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Rajjpuut's Folly: What Do the Chinese Know (and Do) That We Don’t?


Is Trickle-Up Poverty the New Prosperity?


           While being assaulted on all sides with Barack Obama’s “trickle-up poverty” and other progressive government boondoggles like Obamacare on top of trillion-dollar national deficits as far as the eye can…


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Talk is Cheap

The representatives the Tea Party got elected, headed by a leader who is carried away by emotions, are doing business as usual.   We’ve no time for blubbering leaders.   


Frankly, it is downright disgusting. We’ve hard-loser Democrats and gutless Republicans.  America is face to face with a self-made economic meltdown ten times worse that the tsunami in Japan. The only thing new on the scene is the Tea Party. We let our demands be known and still no…


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Education or the Lack thereof

Much is being cussed and discussed about the state of education in Texas and the country in general. The Obamugabe wants to throw billions in new “investment” into the education system.  One wonders what he expects to happen as a result.


Education is in its current state of disarray due to several things. Let’s look…


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Rajjpuut's Folly: Japan Flung 8 Feet East; Catastrophes Piling Upon Each Other


Japan Moves 8’; Earth 10”; Reactors Deteriorate;…

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A Time for Doom and Gloom?

Ranting unions and their bought and paid for politicians are like quacking ducks waiting to be shot down. It isn’t a pretty picture.  They are bringing America much pain and suffering.


Billionaire investors are bailing out of the stock market and buying gold. They say there is no way out of the worst depression ever. You don’t know what is coming because you never experienced it.  These people are billionaires because they can read the signs.


Americans, based…


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Rajjpuut's Folly: Japan Disaster Proves “What could go wrong?” Still “THE” Question


“The survival-value of human intelligence has never been proved.” Michael Crichton late-great science-fiction novelist speaking to us from his first great novel, The Andromeda Strain

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I am middle-class American who works everyday to pay my rent and contribute to society by paying taxes. It is very unfair that people can live a lifetime of practically free rent through the section 8 voucher program. I agree that the elderly and the disabled should be provided with the opportunity for low-cost rentals. The elderly and totally disabled depend on a modest social security check which is not enough to afford an apartment at full rent. I do not agree that low-income individuals…


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Obama Hall Pass: Left admits Bias with Obama Administration.

Left wing Media is gives Obama a Hall Pass on everything that they would be outraged if it were a conservative leader.   Surprising video.



We need to hold our government accountable regardless of the agenda of political parties or groups.

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Rajjpuut's Folly: Explosion, Possible Armageddon in Japan Require Divine Intervention


                The next dozen or so times you talk with the Creator, put in a good word for the Japanese who really need all the help, divine or otherwise, they can get.  In the wake of the 8.9…

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Rajjpuut's Folly: Bernanke, Obama Inflationary Policy Aims to Solve Economy


“You can always fool every one of the people who feel that your lies encompass their pre-conceived foolish notions and presumed (but irrational) best interests.” Rajjpuut

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The Lost World; Our Republic, "If We Can Keep It."

In an eerie resemblance to a science fiction novel, the man that would be King today had the gall to state that we have more production of oil and energy now than we have had in years.  Taking credit for what someone else (Clinton in 1997) did before him, the Imposter-in-Chief gave another lecture to the American public on something he only knows how to destroy, and not create.  The brief spike in oil-production was the fruit of over a decades' worth of regulatory misery and insanity,…


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Colored? So what????

Colored? So what???? Continue

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Fair is Fair.....

The US Supreme Court has ruled that you have the right under the First Amendment to protest military funerals.. I invite you to start your protest in my front yard and we can see if your First Amendment is better than my Second Amendment..

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Barry Deceives Liberty – How Would You Respond to a Progressive?

by: Trent Derr - American Exceptionalism Blog


My wife was seated in the airport waiting to catch her flight back home. So far so good. She was already past security waiting in the gate area. As usual, she was reading a book trying to pass the minutes until it was time to board. My wife can be as entertained by people watching as anyone. However if she…


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For the last time...

