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Tonight on Tea Party Radio we covered a range of issues, as usual, about Obama's prevarications today, his vision to destroy this nation as it was founded, and on and on.  What came up, particularly from previous shows, was the international intent of globalists, going back well over 100 years, to wreak economic havoc on this nation from within, as well as from without our borders.  Global governance.  Global currency, NO free markets...communism writ large, one-world government...which if…


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So, people still insist on despeculating the Bible and its prophetic utterances of the truths happening all around us every day and they're getting worse all the time. Not relenting to the Clarion Ca…

So, people still insist on despeculating the Bible and its prophetic

utterances of the truths happening all around us every day and they're

getting worse all the time. Not relenting to the Clarion Call upon and

within their lives to wake up and smell the coffee pot of time and space

swinging and swaying all over the place like a drunken pendulum.

Still, the Word continues to go out over each and every door post in this

land we live and all turn their…


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republicans do not have the guts to fight.

I said it once and will say it again, the republican party is dead.  We do not have any leader that has the guts to say this is.  The speaker caved on a horrible agreement on 2011 budget and has already caved on increeasing the national debit.  He will also cave for the 2012 budget because the republicans are affraid to be called bad people, that they do not care and will hurt seniors.  THe republican party to take a stand and take it to the american public and say, obama you have only what…


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We, the enlightened people of the United States, returned the control of the House of Representatives to the Republicans in an effort to rein in some of the criminal increases in the federal spending spree. Guess what?  It did not happen. Instead our beloved speaker and his cronies “caved in” and agreed to cut a paltry few billion from a multi-trillion budget. They agreed to continue funding for abortions and Obama-Care. In other words, they totally and dismally…


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My Wish

I wish politicians had to wear shock collars that went off every time they told a lie. It would send the ratings for CSPAN right through the roof!!

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Comments from the past (1924)! Has the Press been having an adverse effect on civilization?

The following comments/snippets (1924) regarding the effect of the Press have been taken from the late British author Nesta H. Webster (24 August 1876 – 16 May 1960) writer, historian and theorist.


1. "More than eighty years ago a Frenchman endowed with extraordinary prophetic instinct foretold not only the danger that one day would come from Russia, but that the press would facilitate the destruction of civilization: 

'When our cosmopolitan democracy bearing its last…


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Thoughts from the past regarding Socialism by British Author Nesta H. Webster

The following comments/snippets regarding Socialism have been taken from the late English author Nesta H. Webster (24 August 1876 – 16 May 1960) a writer, historian and theorist.  It seems to me, what with all the talk of Socialism during the past two years, obtaining a perspective from the past would shed some light on it.


1.  "While Bolshevism sets out to destroy Capitalism at a blow, Socialism prefers a more gradual process.  It is the difference between clubbing a man on…


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Tax Exempt

What if tax payers, the people who shoulder the burden, joined together this year and filed exempt on federal tax? Would this be enough to get the attention required to make the changes needed? Could it work? Would we all go to jail? Has it been done before? This is the only thing, other than our vote, that has a direct impact.

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Every American should read this...

(By Frosty Wooldridge (born 1947) is a US journalist, writer, environmentalist, traveler)

For 15 years, from the mid 1970's to 1990, I worked in Detroit , Michigan ....  I watched it descend into the abyss of crime, debauchery, gun play, drugs, school truancy, car-jacking, gangs, and human depravity.  I watched…


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i said we have been had by boehner

I just finish reading the bill that was agreeded to on friday night where we have been told that 39.5 was cut from the budget and that would educate to 80 billion over time.  Guess what that is not true we have been decieved, lied to and hood wink.  Please do not take my word for it but go and read it yourself.  The 39.5 billion cut, included the previous cuts for the budget extensions, however, worse fact is the 39.5 billion cut is made up of money not spent in appropiations and will only be a… Continue

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Why The Democrats Should Fear the Tea Party (and it's not what you think)

by: Trent Derr - American Exceptionalism

You can tell that someone feels threatened by you when they publicly degrade and poke fun at you.    Given that standard, the Tea Party has been under the skin of Democrats from the day that it sprung to life a little more than 2 years ago.  As recent as the current budget battle, Harry Reid blames the Tea Party for not allowing…


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Memorial Day Weekend Gas Strike

We have been bombarded with stories of oil and gas shortages before and after every war, earthquake, hurricane, tsunami, and political crisis.  …

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DEATH AND TAXES, How many times people traverse the ways of life make that old statement of the 2 absolutes. What I have found personally, is the prophetic voice of the Arch angel telling one in the …

DEATH AND TAXES, How many times people traverse the ways of life make that old statement of the 2 absolutes. What I have found personally, is the prophetic voice of the Arch angel telling one in the old scriptures about the time that will come (which is right here and now). when the Tax man will be no more. Now from the perspective of the given text, did not elaborate as to the HOW it will happen. All I know is this, the VOTE is mightier than the Pen, Sword, even a Spoken Word.



