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"Unfortunately for you -- the vast majority of the Citizens of the United States of America still consider themselves to be living in a Constitutional Republic.  This Country was established as a Constitutional Republic and NOBODY has the power,…"
Feb 24
Jim Barrus replied to Dee's discussion Notoriously Liberal 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals rejects White House request to reinstate travel ban
"Maybe it's time for the President to fire the idiots who have problems keeping their personal feelings out of their responsibilities. Protecting our Citizens is far more critical that rulings by incompetent judges."
Feb 5
Jim Barrus replied to Dee's discussion Islamic State arrests reveal jihadi threat near seat of U.S. government
"Islam wants to be the only world government.  That means that Islam has basically declared war on the nations of the world.  There is no reason why we should allow Islam to quietly exist so they can promote their agenda.  We have…"
Dec 28, 2016
Jim Barrus replied to Dee's discussion DNC Readies Warning On "Trumpocalypse"
"I am 83 years old.  I have spent about 12 of those years involved in the Military,  Jr. ROTC, Naval Reserve and Active Duty Air Force.  All 3 branches of the military put forth a very patriotic face to the public, and I have no…"
Jul 11, 2016
Jim Barrus replied to Ronald A. Nelson Col.USA (Ret)'s discussion Is The Fix In... Will the GOP/RNC force a brokered convention?
"I fully understand your concerns, and I'm as just as concerned about the same problems.  With the corruption in Washington, how do we control the convention so that only the things we want are covered? That's why I thought going State…"
Mar 2, 2016
Jim Barrus replied to Ronald A. Nelson Col.USA (Ret)'s discussion Is The Fix In... Will the GOP/RNC force a brokered convention?
"Oren, I agree with you, however, I'm wondering if the States can force the issue by taking the action themselves without any action from Congress.  After all, the States created the Federal Government and supposedly still control…"
Mar 2, 2016
Jim Barrus replied to Dee's discussion Washington Post: It’s time to remove the ‘natural born citizen’ requirement from the Constitution
"Our Constitution has served our needs very well, and will continue to do so in the future.  Nothing needs to be changed except the attitude of those who want to destroy our beloved Country.  We, the People, need to make sure that We follow…"
Jan 19, 2016
Jim Barrus replied to Dee's discussion Washington Post: It’s time to remove the ‘natural born citizen’ requirement from the Constitution
"Sounds like the Liberals are talking."
Jan 19, 2016
"It is very interesting that OUR Constitution permits the Federal Government to own 10 square miles of land for Washington DC and what other land is PURCHASED from a State with the approval of the State Legislature.  And then, only for the…"
Jan 17, 2016
Jim Barrus replied to Ronald A. Nelson Col.USA (Ret)'s discussion Is The Fix In... Will the GOP/RNC force a brokered convention?
"I read all of the various comments about this election, and that election, but what makes you think that the powers that be will allow We, the People, to have a fair and honest election.  They run the election, they control who votes, and most…"
Jan 7, 2016
Jim Barrus replied to Dee's discussion College Professor, Students Sport Yellow Jewish Stars to ‘Protest Islamophobia’
"Their ideology is no different than what Hitler tried with his swastikas.  I agree.  The swastika is a better symbol of oppression and evil."
Dec 21, 2015
Jim Barrus replied to Marilyn Calkins's discussion If Americans are Sick of the United Nations, Why are They Not Backing this Bill to Get Us Out of it?
"If you go back and look at history you will see that right after the 1st World War there wan an attempt to organize "The League of Nations."  When the US failed to join the League was dissolved and nothing happened -- except World War…"
Dec 21, 2015
Jim Barrus replied to US Central's discussion Sessions: Omnibus Explains Why ‘Voters Are In Open Rebellion’
"What makes you think that the way We, the People, vote is going to count.  The "Powers that Be" are going to count the votes and it doesn't make any difference what the public wants.  They'll report the vote the way…"
Dec 19, 2015
Jim Barrus replied to Dee's discussion DUPREE: Washington no longer represents the people whose labor it steals; they mock us!
"Several years ago I was told that every new member of Congress is greeted by a person with an envelope full of cash.  They are told that if they don't take the cash then their family will be killed.  They have little choice -- either…"
Dec 19, 2015
Jim Barrus replied to Anonymous BackinBlack's discussion School principal bans Santa, Thanksgiving and Pledge of Allegiance
"I fully expect that he will declare Martial Law so that he can suspend our election and he will be able to continue as "President" forever.  I too hope that we do not have to resort to our guns in order to reclaim our Republican form…"
Dec 17, 2015
Jim Barrus replied to Dee's discussion Reid 'disgusted' by GOP 'bigotry' toward refugees
"Harry claims to be a member of the Mormon Church, but the Mormons hold the Constitution as a Sacred document that was created by Christ, himself, by raising up men for the specific purpose of writing the founding documents and creating this great…"
Dec 17, 2015

