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Liberalism v. Conservatism

Welcome to the Tea Party Richard Cruikshank. I’m a World War II veteran. I was a combat rifleman in Germany. What I saw will never leave my mind.…


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Growing Self-Reflection

You may feel perceptive and in tune with your life or the goings-on in the world. Perhaps you are engaged in a journey of self-reflection and are giving some thought to your past or future. If so, you may receive a wealth of inspirational insights. You could also be drawing conclusions about yourself that could help you to grow in your work or spiritual life. Consider allowing yourself ample time to look inward and notice any behaviors or beliefs that continue to support your… Continue

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Republicans Trying To Use Tea Party Movement!!!!

Republicans are trying to use the tea party movement to get votes for their candidates it needs to be made clear to people like Sara Palin who make appearances at rallies and say that we need to vote for Republican that we are not about to vote for a candidate because of his or her party we are going to vote for the candidate that is going to actually work for us the AMERICAN PEOPLE!!!!!

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To Organize or Not.....

I have been tossing the idea around in my head as of late, does the tea party formally organize or not? As I’m sure all of you have heard speculation of what the tea party is or what the tea party’s next agenda is and who they align or will align themselves with. Are they aligned with the Republican party will they be adopted by the Republican party. Will they force hot button issues like Social Security. Listen to what a blue collared American has to say about it.

1. Right now the… Continue

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Change the course

It has been said again and again. Not only was the past election a wake up call to those elite few in Washington, DC that We the People are a force to be taken seriously, this should also be our wake up call. The Tea Party movement is disorganized with the numerous sites listed when one does a search on the internet. This site seems to be the best of the, from the others I have visited prior to joining. What we need is to consolidate some of these other sites to form one central location. This… Continue

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The Higher Law

The Higher Law, background of America’s Constitution, is everlasting and never changing. However, the makers and keepers of the law, for their own self-serving purposes, have the naïve believing that they must interpret the law in light of the needs of the day. Consequently, the United States, the same as every other nation or empire in history, has a limited life.…


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Respect and Be Open

Your sense of integrity could make you more open-minded in your professional interactions. Perhaps you realize that by being respectful and tolerant of differing ideas you can achieve more when working with others. Making an effort to navigate between all sides of an issue and finding mutually agreeable solutions to problems could help you be even more effective in your dealings. Should you find that you have to deal with conflicting ideas in some form, you can think about the… Continue

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The meaning of the midterm election remains unknown by America’s left. I expected as much. I’ll herein explain it to them.

Free enterprise is a means of distribution of the nation’s wealth, as is socialism. Free enterprise has proven over and over to create prosperity. Obviously, prosperity is…


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Wake up Tea Party, you are all about taxes aren't you, now is the time to fix this corruption.

741,000 Small Business Closures in 2009 and climbing in 2010.

67000 page tax code is corrupt, businesses not only pay excessive taxes but as well pay for protection from the IRS, and also pay for the book keeping and accounting for the taxes, and yes it all adds up and if you don't pay for protection they destroy you, and that is not an opinion it is fact.

Tax freeze or not is not the issue that is a deflection from the real problem!!!!

Wake up Tea Party, you are all… Continue

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When Global Warming Fails - Lizards Die: End the Hate!

About a year ago there was a news story about how the iguanas were dropping out of the trees in Florida, and so Jake jotted out this quick, sick and twisted humor piece. Maybe you will still get a laugh out of it ... maybe NOT!

When Global Warming Fails - Lizards Die: Those on the left say they care … but do they really? Their efforts have paid off and now the earth is cooling. As the earth cools temperatures get too cool for the iguanas…


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Rajjpuut's Folly: Avoiding 1994’s Mistakes Crucial for Conservatives


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Where Now?

Well the November election cycle is over. The AMERICAN PEOPLE gave the Republicans another chance to do their thing. The question is, or should be, have they learned their lessons? Rest assured my Republican friends, you have not been handed a mandate. Rather, you have been given your marching orders. They are firm. They are specific as to intent. They are NOT open to interpretation or discussion. Basically, you will turn this nation from the gallop to socialism or else. I will… Continue

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Hey, intro to me: Anthony Brett Dawe aka 'Brett Chandler'

have a look at my latest words to the perfidious demoncrats on

Advocate (the Gay online site)


that is what i think

and have loadsa evidence to get GOING ON

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When the Truth is Known

At his news conference, after losing the election big, Obama lamented that people mistook his intentions. He didn’t intend to take over the auto industry. His intention was to favor the union and break the contract with the stockholders. No question about it. Note that Obama didn’t mention the printing of trillions of dollars, with nothing to back them, which is tantamount to the end of…


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My Idea, To The House and Congress!

Paul Black

My Idea 9/15/10

Economic Recovery /“The American Citizens Recovery Act of 2011”

This is a War Time Act only and limited to twenty four months from date of execution:

In order to fix the economy, and put people back to work, you first must know what is the root cause, to point fingers at the secondary mortgage industry is an illusion. Sure the Democratic Big Government would rather you go there but is it really the truth? Why dose the Democratic Big… Continue

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Unity is the Answer

You and I are members of a very select group and we joined to make a difference.

There are literally hundreds of groups across America wanting to make a statement. Some of the groups are small with just a few members and some with a few hundred members and all, like us, are dissatisfied with the current politicians and the wretchedly bad job they are doing.

Almost all groups are trying to figure out who is the best of the bad and when chosen they will encourage members of their group… Continue

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Clinton Donor And Tax Cheat Tied To Russia

“Do as we say, not as we do.”

