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The Socialist Judge: Elena Kagan and the Teachable Moment

"We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America"! How naïve was America when Barack Hussein Obama shouted those words on the brink of his election. What an education we have had in the past tumultuous 18 months, with a new transformation occurring on an almost daily basis. It has been quite a ride, reminding me of the Disneyland Tea Cup ride where I watched my little boy lose his cookies. As disturbing as this ride as been, you have to admit --…


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9/11/2011 !




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Star Light, Star Bright

I wish I may, I wish I might have the wish I wish tonight. The poor wish for material abundance. The government accommodates them by giving the poor the Lottery. Anything that raises revenue, by government standard, is good. Taking from those who have and giving it to those who don’t, redistribution of the wealth, by government standard, is good. Government is giving the American people their wish.…


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Here's an email I received from Grassfire Nations. Use Grassfire to fax your individual message to Congress.…


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Rajjpuut's Folly: 15 Key Obamacare Promises on Health Care "Reform" Fall Short

The possibility of Obama ‘vetoing’ his Obamacare legislation because of recent discoveries from the Congressional Budget Office that it violated two of his campaign pledges about overall costs…


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Rajjpuut's Folly: Will a Desperate Barack Veto Obamacare? Don't Bet Against!

Last Rajjpuut Remembers . . . .…


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The Wisdom of the Ages

President Obama says we don’t know who to believe because there is too much information at our disposal. I suspect he had Fox News in mind. Similarly, a Christian on told me I’m misinformed on my interpretation of the Bible. A Muslim would tell me I’m misinformed on my interpretation of the Koran. I’m told by another on that the Tea Party cannot be the imposition…


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Blue Water Veterans taking in the back by our Government.

I'm a United States Navy Veteran with Parkinson's... According to the V.A. who is suppose to help veterans is twisting the knife along with the courts and congress and putting it to us Navy Vets. We are the so called "Blue Water" Navy Veterans exposed to agent orange while serving aboard ships in the " Tonkin Gulf " VietNam. I'm not whinning for myself, but, for the vets who don't have a spouse that works and has health care. I am considered 100% disabled because of the Parkinson's



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Joined tea party - received e-mails marked suspicious?

I joined the tea party yesterday. I do not understand why the e-mails that I am receiving from this site are being marked by my 'phishing' filters and suspicious? Does anyone know why? I never get these warnings. Has anyone else had these problems? I am trying to get involved, but this is a distraction.

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Choices for American People to help cut Spending?

New option to vote for spending cuts. Check this out. Each week there'll be a new group of expeditures to vote out. Our vote will be taken to the House floor for an up or down vote by congress. America let's not disappoint them. Cut spending!

YouCut – a first-of-its-kind project - is designed to defeat the permissive culture of runaway spending in Congress. It…

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Obama's new Pledge of Allegiance.

The Pledge of Allegiance (Obamica)

I pledge my allegiance to Obama, For his push to a Socialist State

We were United, but now are Divided, Under no diety but…


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United Nations in Geneva and the Swiss


I got my email about the U.N. threat. I saw it was sent from their headquarters in Geneva.

Have any of you been to Geneva, Switzerland. I have. My wife is Swiss (and also American).

When you get to Switzerland, as a tourist, you are required to go directly to the local police station, with your passport, and register (if you stay at a hotel, the hotel does this for you).…


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I'm so tired of Racist Rhetoric from real Racist. (about her ban on ethnic studies)

I think the Governer of Arizona is very brave and I think it's about time someone stated that. Yeah it's ok to learn about your own race and contributions but they refuse to let white's do the same sighting it as racism. Oh White's are evil and their heritage is bigoted and hateful to the World. It's amazing how doubled standard this nation has become. Here's their reference for White history, Slavery and K.K.K.. Like that actually represents our history as a whole. Somehow being white… Continue

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The American Flag.

Since when did it become offensive to show the American Flag? How do you reside in the United States and claim it's freedom, it's protection, it's benefits, it's liberty and come out your mouth that the flag you call home, is somehow offensive to you? Do you people hear yourselves? The flag represents a place of pride that those before you gave their life to keep you free. Thats offensive? That all her wars and all her voices somehow ring shame? Because even though you make such ugly comments… Continue

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U.N. can go straight to Hell!!