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the republicans have lost their way

thank you all for your response to my post about a thrid party and to get rid of the speaker.  I hear what you have all said, however, the republican party is not ready to change to many rhinos who are locked into the good our party, ear marks, perks, no guts, no leadership and no prinicples.  I do not care how you all see it, the republicans broke their promise to the voters who put them in power,  Just like brown in mass, has done being the vote to get obama care through.  Than there are snow… Continue

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Jew Bashing

I have had several complaints about 'Jew Bashing' and I want everyone to understand there will be no hostile statements made against Jews ever permitted, in any way.

I understand in the heat of discussion words many times come out wrong. However, if there is ANY Jew Bashing statement on any page, erase those statements now, or your page will be deleted along with all your contacts.…


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In God We Trust

I’m looking at a one dollar bill, at the words “In God We Trust.”  It might as well be “Have a Nice Day.”


America’s politicians have agreed to cut federal spending.  Compare the cut with cutting the family’s  borrowing of an average of $500 per month over income by a couple of bucks.  This deal makes the statement that the American people are not ready to face the consequences of a $14.3 trillion national debt.  Easy money over a long period of years has left the American…


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Rajjpuut's Folly: Stagflation Rears Ugly Head as George Soros Cheers


“Soros, you see is making a great BLUFF and his multi-billions are now at risk . . . .”

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The Boundaries of Hypocrisy

There appears to be no boundaries to hypocrisy nowadays.  The budget "cuts" were not cuts of any kind, but merely a small reduction in the amount of SPENDING.  It is a step forward, but a very small one, and in some ways a step backwards, by not addressing the real problem of spending.  With a current 1.65 TRILLION budget deficit facing us, and less than .05% reduction in spending, we're on a real down-slide.  It's not a roller-coaster anymore.  It's a tobaggan on an ice-covered slope with a…


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get rid of speaker boehner

hey all speaker boehner sold us all out last night.  He and the republican rhino's broke their promise to us in their pledge to american and instead of getting 100 billion dollars of cuts, or 61 billion because 6 months are gone he came away with 39.1 billion and no approval of any of the rides.  he is no leader, he talk with fork tongue and gave the democrates everything the wanted.  He speaks weel but his actions speak louder, he is no leader and has no guts and we need to get rid of him…


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Pelosi Disaster!  95% Of Americans Tuned Out Impeachment Show Trials On Friday — Only The Second Day Of Testimony

Despite the constant hype Americans are already tuning out the sham impeachment trials.

On the second day of the public show trials 95% of Americans turned off the nonsense.

Americans are worn out by all of the fake news and hysteria.


Dan Gainor   @dangainor

Yawn: 95% of U.S. Adults Skipped Day 2 of Democrats' Impeachment Hearings 

Yawn: 95% of U.S. Adults Skipped Friday’s Impeachment Hearings

Americans aren’t exactly obsessed with the Democrats’ impeachment hearings, it seems. Friday’s second day of live, wall-to-wall coverage drew an average of 12.7 million viewers on ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN,

Flashback: Horrible News For Shifty Schiff – Majority Of Americans Don’t Want Impeachment, 76% Don’t Trust Dems And Believe Media Is Pushing The Sham

No One in American Wants Impeachment except the Far-left Socialist Democrats and their Corrupt Media. They hate President Trump because he is a winner. He beat them and he’s making America great again as he said he would.

The Democrats and their corrupt media are totally blinded by their rage and they don’t realize that no one is in favor of impeachment.

We reported a week ago that FOX News released a poll where they stated that 49% of Americans were for Trump Impeachment. But their polling was flawed. The real extrapolated results of the poll using an accurate proportion of Republicans, Democrats and Independents showed that only 30% of Americans are in favor of Trump’s Impeachment and they’re all Democrats.

Next, a few days ago we reported on another poll that was consistent with the results of our extrapolated FOX News poll.

Nearly three quarters of all Americans have little or no trust in the way that Schifty Schiff is running the impeachment process –

Heritage Action   Heritage_Action

You won’t hear this in the mainstream media: Nearly three fourths of Americans have little to no trust in the House Democrats’ handling of their impeachment process. 🤔

Today another poll was released with similar results.

Most Americans believe that the corrupt media is trying to help get President Trump impeached. Three-quarter of Republicans, half of independents and even a third of Democrats believe this to be the case. No one trusts Schifty Shiff or the corrupt media pushing his impeachment sham.

IT Guy@ITGuy1959

1- "Seventy-six percent (76%) of Republicans and a plurality (48%) of voters not affiliated with either major political party say most reporters are trying to help impeach Trump, a view shared by only 36% of Democrats."

Let's recast that last phrase 

Rasmussen Reports @Rasmussen_Poll

Most Say Media Working With Democrats to Impeach Trump... 

This is perhaps the worst gaffe in modern political history.

This Schiff Show does not have a happy ending for the Democrats. Even with the support of the entire corrupt fake news media, it’s a total sham and everyone knows it!

Ranking Member Nunes breaks down House Democrats' fake impeachment inquiry

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