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Protect Ourselves

Posted on January 4, 2014 at 12:22pm 0 Comments

With the full understanding that the Declaration of Independence is OUR General Partnership Agreement and unites We, the People, as equals, as Sovereigns, and as the power and authority behind all of the various governments that we choose to create, it is important that we not lose sight of the fact that We did…



Posted on March 28, 2013 at 11:36am 0 Comments

If you think the Federal Government is going to solve the problems they created your in for a long wait. 

If you think the Governors and State Legislators are going to fix the problems, they don't want to lose the Federal Money machine.

If anything is going to get fixed it's We, the People, who have to do it.

In fact, it is our obligation and duty to fix the problems.

The Declaration of Independence says:

The sole purpose for the establishment of a…


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At 2:04pm on July 16, 2013, Don Olsen said…

Hi Jim, sorry It has been hard to get back to you as I have a new calling which has kept me busy lately along with family, hear is my email dyolsen@centurylink.net  and my phone is 970-328-0132, message after 5 rings, tonight I'll be at the Chapel until late.    We do not have a group around hear up in the mountains, closet one is Colorado Springs which I joined the other day about 100 miles away.  Have a good night! Don   

At 2:42pm on July 13, 2013, Don Olsen said…

Hey Brother Jim, I really like your goals and your group, I live in a small town called Eagle in Co. were about 25 miles from the famous Ski Resorts, Vail, Beaver Creek, I love this Country and no were facing some horrible times ahead us, you are Mormon is that correct? as I deleted some of the things you said that of course I wanted to save so I could go back and read, but my mistake! Don  

At 9:59am on March 28, 2013, Linda Hahn said…


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Breaking: Jury Sides With Sheriff Joe
Smacks Down Establishment GOP’s Lawsuit

A jury has sided in favor of conservative icon, former Sheriff Joe Arpaio, against the lawsuit filed by Austin Flake, the son of GOP establishment Senator Jeff Flake, and Austin’s ex-wife, Logan Brown.

Flake and Brown had filed a lawsuit against the Arizona sheriff for “malicious prosecution” after over a dozen dogs died on their watch at a Gilbert dog kennel.

The jury decided Flake and Brown had failed to provide sufficient evidence to back up their accusations of malicious prosecution by Arpaio, The Associated Press reported via Tucson.com.

Flake and Brown ran the kennel while Brown’s parents were out of town in 2014, the AP reported.

The two were still in college.

Initially, Flake and Brown were charged in the incident, but the charges were dropped at the prosecution’s request. Later, Flake’s in-laws pleaded guilty to animal cruelty charges after an expert determined that the facility air conditioner failed because it was not properly maintained.

Thus, the owners of the kennel were responsible for the death of the 21 dogs, and they answered for their crimes.

Nonetheless, Flake and Brown reportedly alleged that Arpaio had charged them to gain publicity and deal damage to Senator Flake — an establishment fixture within the GOP.

The two “contended the charges caused them emotional distress, contributed to the demise of their marriage and led the senator’s son to being suspended from college for an honor-code violation,” according to The Associated Press.

Despite the jury’s decision, the U.S. District Judge Neil V. Wake will not issue a final verdict until the defense explains why it didn’t turn over documents that may have benefited the plaintiffs, according to a statement from the plaintiffs’ attorney to The Associated Press.

“The struggle to hold government officials accountable has always required a steep, perilous climb,” the plaintiffs’ attorney said in a Friday statement according to KNPX.

“Although we disagree with the jury’s verdict, we are grateful we had the opportunity to force former Sheriff Arpaio and his subordinates at Maricopa County to account for their indisputably reckless conduct. Near the end of the trial, we discovered that the County failed to turn over documents that might have helped us prove our case,” he continued.

“The Court has ordered the County to explain its failure and indicated that it will not enter a final judgment in the case until a satisfactory explanation is provided. We will access our future options in this fight when the County complies with the Court’s Order.”

Charges that didn’t pan out are an annoyance to those affected — there’s no question of that.

But to claim that those charges — which were dropped — were the reason behind a failed marriage, and that Arpaio needs to pay is completely ridiculous.

What do you think about this story? Please share this on Facebook and Twitter and let us know!

Are you glad about the jury’s decision? Scroll down to comment below!


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