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The Iron Law of Oligarchy Despotism

The Iron Law of Oligarchy

The Iron Law of Oligarchy works as follows:

First, there is always a rather small number of persons in the organization who actually make decisions, even if authority is vested in the body of the membership. This is a purely functional, if decisions are left to the “vulgar masses” then nothing get done. The decisions go on at great length without getting to the necessary issues, until either people leave or keep…


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Black Racist Enforcer Dozzier Arrives to Correct Tea Party Speech

How can a racist like Dozier, who was invited onto this site by its liberal leadership, come on here and instruct us? He is here to tell us that any "zealot agendas are no longer welcome here."

So Dozier and black racist minority parasites like him, are in control of this "tea party" site?

This site hates Trump and so does the "addelpated" and semi-coherent Dozier. Next stop in process...This fake "tea party" "leadership" apologizes to the black…


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If you cannot adapt to political reality, you are not intelligent

Any group fighting for the Constitution and freedom must adapt itself to the demands of political warfare. It must self-train its troops for a war that could last a long time. Remember one thing: CONservatives have proven themselves incompetent to fight political warfare because they cannot adapt to reality and utilize tactics that work! Posting amateur polls will not lead to accomplishment of your stated objective, neither will the coining of another petition ever work. Do you assume that…


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Polarization is necessary for victory. 7 Reasons for its Importance

Ideological consolidation is possible only through polarization. The obama dictatorship fears publicity about the growing polarization within America. The commies prefer to pretend that the minority parasite dictatorship is popular among all Americans. The Big Lie is that all Americans are fools, united behind obama. Polarization is important for several political reasons: (1) It is truth (2) It publicly confronts the lies of the obama dictatorship (3) It shows the masses that many millions…


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Racism in America, the pink elephant in the room

Today Donald Trump said; "the shooting in Virginia is a mental health problem, not a gun problem"

I slightly disagree. Yes we need to consider the mental health concerns when it comes to gun violence, however in this case, it is a racism problem.

Too many people want to ignore the giant pink elephant in the room, hoping it will just disappear. Well guess what, we have ignored it so much that it is bigger than the room.

America has a racism problem, but not the… Continue

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Like Vultures, Liberals Circle Virginia Murders

By Craig Andresen – The National Patriot and Right Side Patriots on

It sure didn’t take long did it…for liberals to seize upon a crisis and not let it go to waste.

Yesterday, before the bodies of Alison Parker and…


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How many are aware that Congress passed and Obama signed into law a bill which completely removed your Constitutional rights.  If you doubt this get a copy of the NDAA and simply scan it over, I promise you will be convinced.  The only…


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Juan Reynosa, Celebrated Tea Party Pundit and Long term Communist Propagandist, Peace Criminal

You are wrong, Senor Juan Reynosa,  and you know you are wrong. As a communist you claim that the 1600 oligarchs in America are all republican neo-cons. Neo-con is a code word like racist, neo-con is code for jew, just like racist is code for white.. Of course you commies are anti-jew, yet most of you are jews. That is another paradox of communism. Communism a criminal entity for world conquest and slaughter that is very similar to the even more heinous Islamic…


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By: Juan Reynoso, WTP Activist -

Americas must realize that self-scrutiny is not treason. Self-examination is not disloyalty.

Truth and knowledge diffused among the people are necessary for the reclamation and preservation of our Democracy, rights, freedom and liberties. …


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Craig Andresen – Is a Commie Propagandist Pretending to be a CONservative

Why is Andersen's communist propaganda emphasized on this supposedly "CONservative" site. Why has a group of neo-communists set up a pretend Tea Party and roped so many of you in. Even worse! Why are so many of you soft flabby sheeple now drones of the commies?

So far I have met one thinker on this site.

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Toby Miles’ Emails Targeted in Lois Lerner Investigation

By Craig Andresen – The National Patriot and Right Side Patriots on

Well, Golly gee…what do we have here???

While Hillary’s private email accounts have been the subject of great scrutiny, there are other email…


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"Deliverance From Fear"

"Deliverance From Fear"

Read The Entire Article At...…


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Why Does This Site Promote ONLY Ben Carson, Negro?

Are we to believe that the people who write "happy Passover" and "Allah Akbar" on the blog site, as well as promote socialist. jihadist and black racist values/propagandists, are doing anything more than NOT serving the majority of subscribers to this so-called "Tea Party" site? How can this site worship Ben Carson and Hate Trump?

Is that happening because the majority on the Tea Party "Command" site agree with such neo-communist values? I support Trump for President and the…


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Mow Your Lawn -- Go to Prison

Here is a great ad describing America's future if President Obama's EPA regulations go into effect.

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Mow Your Lawn -- Go to Prison

Here is a great ad describing America's future if President Obama's EPA regulations go into effect.

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Freedom of Speech Cannot Survive Criticism of Ben Carson

Mark my words. Neo-communism rules this balkanized state. The policy of the minority tyranny is to promote blacks, exclusively. Any organization or forum, regardless of what they claim is truth, will tolerate NO campaign against their black skinned ward. Therefore, they must shut down freedom of speech in order to maintain their hold on the promotion of minority tyranny.

Suppose a group of black racist females gets control of a so-called Tea Party site? Will they allow themselves to…


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The Tea Party Command Center, Controlled by Leftist Women is Biased in Favor of Carson

The Tea Party Command Center ceaselessly supports the duplicitous and deceitful messages of the black racist, Ben Carson. Why? Are they a tool of the republican-stooge party that works for the democrats?

Why won't they conduct a poll of all Tea Party member and then support whom the Tea Party supports? They won't do that. Why? Because they are promoting the black racist, Minority Tyranny Card.

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Tyranny of the Minority or Tyranny of the Majority?

Communist-Minoritarianism (Tyranny of the Minority) has led to establishment of a one-party dictatorship that benefits minority parasites at the expense of the whole population, oppression of the entire population (because the minoritarian government is not accountable to anyone except the ruling minority), and will not consider the rights and interests of the People. The entire one-party Congressional process in America has been restructured to serve the tyranny of the minority. To retain…


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This is a Republic Which the Left has Re-named a "Democracy"

According to conventional democratic theories of government, public policy outcomes should reflect the will of the majority. According to the textbook view of democracy, policy decisions in the American political system tend to reflect this basic narrative. If most Americans favor or oppose a certain policy, then their elected representatives must comply with their wishes. It's not happening that way in America. Only minority desires and requirements are abided by although the majority obeys…


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Read Tyranny of the Minority, It's a Book

Tyranny of the Minority addresses fundamental questions about democracy with a careful and methodologically sophisticated approach. I found the argument of this book to be creative and persuasive. It should have a lasting impact on the literature on representation."

Vincent Hutchings, University of Michigan

"The power of some minority groups to continually fend off majority interests through democratic representation has long been under-theorized. Bishin's…


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