That seems to be the slogan for Hillary Clinton and her political allies, and it’s especially apt in light of new information about one of Clinton’s largest campaign donors.

While the left is still trying to attack President Trump and his family over unproven business dealings and largely debunked connections to Russia, a new report indicates that it was Hillary Clinton’s team who were doing those exact things.

“Fox News has learned that one of the top donors to the ‘Hillary Victory Fund’ (HVF) in 2016 was a Los Angeles-based attorney who is alleged to have misused company funds to create his own $22 million real estate portfolio,” that outlet reported on Thursday.

“He has also been considered by California to be one of the state’s biggest tax cheats, and allegedly has ties to the (Russian) Kremlin,” Fox continued.

The man’s name is Edgar Sargsyan. His deep pockets greatly benefited Clinton’s campaign, with contributions of at least $250,000 to the Hillary Victory Fund in 2016.

He was also in charge of an elite fundraising dinner to benefit Clinton, where donors paid $100,000 per couple just to attend the ritzy event. But in true Clinton fashion, the money apparently went missing.

Sargsyan is now “being sued by his former company for allegedly diverting those funds to start his own real estate company,” according to Fox.

Now, people are asking hard questions about Clinton’s buddy Sargsyan, including whether his contributions were part of a pay-to-play scheme and if he had shady connections to foreign governments.

“Nobody gave to the Hillary Victory Fund out of the goodness of their heart or some generalized desire to help 33 random state parties,” pointed out attorney Dan Backer from the Committee to Defend the President.

“They did so to buy access and curry influence — something the Clintons have been selling for nearly three decades in and out of government,” he continued.

Trying to buy political influence is sadly common, especially when it comes to the Clintons. What is raising more red flags than normal, however, is the evidence that Sargsyan is no run-of-the-mill campaign donor.

“The really scary question is, what did this particular donor with this strange web of connections hope to buy for his quarter-million dollars?” Backer asked Fox News.

That web of connections is strange indeed.

The Committee to Defend the President is now alleging that SBK, a major Sargsyan-linked company “is an investment firm that is affiliated with United Arab Emirates president, Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed al-Nahyan, and its international affiliate has business interests in Russia,” according to Fox.

“Among its dealings was a bid to finance $850 million for a major bridge project to connect Crimea with Russia,” the group claims.

“He worked for SBK, and SBK appears to have bid on some Crimean/Russian bridge project,” Backer said. “That’s usually an indicator of political favor and connections.”

It raises several chilling questions: Was Sargsyan paying a quarter million dollars to Clinton for political favors, and — more disturbingly — was that money actually from sources in Russia in order to smooth the way for its construction plans?

Nobody knows for sure. What is clear, however, is that there is a pattern of dirty money surrounding the Clintons, with the “Uranium One” and “Clinton Foundation” scandals just two of the most well-known examples.

“It reinforces how fast and loose the Clinton machine was when it came to ‘Hoovering up’ these megadonor checks, not just from questionable Hollywood and Wall Street elites but potentially from foreign influence peddlers using who knows what money,” Backer told Fox News.

“It reinforces the need to take a long hard look at not just the unlawful money laundering process, but the way in which they were solicited as well,” he continued. “The Clintons have never shown a great deal of concern for whomever it was cutting the checks — whether it’s foreign influence peddlers or Hollywood smut peddlers like Harvey Weinstein.”

If those claims are even partially true, then America dodged a bullet in November of 2016 — and it’s worth keeping the pile of foreign-connected Clinton scandals in mind the next time the left tries desperately to tie Donald Trump to Russia. Perhaps they should look in the mirror.


Washington Post Compares
Jeff Sessions To Slaveholder’

The Washington Post compared Attorney General Jeff Sessions to “slaveholders” after he quoted the Bible on Thursday while discussing his department’s policy of prosecuting all illegal immigrants who cross the border.

Sessions made the statement during a speech to law enforcement officers in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

WaPo ran a story entitled “Sessions cites Bible passage used to defend slavery in defense of separating immigrant families” by general assignment editor Keith McMillan and religion reporter Julie Zauzmer on Friday.

Rather than detailing the statistics Sessions cited in the speech that explain the immigration policy, the story quoted John Fea, a history professor at Messiah College in Pennsylvania.

“This is the same argument that Southern slaveholders and the advocates of a Southern way of life made,” Fea said.

Sessions spent much of the speech discussing the numbers behind current immigration policy, including separating families at the Southwest border.

“I would cite you to the Apostle Paul and his clear and wise command in Romans 13, to obey the laws of the government because God has ordained the government for his purposes,” Sessions said.

“Orderly and lawful processes are good in themselves. Consistent and fair application of the law is in itself a good and moral thing, and that protects the weak and protects the lawful.”

“The previous administration wouldn’t prosecute aliens if they came with children,” Sessions said.

“It was de-facto open borders if you came with children. The results were unsurprising. More and more illegal aliens started showing up at the border with children.”

Sessions laid out the numbers in the speech.

“In 2013, fewer than 15,000 family units were apprehended crossing our border illegally between ports of entry in dangerous areas of the country,” he said.

“Five years later, it was more than 75,000, a five-fold increase in five years. It didn’t even have to be their child that was brought, it could be anyone. You can imagine that this created a lot of danger.”

The U.S. has the “opportunity” to fix its broken immigration system now, Sessions said.

“I believe that’s it’s moral, right, just and decent that we have a lawful system of immigration,” he said. “The American people have been asking for it.”

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