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Health Care Bill

I can not believe what the Democrats did in order to pass the Health Care Bill. I thought it was illegal to bribe Senators in order to get there votes on something. The FBI has done stings on Senators and Congressman taking bribes to get votes on certain bills and other things to help companies or individual. Well what is the difference between the Bribes the Democratic Leadership did to get votes on the HCB and what the FBI stings did and arrest certain members for taking bribes. I used to be… Continue

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Positive Notes on Tea Party Movement

We have develop a coalition of 30 organizations and from our event in Washington DC we are grown in 2 weeks to about another 2million. We now represent about 7 million patriots natiowide. We have to flood Washington with phone calls, faxes, letters, etc. Additionally we are going to have to do the same for the media. They have flooded the airwaves with only DNC and RNC cronies. They will interlace patriots that have no control to increase their legitimacy, however, these groups are controlled… Continue

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Cancellation of Sam Houston Event

There is powers in high places that have resulted in shutting down our event at the Sam Houston Race Park on 2 Jan 09. I had been encouraged to move this event to 16 Jan 2010. This is conveniently after ballot closure in Texas. I cannot have ant event in any public arena because the powers that be, know I will have Real Candidates running for office. My goal was to direct the attendees to meet the needs of the Independent Parties to have real Representative form of Government. It seems we are… Continue

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Is the Tea Party Movement a Political Party?

I had no intention of the Tea Party Movement to become a Third Party. I have Republicans in Florida who are trying to make this a third party and I may have to take legal actions against them. I believe the best course of action is to be a watchdog or Inspector General to keep political parties honest. I will use the movement to attract people and it the political parties responsibility to convince the public that you are the alternative from the major political party or other… Continue

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Tea Party Priorities

We must deal with the issues at hand. We cannot be distracted by a million what ifs. I am aware of these new issues and we have solutions to them. However, if I answer that sufficiently enough it will open up more what ifs etc., etc. We need to get back to Representative form of government Now. Once Representative Government is established, I have only outline 4 key areas to focus on: 1) Job Creation 2) Healthcare 3) 21st Century Education and 4) Refunding Social… Continue

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Ring bells for freedom

I suggest that everyone who attends the tea party in DC on April 15 ring a bell for freedom. If a million people ring a million bells, maybe they would hear us then.

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Its quite obvious, that even though the socialist/liberal/democrats, say that their bills deny illegal aliens health care; once they've passed their bill they will try to pass amnesty for illegal aliens, thus winning the aliens votes and then the aliens will be able to access health care.

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How to avoid the Perot Syndrome

Organization is necessary to get any attention of the politicians. Starting a new party will take a lot more time than the Obama crowd will allow. By the time we could get on the ballot in most of the states, we will all be in a gulag.

The way to make an early impact is to call state conventions and nominate candidates early enough to run the candidates in the Republican Primaries. I believe that the Tea Party candidates could win most of the primaries. If we can't win a primary, we would… Continue

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Tea Party's Mission Outlined Contrary to Obama's Mission

Chris - Thanks so much for developing this outline of Obama's mission, because he just showed us what the Tea Party Movement objectives are.

1. Patriots take over Congress

2. Patriots buy up the U.S. Economy as possible

3. Patriots regain citizen rights per the Constitution.

4. Patriots put God into all our institutions.

5. Patriots restore Free Market policies to restore the Economy

6. Patriots to remain peaceful and celebrate that we are united in our… Continue

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Health care bill

Are we really just going to stand by and let Congress put us into debt and control how we get medical treatment? Medicare is going to treat patients by age and longevity and deny essential treatment. With private insurance, all claims are tied to Medicare payments. If we can keep our private insurance, our bills are going to be astronomical. It seems that Congress does not listen to the masses. We need to act now before the bill is voted on Christmas Eve.

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Obama's True Mission must be Stopped!

I hope I'm not the only one that sees what Bammer & Buddies are up to!

Step 1: Take over Congress

Step 2: Buy up as much of the U.S. Economy as possible.

