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Issa Subpoenas KERRY Re Benghazi!

Barack Obama may have stolen the 2012 presidential election by keeping the lid on several “phony scandals” with the aid and encouragement of the mainstream media.

However, much to Obama’s consternation, the Benghazi issue is most assuredly NOT DEAD, despite all the lying, obstruction, and stonewalling that the White House has thrown at the issue, aided and abetted by a biased, corrupt mainstream media.

Indeed as reported, the Benghazi scandal has exploded and is front and…


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What can't kept me from doing and enjoying for years! In pictures

wpid-20140422_184846.jpg  20131217_191342  20131206_195201  20140402_144552  20140402_163110  …


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Part of our duty as God-Fearing, active american citizens is to be upstanding to All other people. We must not let the race of unbecoming, yellow bellied, socialist swine take over our world. Education of the liberals is the only hope, by telling others of our countries founding, and what our founding fathers stood for we are doing our duty to God, and our duty to our country. Understanding that we have power to change our nation for the better must be what drives us. Do your duty as good…


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The Good Fight

From ACLJ Chief Counsel

It's been an astonishing week in Washington, with revelation after revelation exposing the Obama Administration's incompetence and duplicity. First, Secretary of State Kerry slandered our ally Israel, the Middle East's most vibrant democracy, by saying that it could become an "apartheid" state.

Second, the…


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Superb definition of Obama Care


Remember when Nancy Pelosi said:

"We have to pass it, to find out what's in it"

A physician called in to a radio show and said:

"that's the definition of a stool sample".

And that pretty well sums it up.…


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Stop the NSA. Stop the spying.

It never fails to disappoint me when I ask a fellow American how they feel about the NSA spying on them and they reply, "Fine, why should I be concerned?  I'm not doing anything wrong."  Not only are the atrocities visited upon America by the National Security Agency so unthinkably unconstitutional, but the average American isn't concerned or even aware about them.  As long as they believe the government won't incarcerate them, they don't care about drones peeking into their lives, or police…


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Rebuilding America from that damn commie Obama

Welcome to the page of Butch Kenner.  In this blog, I'll be discussing the merits of American reform and rebuilding our great nation from quite possibly the most detrimental presidency in American history. Every minute that our nation has to spend under the rule of a "President" like Obama is a minute in which we are loosing our liberty, dignity, and freedom. But we can, and will be heard. We will make this country as great at it once was.

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Power in hands of the Speaker

The Senate places the agenda and bill voting in the hands of the Speaker of the Senate, who is voted into that position by the majority party of that branch.  That speaker can permanently table the calling up a bill for voting on and passage.   Important bills often languish on this speakers desk because he does not want possible passage of a bill his own political party is against. This is far too much power put into one man's hands.  It has now evolved into an  anti-citizen , evil approach…


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National Day of Prayer!!

Today is our National Day of Prayer!!

Our Founders saw a National Day of Prayer as a fitting observance, not unlike the establishment of Thanksgiving, of which George Washington wrote in…


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Freedom dirge.

Before I watched this video I was very skeptical. Sometimes people use the national anthem for their own twisted agendas (Lady Gaga – halftime shows - anyone?) This young man sang the national anthem in a different key - all the words with the same, he just used a different key.

Okay stop reading right now – go watch the video …


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Conservative Groups Call the Crony's Bluff

Ten conservative organizations are protesting legislation designed to help one of the richest men in the world warning that it violates federalism, opens the door to regulation of the Internet and is an pure example of crony capitalism.

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC), and Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT), have introduced legislation known as the Restoration of America’s Wire Act as a way to helping billionaire casino owner Sheldon Adelson stamp out competition coming from states that have…


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How to counter a BLM "No-Fly Zone"

 In the case of Bundy Ranch, the Gov't imposed a No-Fly Zone over the area.  Here is the solution: This video the DVF1080 Waterproof Action Cam FPV was mounted to the front of a remote control glider. With the prop behind the nose (this was a "pusher" aircraft), the camera had a nice unobstructed view of the area.

No pilot will lose his license, the plane with a FPV cam and the RC controller can use a pair of FPV goggles to buzz the perimeter of the ranch for BLM activity.  Video can be…


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Oblivious to Lifestyle Inequality, Obamas and Bidens Waste $40 Million on Vacation!


