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Glenn, Police Union React To White House’s Controversial Rapper!

Posted on The Blaze-By Jonathon M. Seidl-On May 10, 2011:

“On Monday we brought you the story of the rapper “Common” who, despite his controversial cop-killing lyrics, has been invited to a poetry event at the White House. His lyrics and the invitation enraged many readers of this site. Now, that sentiment has spread. Not only did Glenn Beck…


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Creeping sharia law becomes an issue in 2012 GOP primary!

Posted on The Washington Post’s Plume Line-By Adam Serwer-On May 10, 2011:

“Politico reports on something that should already be common knowledge to readers of this blog — that the phantom menace of sharia law has become a “consensus issue” among…


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Why Does Economic Freedom Matter?

Posted on The Heritage Foundation-By Kim R. Holmes, Ph.D. and Matthew Spalding, Ph.D.-On April 7, 2011:

America’s founders knew that liberty is about more than just securing political freedoms. True liberty requires economic freedom—the ability to profit from our own ideas and labor, to work, produce, consume,…


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Illegal Immigration Is No Laughing Matter!

Posted on The Heritage Foundation-On May 11, 2011:

The White House correspondents’ dinner might have been two weeks ago, but President Barack Obama continued his comedy routine yesterday in El Paso, Texas, only this time Donald Trump wasn’t the butt of the jokes. Instead, during a speech on immigration, the president mocked Republicans at large, the rule of law, and any American who takes the defense of our nation seriously.

Respectfully, Mr. President, illegal…


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DOJ deflects Gunrunner, Fast and Furious blame to local officials!

Posted on The Daily Caller-By Matthew Boyle, The Daily Caller-On May 9, 2011:

President Obama’s Justice Department is trying to deflect responsibility over decisions in the Project Gunrunner and Operation Fast and Furious investigations, which are being spearheaded by House Oversight Committee Chairman Rep. Darrell Issa, California Republican, and Sen. Chuck Grassley, Iowa Republican. Last Wednesday, Issa released…


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Obama Can’t Keep His Osama Stories — or Anything Else — Straight!

Posted on Floyd Reports-By Michael Oberndorf-On May 11, 2011:

The current occupant of the White House and his unindicted co-conspirators can’t seem to get their lies straight. Their versions of the alleged killing of Osama bin Laden are conflicting, contradictory, and constantly changing. And the biggest lie of all is that Obama-Soetoro had jack to do with the operation. In one of the most disgusting displays of narcissistic braggadocio I have ever had the bad fortune…


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Obama’s Elite Class Crushes All…As The Death Knell Of America Sounds!

Posted on WhatDoesItMean.com:

“Far better it is to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs even though checkered by failure, than to rank with those poor spirits who neither enjoy nor suffer much because they live in the gray twilight that knows neither victory nor defeat.”

Theodore Roosevelt, 26th President of The United States (1858 -…


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Revealed: Did the U.S. Military Act on its Own Authority to Kill bin Laden?

Posted on The Post & Email-By Sharon Rondeau-On May 3, 2011:

“(May 3, 2011) — A report which is quickly gaining traction on the …


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Obama’s Attack on Private Industry!

Posted on The Heritage Foundation-On May 9, 2011:

You might think that a U.S. company’s decision to expand its manufacturing facilities and create 1,000 new jobs here at home — rather than overseas — would be hailed by the Obama Administration as a step in the right direction, especially with nine percent unemployment. You’d be wrong. Instead, President Barack Obama’s National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) is doing all it can to throw a wrench in the machinery of private…


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Hawaii detective charges 'birth certificate' a fraud!

Posted on WND.com-By Jerome R. Corsi-On May 8, 2011:

HONOLULU, Hawaii – A private investigator claims employees of the state Department of Health forged three Hawaiian birth certificates for Barack Obama to “screw with birthers.”

Takeyuki Irei told WND one document placed the birth at Kapiolani hospital, another at Queens Medical Center and a third in Kenya.

The 57-year-old detective, who has been a P.I. since the 1980s, said he was stunned when he…


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The Destruction of Churches from a Soldier’s Perspective!

Posted on Saving Our Parish-By Thomas G. Kane: 

You know the destruction of Christian churches is becoming common practice in today’s world.  It is just as disturbing and sad as ever, but we have become desensitized to it.  If you check the news of the last couple weeks you will read of Christian churches destroyed in Egypt, Iraq, Kosovo (28 in three days and 75 in a year), Nigeria, Turkey,  Ukraine, Indonesia (1,700 in the last 15 years) Burma, India and even …


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Fear of Islam Appears as 2 Imams Pulled Off US Flight!

Posted on Israel National News-By Chana Ya'ar-On May 8, 2011:

Fear of Islam by at least some Americans was obvious Friday on a flight between two states in the southeastern United States.

Two Muslim clerics were pulled off a plane flying from Tennessee to North Carolina. The imams, who were on their way to a conference on Islamaphobia sponsored by the North American Imams Federation, were both wearing traditional attire.

Both are religious leaders in…


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Is Obama Economy Making You Poor?