Step 3: Take over citizen rights in any way possible. I.E. Healthcare & Energy Sources

Step 4: Kick God Out!

Step 5: Begin enacting socialist policies while Destroying the Economy!

Step 6: Cause the citizens to get fed-up & Revolt( by the way I'm so for a tax revolt & maybe TEXAS withdrawal… Continue

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Where Is The Protection Only Government That Guarantees Our Rights To Prosperity and Happiness

What are we allowing our government to do? I have long been a seeker of honesty in our government and I agree that we need to regain our freedom to create value and be wealthy, happy and at peace within our country. For so long we have had our rights to happiness and prosperity taken away in order for career politicians and other cheats to make their unearned living at the expense of us, the hard working individual American. I believe that the only function of government is to provide the… Continue

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Coastoa Carolina Taxpayers Association (CCTA) Monthly Meeting

CCTA meets montly on the 3rd Thursday of the month, 7:00pm at Constitutional Crossroads, 322 E. Main St., Havelock, NC. Next meeting is tomorrow, December 17th.

The Coastal Carolina Taxpayers Association is a grassroots, non-partisan organization which advocates minimum government and maximum freedom. We are dedicated to the preservation of Free Enterprise which, by its nature, requires citizens to reap the benefits of their own labor. Excessive taxing and spending are… Continue

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George Washingtons' Farewell Address

I am often in AWE at the intellect of the framers of our great nation!

George Washingtons Farewll address is an awesome read. The warnings and for lack of a better word, premonitions, he writes about are almost chilling. Especially when you look at our current state of union.

He warns time and again about Not being devided by parties and to be very watchful for those who will be trying to "Back-door" (my words) our Constitution.

The following is a small portion… Continue

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Domestic Enemy!

I am Horrified that a White House agency, (The EPA) is threatening OUR Congress to act on Cap and Trade or face a more harshly imposed legislature!

Now, I KNOW that Art.I, Sec I of The Constitution of The United States gives ALL power of legislation to OUR Congress. NOT SOME. BUT ALL.

Therefore, this being true I cannot imagine an entity like the EPA actually having the authority to threaten OUR Congress, nor the Power to actually follow through with said… Continue

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Tea Party President Goes To Washington


Tea Party Prayer Vigil Launch

Opening Prayer and Speech - National Liberty Unity Summit

WHO: Dale Robertson, President of the Tea Party

Open the Summit with Prayer and Speech

WHEN: Tuesday, December 15th at 8:00am

WHERE: Channel Inn Hotel

650 Water St, S.W. Washington, DC 20024-2422

Toll Free: (800) 368-5668 Local: (202) 554-2400

As we gather in… Continue

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Tea Party Founder Going To Washington

“I am going directly to the top! I will bypass Congress and the Whitehouse and take my grievance directly to the apex of authority, God.” Dale Robertson

Robertson, President and Founder of the Tea Party is organizing a historic Washington, D.C. event making a statement about the Godly condition of our nation and the recent troublesome statements by President Obama.

Robertson is calling for a Prayer vigil on Tuesday the 15th of December from 10:00 A.M. TO 5:00 P.M., come… Continue

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Please Sign Up with your State Group

In efforts to make it easier to coordinate activites please sign up in respective state. Our goal is to retake Congress and restore the Constitution. We will continue to improve the site to provide tools make this process easier for all. The wicked freely strut about when the righteous do nothing, we need to take a stand and restore our nation. Healthcare and Climate Bill with Europeans (Cap and Trade) will place a heavy yoke on us as a nation. We do not bow to any world leader… Continue

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Tea Party

My son who is a banker in Sarasota Fl was invited to the Kaiser College for a dinner last night and one of the attendee’s was a New York Congressman. After the dinner someone ask the Congressman, who was on his 5th term, whether he was running for office. His response yes he was and didn’t have any Democrats running against him, but had 3 others. When ask who they were, he said the one who was running under the Republicans and he intended to donate some money too. When ask whether that… Continue

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