Please be advised I am sick to death of receiving questions about my dog who mauled 3 Muslims sitting on a rug next to my back wall, 6 illegal's wearing Obama T-shirts, 4 Democrats wearing Pelosi T-shirts, 2 rappers, 5 phone operators who asked me to "press 1 for English", 9 teenagers with their pants hanging down past their cracks, 18 customer service desk people speaking in broken English, 10 flag burners, and a Pakistani taxi driver.…


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The Essential Elements of Liberty---YOU

Tonight we had a great presentation on Tea Party Radio.  David Toy had invited a representative of the Fair Tax movement---PLEASE visit them at ---Rich, and he provided a very comprehensive and informative, and due to time constraints, unfortunately brief synopsis of the Fair Tax.  (He will be back on Monday--be there or be square.)  Having been a vocal proponent of the Fair Tax initiative for a number of years also, as many Tea Party…


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How good the change has been for our Country.



President  Truman

established  one  day  a  year  as  a

"National Day of Prayer."




President Reagan

designated the

First Thursday in May of each year as

the National Day of Prayer.  … Continue

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Rajjpuut's Folly: Hillary Clinton Cheers on Al-Jazeera's Radical Islamist Propaganda Chefs



Al-Jazeera Channel Given Rave Reviews

by American Secretary of State Clinton



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I am the God fearing,gun toting,flag waving Conservative you were warned about

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Ronald Reagan's Top 6 Military Principles and Their Impact on the Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan

Trent Derr - American Exceptionalism


President Reagan was a strong advocate of Peace through Strength. Essentially he believed that foreign powers were less likely to engage with the United States militarily if they were certain that they would receive immediate, disproportionate punishment from…


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Breaking: Jury Sides With Sheriff Joe
Smacks Down Establishment GOP’s Lawsuit

A jury has sided in favor of conservative icon, former Sheriff Joe Arpaio, against the lawsuit filed by Austin Flake, the son of GOP establishment Senator Jeff Flake, and Austin’s ex-wife, Logan Brown.

Flake and Brown had filed a lawsuit against the Arizona sheriff for “malicious prosecution” after over a dozen dogs died on their watch at a Gilbert dog kennel.

The jury decided Flake and Brown had failed to provide sufficient evidence to back up their accusations of malicious prosecution by Arpaio, The Associated Press reported via

Flake and Brown ran the kennel while Brown’s parents were out of town in 2014, the AP reported.

The two were still in college.

Initially, Flake and Brown were charged in the incident, but the charges were dropped at the prosecution’s request. Later, Flake’s in-laws pleaded guilty to animal cruelty charges after an expert determined that the facility air conditioner failed because it was not properly maintained.

Thus, the owners of the kennel were responsible for the death of the 21 dogs, and they answered for their crimes.

Nonetheless, Flake and Brown reportedly alleged that Arpaio had charged them to gain publicity and deal damage to Senator Flake — an establishment fixture within the GOP.

The two “contended the charges caused them emotional distress, contributed to the demise of their marriage and led the senator’s son to being suspended from college for an honor-code violation,” according to The Associated Press.

Despite the jury’s decision, the U.S. District Judge Neil V. Wake will not issue a final verdict until the defense explains why it didn’t turn over documents that may have benefited the plaintiffs, according to a statement from the plaintiffs’ attorney to The Associated Press.

“The struggle to hold government officials accountable has always required a steep, perilous climb,” the plaintiffs’ attorney said in a Friday statement according to KNPX.

“Although we disagree with the jury’s verdict, we are grateful we had the opportunity to force former Sheriff Arpaio and his subordinates at Maricopa County to account for their indisputably reckless conduct. Near the end of the trial, we discovered that the County failed to turn over documents that might have helped us prove our case,” he continued.

“The Court has ordered the County to explain its failure and indicated that it will not enter a final judgment in the case until a satisfactory explanation is provided. We will access our future options in this fight when the County complies with the Court’s Order.”

Charges that didn’t pan out are an annoyance to those affected — there’s no question of that.

But to claim that those charges — which were dropped — were the reason behind a failed marriage, and that Arpaio needs to pay is completely ridiculous.

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