Now the U.N. is telling American's how to govern their own people? They can go straight to Hell!! Are they currently aware who foot's the majority of U.N. Fund's? We do. They are so unable to act in a way that is unbias. They like to pretend they can accomplish everything without the U.S., and while they show resentment towards us, they are cashing our check. Let's cancel some of those checks and then lets see how much they can truly accomplish? I find no real proof of racism or ethinc… Continue

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Government Jurisdiction

About the UN, or even our own government, saying the first word to Arizona about their new, old, or planned legisation and its new immigration law. Doesn't anyone read or know the Constitution? Just so you'll know, read Article I, Section 8, Clause 17. As far as I remember, Arizona is a Sovereign State in these United States. Show me anywhere in the Constitution where it says that the federal government, or the UN, has either the authority or the jurisdiction to tell The… Continue

Added by Richard Dixson on May 12, 2010 at 5:50am — No Comments is now using the Oil Rig Explosion as a opportunity to stop all offshore oil drilling

Author: Brian D. Hill

Source: USWGO Alternative News

The pro establishment, anti-truth, propaganda site has now used, what the elite would love see using or even generating crises, that

there are huge petitions by the tens of thousands now demanding Barack

H. Obama…


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What in the World people!!

Now the President wants to attack information? How is he still in office? That man sounds more socialist everyday and the Liberals continue to endorse him. Let's look at what he has done and where he wants to finish..........

1. Control HealthCare.

2. Control the money.

3. Control information.

4. Reduce military.

5. Reduce State…


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A Must Read

A Must Read Book….

Notice: to all our ‘in their right minded’ friends…….a year or so ago I stumbled across a book called…. ‘Keynes At Harvard’ which was originally published in 1960 by an author named Zygmund Dobbs……it is basically a blue print of how socialism works and how it will slowly be injected into the America we now know and love. I obtained the reprint rights to this wonderful effort and you can buy (look for new---not used) at Amazon or at this web site… Continue

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 Kavanaugh Accuser Donated   To Hillary Clinton  10 Times,  60+ Liberal Groups 

Reportedly attempted to conceal political activity by scrubbing social media accounts

Over the weekend, a name and face were added to the previously anonymous sexual assault allegation against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, which is now threatening to derail his nomination. Those looking to obstruct Kavanaugh’s confirmation certainly saved their best for last, as the prior attempts included pathetic stunts such as:

– Claiming to file perjury charges against Kavanaugh, which only Jeff Sessions would have the ability to file.

– Packing the hearings with hysterical protesters, resulting in hundreds of arrests.

– Threatening female Republicans with extortion.

– Cory Booker comparing himself to Spartacus, the escaped slave who led a revolt against the Romans.

The identity of the accuser was revealed as Christine Blasey Ford, who has agreed testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee. Ford reportedly made the allegations back in July in a letter to Senator Dianne Feinstein, and Feinstein waited until it was close to the vote to confirm Kavanaugh before making the accusations public.

There’s a record of Ford making the accusation in a 2012 therapy session, though Kavanaugh isn’t named in the session notes that Ford gave to the press. Ford alleges that in the early 1980s, Kavanaugh entered a room drunk, pinned her to a bed, and groped her over her clothing. Kavanaugh “categorically denied” the allegations.View image on Twitter

Fin Gomez @finnygo   NEW: Statement from Judge Brett Kavanaugh:

There is a slight discrepancy in the account Ford provided in her letter to Feinstein and in her therapist’s notes, but that could simply be due to an error on her therapists part.

There are however some other questions that need to be answered which call into question Ford’s motives.

As Grabien reported, they include:

1. Why Ford deleted her public social media accounts before revealing herself.

Ford deleted all of her public social media before she came forward, making it difficult to see the advocacy and partisanship she was engaged in the time leading up to her making her allegation public. Of course, Ford may simply value her privacy, but the act of deleting her public postings will inevitably make some wonder what she didn’t want seen.

2. That Ford may have an unrelated grudge against Kavanaugh, as his mother, once a circuit court judge, ruled against Ford’s parents.

In August 1996, Christine Blasey Ford’s parents, Paula and Ralph Blasey, were foreclosed upon. Kavanaugh’s mom, Martha, was then serving as a judge on the Montgomery Country Circuit Court, and she ruled against Christine Ford’s parents.

3. That Ford is a Democrat who donates to left-wing causes, attended the anti-Trump March for Science, and previously signed an open letter challenging Trump’s border policy.

Ford is a political activist who has made dozens of donations to left-wing causes. According to OpenSecrets, she has made more than 60 donations to liberal causes, with almost four dozen to the pro-abortion group, Emily’s List, alone. Ford also donated to the DNC, Hillary Clinton (more than 10 times), Bernie Sanders, and the progressive organizing group ActBlue.

Ford likewise attended the anti-Trump March for Science, where she wore a hat knitted like a human brain, but inspired by the feminist “pussy hats” worn at the Women’s Marches. Ford also added her name to an open letter from health professionals who argued the U.S. border policy resulting in temporary separation of some families was harmful to children’s development.

There’s no statute of limitations on sexual assault in Maryland, where she claims that the assault happened. Rather than go to the police, Ford went to Dianne Feinstein. If her accusations are true, she should immediately file a police report against Kavanaugh and take him to trial. If she doesn’t, perhaps that’s because she knows the consequences of filing a false police report.

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