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Baby Malachi, A History

Aborted baby Malachi New York Lambs of Christ

This little baby boy was found frozen in a jar with three other little children at an abortion mill in Dallas, Texas, in February 1993. We were stunned when we found him. There were jars upon jars of frozen children in that abortion mill. Rhonda Mackey, our…


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I have not read of a single dollar reduction in foreign aid as a result of sequestering. All items cut were for the express purpose of hurting the American taxpayer/working people the most! Someone please tell me what’s wrong with All the people that run this country!!!!!!

Both Democrats and Republicans

Say, "We're broke"…


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Obama's threat to Putin !

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I sent the following to every Governor in the nation (looking forward to 50 feeble excuses) - - -

70% of Americans don't approve of Government (White House and Congress) - - - Abuse of "Distribution of Powers" is at the forefront of the problem - - - It is up to the state Governors in the United States to address the problem (there is nobody else)  - - -

 "Constitutional Convention" - - - That is the tool that Governors have…


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Lemme see if I got this right...

Lemme see if I got this right...

 NOTE: I am not the writer of this piece but found it thought provoking

 enough to pass it on.

 "Let me see if I got this right...

 Ukraine buys almost all its energy (natural gas)from Russia. Revenues

 from natural gas sales are a primary source of income for Russia.

Because of the recent disagreement between the two, Russia…


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Pompous Twit Rails Against Guns in America; Ignores Burning of Aborted Fetuses in England!

By John W. Lillpop

The Limey pompous twit known as Piers Morgan has finally been booted from CNN and is in full retreat across the big pond en route to Limeyville, and not a moment too soon!

Thus, we the people have succeeded in bringing about the de facto removal of a self-righteous, pompous…

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Eagle-Eye View: Infrared Surveillance on Bald Eagle and Her Three Eggs!!


Amazing Video of Mother and Father Eagle’s Watching their eggs and DEFENDING their Nest!! God CREATED these Eagles for us to Enjoy and they’re are NATIONAL BIRD here in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!! …


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The new ministry of propaganda

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Should All Political Parties Embrace Liberal Values? The Left Seems To Think So.


The concept that the whims of public opinion, the fads of the moment, or the opinions of an ideological opponent should fundamentally alter what a particular political party stands for has always seemed rather odd to me. It is an argument I see trotted out in articles from Left leaning…


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Las Vagas sellout

I will not vote for any one of these sellout amnesty supporters, presently attending Sheldon's 2016 Republican presidential primary in Las Vagas.

In fact, the more I look at Allen West, the more I see an authentic grassroot, American Tea Party 2016 presidential leader.

ex animo


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Julianne Ortman, the Solution to America's Franken Problem

Just when Mary was mastering not over-cooking (burning) steaks on our grill at home in Florida, duty called us back on the road, with our Conservative Campaign Committee team traveling to freezing Minnesota to defeat Al Franken.…


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In Their Own Words: Lenin, Stalin, Obama, and Hillary

In Their Own Words: Lenin, Stalin, Obama, and Hillary



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From Kids To Combatants In New Orleans

New Orleans latest one-sided competition in its often bloody urban Olympics featured a crew of junior chocolate Klansmen, ages 11, 13, 14 & 17, arrested for armed robbery??? 

The instant they chose to stick a gun in victims faces is the moment they transitioned from kids to combatants!

Liberals & pro crime activists in zip codes like mine are…


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Here is the change Obama was talking about during his campaigning !

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Letter to our NM Governor Martinez regarding a “Petition for Return of Government to Our Constitutional Principles”!

Wanted to take the liberty of sharing the following letter that I recently forwarded to our NM Governor Susana Martinez regarding a Petition for Return of Government to Our Constitutional Principles:

Letter To Governor Martinez:

“March 29, 2014



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Letter to our NM U.S. Senator Martin Heinrich (re: Petition for Return of Government to Our Constitutional Principles)!

Wanted to take the liberty of sharing the following letter that I recently forwarded to our NM U.S. Senator Martin Heinrich regarding a Petition for Return of Government to Our Constitutional Principles:

Letter To Senator Heinrich:

“March 29, 2014



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OMG!! -> Government Now Wants To Seize Your Car For Going 5MPH Over The Limit

We’ve discussed this on and off for several years now. Civil asset forfeiture is a legal process that allows the government to seize assets and cash from citizens without any due process or judicial oversight.

You don’t even have to be charged with a crime. You are assumed guilty unless you can somehow prove your innocence.

Of course, not everyone has this ability… if you aren’t local, state, or federal law enforcement, this is called stealing, and you go to prison.

But the government is actually a bigger problem than common thieves.

A 2015 report showed that law enforcement used civil asset forfeiture to steal more from US residents than every thief, robber, and burglar in America combined.

About $4.5 BILLION worth of cash, cars, homes, and other property is taken by civil asset forfeiture each year – hundreds of millions more than common criminals steal.

And it happens at every level. Your local cop can use civil asset forfeiture just like your state trooper. And then any one of the armed agents of the US government—from the FBI to the Fish and Wildlife Service—can rob you for whatever reason they want.

This travesty continues to grow because the cops who take your stuff get to keep it. Police departments and government agencies around the country depend on civil asset forfeiture to boost their budgets.

Cops will literally keep some of the cars they take as squad cars. And they make a fortune auctioning off the houses, boats, and anything else they confiscate.

Obviously this gives cops an incentive to steal, whether or not they actually think the property was used in a crime, or acquired illegally. Remember, civil asset forfeiture adds billions every year to their bottom line.

On Wednesday, the Supreme Court heard arguments in a case of civil asset forfeiture.

Tyson Timbs was convicted of selling a small amount of drugs to an undercover police officer. He was sentenced to house arrest, and paid about $1,200 in fines.

But then police used civil asset forfeiture to take his $42,000 Land Rover which Timbs purchased with money from a life insurance policy after his father died. The money did not come from selling drugs, or any other illegal activity.

Timbs sued, and the case made its way to the Supreme Court, because every lower court in Indiana said the forfeiture was perfectly legit.

The case revolves around whether or not the seizure of the Land Rover was an excessive fine under the 8th amendment, and whether or not this protection against excessive fines applies to state governments.

And the public got some crazy insight into the government’s position.

The Indiana Solicitor General was arguing in favor of civil asset forfeiture when Justice Stephen Breyer asked him a hypothetical.

Breyer asked, if a state needs revenue, could it force someone to forfeit their Bugatti, Mercedes, or Ferrari for speeding? Even if they were going just 5 miles per hour over the speed limit?

And the utterly appalling answer from the Indiana Solicitor General was, yes.

That’s right… the official government position is that they can steal any amount of your property in “connection” with any crime whatsoever, no matter how trivial the crime may be… even exceeding the speed limit by 5 miles per hour.

This is how overbearing and authoritarian the government has become in the land of the free.

This is how much power your local cop has… and the power only grows as you go to state, and federal officials.

If there is any solace in any of this, it is that the other Supreme Court Justices were reportedly laughing at this exchange.

The justices seemed incredulous that Indiana’s top lawyer was using such absurd assertions and flimsy reasoning in his arguments.

So, for now, we can keep our cars if we get pulled over for speeding. But that may not always be the case…

Depending on how this is ruled, it could pave the way for even more egregious abuses of power… or it could curb the practice, and reign in these thieves in uniforms.

Just understand where the government is coming from. These politicians, bureaucrats and officers think they can do whatever they want. Absolutely anything goes, with no limitation whatsoever.

And that makes it a little tough to feel like you really live in the land of the free.

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