Posted on Conservative Byte-By Floyd and Mary Beth Brown-On May 7, 2011:

While Barack Obama spends his time running victory laps around the country over the killing of Osama Bin Laden, the American economy is careening toward a dangerous cliff. Royal Weddings, Obama’s multiple birth certificates, and absurd arguments about the NFL lockout dominate the news while daily Americans get…


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What Do Conservatives Want?

Posted on Patriot Udpate-By Ann-Marie Murrell-On May 7, 2011:

I recently saw a headline that said, ‘Trump’s Popularity Leaves Political Analysts Perplexed.’

Seriously?  Where are those analysts working, Mars?  What don’t they get about it?  I’m thinking these guys need a little education about what makes politicians super-popular with…


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US Shariah Infiltrations!

What follows is a three-part series of articles and/or blog posts regarding the infiltration of Sharia within the U.S., which were written by Chuck Norris:

US Shariah Infiltrations (Part 3 of 3):

Posted on Townhall-By Chuck Norris-On May 3, 2011:

Five years ago, Donald Van Duyn, then the deputy assistant director of the FBI’s counterterrorism division,…


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Former Intelligence Agent: Terror Group Hezbollah Has Infiltrated Our Southern Border!

Posted on The Blaze-By Jonathon M. Seidl-On May 6, 2011:

The killing of Osama bin Laden was a great victory for the U.S. intelligence community, but it may well be the last one because of the Obama administration’s refusal to use tough tactics such as waterboarding on terror suspects, former U.S. Attorney General Michael Mukasey warns.

The information that led U.S. agents to bin Laden could…


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It’s Just Lipstick On A Pig, Mr. President!

Posted on The Heritage Foundation-On May 6, 2011:

Despite the good news this week about Osama bin Laden’s demise, all is not rosy for President Barack Obama — at least in the eyes of the American people. The approval of his handling of the economy hit an all-time low with only 34 percent of Americans giving him a thumbs up, according to…


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9/11 Relative: Obama Turned His Back on Me!

Posted on NewsMax.com-By Newsmax Wires-On May 5, 2011:

Debra Burlingame, the sister of Charles "Chic" Burlingame (pilot of the plane that crashed into the Pentagon) told Fox News Thursday that President Barack Obama turned his back on her during the 9/11 memorial when she attempted to engage him about the prosecution of the men who interrogated Khalid Sheikh Mohammed.

Burlingame said she confronted Obama about Attorney General Eric Holder's prosecuting the men,…


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White House and ‘urban terrorism’!

‘Book documents president’s dedication to organization set on collapsing America’

Posted on WND.com-On May 5, 2011:

Barack Obama’s favorite advocacy organization, the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN), is part political group, part crime syndicate and part urban terrorist organization, according to a stunning new book, …


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Time to hold Obama accountable in 2012!

Posted on The Daily Caller-By Jedediah Bila-On May 6, 2011:

“There has been quite a bit of talk about whether the killing of Osama bin Laden will increase President Obama’s chances of winning the 2012 election. A New York Times/CBS News poll this week revealed that “57 percent said…


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Joe Biden Talks To The Dead: – He Worked On Paris Climate Deal With Long-Dead Chinese Leader

Former Vice President Joe Biden mistakenly claimed on Monday that he worked on the Paris Climate Accord with former Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping — who died more than 20 years before its signing.

Zach Parkinson  

Joe Biden claimed tonight that he worked with Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping on the Paris Climate Accord.

Except the current Chinese President is Xi Jinping.

Deng Xiapoing left office in 1992 and has been dead for 23 years.

Biden made the gaffe while citing his accomplishments in President Barack Obama’s administration.

“One of the things I’m proudest of is getting passed, getting moved, getting in control of the Paris Climate Accord,” Biden said in a speech at the College of Charleston. “I’m the guy who came back after meeting with Deng Xiaoping and making the case that I believe China will join if we put pressure on them. We got almost 200 nations to join.”

Xiaoping served as the leader of China from 1978 until his retirement in 1992, and passed away in 1997. Xi Jinping, China’s current president, came to power 2013 and signed the country onto the 2016 agreement.

In June 2017, President Trump announced that the U.S. would withdraw from the agreement, stating that accord will “undermine the economy” and “puts [the United States] at a permanent disadvantage.”

In addition to the Xiaoping gaffe, Biden bizarrely declared in a campaign speech that he is a “candidate for the United States Senate” and that people could “vote for the other Biden” if they prefer one of his rivals.

“My name is Joe Biden. I’m a Democratic candidate for the United States Senate. Look me over, if you like what you see, help out. If not, vote for the other Biden,” the 77-year-old said at the First in the South Dinner.

Biden’s confusing comments come as Democrat primary candidates are scheduled to debate in Charleston Tuesday evening. The former vice president faces increasing pressure to give a standout performance as his “firewall” in the Palmetto State crumbles in the face of a surging Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT). The Vermont senator is fresh off a decisive victory in Nevada caucuses on Saturday. Earlier this month, he placed first the New Hampshire primary and won the popular vote in Iowa. In a survey released Monday, the Public Policy Polling outfit said Biden leads South Carolina with 36 percent of support and Sanders is in second at 21 percent.

Hannity: Bernie's beyond gross article

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