By John W. Lillpop

Democrats looking to deflect public attention…


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“Open Letter To Gov. Mike Huckabee Regarding Justina Pelletier”

 I have written and open letter to Mike Huckabee asking him to be the national voice for all wrongfully and illegally stolen children, much like he's doing for Justina Pelletier. Will you please copy and paste this letter to him.  Help the millions of children in America wrongfully kidnapped in America by corrupted Government Officials. Contact Mike Huckabee with this letter, today.…


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Four Dead in Benghazi Video.

I made this music video because I want low-info voters to get it; to understand that four Americans unnecessarily died at the hands of Al Qaeda terrorists who overtook our U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya.

Please do not be offended by my use of the term “low-info”. I am merely referring to…


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Judicial Watch->  Emails Show Dossier-Connected Obama State Dept Officials Set ‘Face-To-Face’ Meeting On ‘Russian Matter’ Shortly Before 2016 Election

Judicial Watch and the Daily Caller News Foundation on Thursday released 84 pages of documents showing Obama’s State Department was central to pushing the ‘Trump-Russia’ hoax shortly before the 2016 election.

The email exchange between then-Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland and Special Coordinator for Libya Jonathan Winer, a very close associate to Christopher Steele, show them discussing a ‘face-to-face’ meeting in New York on a ‘Russian matter’ in September of 2016.

Via Judicial Watch:

Judicial Watch and The Daily Caller News Foundation today released 84 pages of documents, including a September 2016 email exchange between then-Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland and Special Coordinator for Libya Jonathan Winer, a close associate of dossier author Christopher Steele, discussing a “face-to-face” meeting on a “Russian matter.”

(In June 2016 Nuland permitted a meeting between Steele and the FBI’s legal attaché in Rome. Nuland told CBS News that the State Department knew about the Steele dossier by July 2016.)

According to an op-ed Winer wrote for The Washington Post in 2018, also in September 2016, “Steele and I met in Washington and discussed the information now known as the “dossier… I prepared a two-page summary and shared it with Nuland, who indicated that, like me, she felt that the secretary of state needed to be made aware of this material.”

A September 17, 2016, email exchange between Nuland and Winer – that was classified in the interest of national defense or foreign policy – discusses the political situation in Libya, but also brings up a “Russian matter:”

From: Winer, Jonathan
Sent: September 17, 2016 at 12:40:00 PM EDT
To: Nuland, Victoria J
Subject: Re: Libya Update

Would like to discuss this and a Russian matter.

From: Nuland, Victoria J
Sent: Saturday, September 17, 2016 1:31 PM
To: Winer, Jonathan
Subject: Re. Libya Update

In ny face to face?

From: Winer, Jonathan
Sent: September 17, 2016 at 1:56:05 PM EDT
To: Nuland, Victoria J
Subject: Re: Libya Update

Yes that was [sic] be good.

From: Nuland, Victoria J
Sent: Saturday, September 17, 2016 1:58 PM
To: Winer, Jonathan
Subject: Re. Libya Update

Good. I’ll reach out when im there Sunday. [Redacted]

If Victoria Nuland’s name sounds familiar it’s because she has been on Judicial Watch’s radar for a long time and in many of TGP’s previous reports.

In December 2018, Judicial Watch released documents revealing that Victoria Nuland was involved in the Obama State Department’s urgent gathering of classified Russia investigation information and disseminating it to members of Congress within hours of Donald Trump taking office.

In a related lawsuit, Judicial Watch is suing the State Department communications between Ambassador Nuland and employees of Fusion GPS, as well as top ranking Department of Justice, FBI, and State Department officials.

“The Obama State Department was central to the effort to target President Trump with the Russia smear,” said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton. “These new emails further show that senior Obama State Department advanced the Russiagate hoax just before the 2016 presidential election.”

Tom Fitton   @TomFitton

BREAKING: Obama State Department was central to the effort to target President @RealDonaldTrump with the Russia smear. New emails show how senior Obama State Department advanced the Russiagate hoax just before the 2016 presidential election.

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