American Al-Qaeda Spokesman Calls On Americans To Carry Out Random, Lone-Wolf Attacks!

Posted on The Blaze-By Naked Emperor News-On June 4, 2011:

From The Daily Mail:

In a chilling new video, U.S. born Al-Qaeda spokesman Adam Gadahn calls on American Muslims to buy weapons from gun shows and carry out random, lone-wolf attacks.

The video, called ‘Do Not Rely on…


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Gohmert: Dems Will Drag Out Impeachment — Try To Get ‘Best Socialist’ Nominated For President

During an appearance on Huntsville, AL radio’s WVNN on Thursday, Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) offered his best assessment of what House Democrats were trying to accomplish with their impeachment efforts.

Gohmert told WVNN’s “The Jeff Poor Show” impeachment could tie up the Democratic Party’s presidential campaign efforts but predicted Democrats would use the occasion to nominate “the best socialist” they can.

“They would lose in the Senate,” Gohmert said on impeachment. “And besides that, the entire time it was on trial in the Senate, the Democrats who are running for president wouldn’t be allowed to campaign. That’s in the Constitution. They wouldn’t be able to campaign. I just can’t imagine them wanting to do that because if they send it to the Senate, they have now perfectly set up the scenario of 1996, where they will reassure Donald Trump is reelected as president. They don’t want to do that. They’re probably going to drag this thing out as long as they possibly can … through Iowa, through primaries — try to get the best socialist they can to be nominated.”

“Then just end up and say, ‘Now we’re close enough to the general election. We’ve thrown mud at the president through the House,’” he continued. “What they’re really doing — they’re using taxpayer funds to campaign against Trump. That’s all this is — a campaign fund that taxpayers are paying for in order to try to throw mud at the president. I’ll be surprised if they have that vote, but I can’t imagine they want to set up this president for reelection by having a trial in the Senate where they lose.”

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