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Please answer this question: What year was the Declaration of Independence signed?
Do you agree to disagree without being disagreeable?
How did you hear about TeaParty.org?
Through the last of the bold U.S. Republican forum (Republicans are even leaning to the left and have liberal sentiments) and various conservative/independent elements seeking to preserve America (as we know it). Liberal media and lefty political groups were badmouthing Tea Partiers for being traditional and "ultra-conservative." That's when I decided to affiliate myself with these traditional and "ultra-conservative" folks.
Do you agree Obama must be removed from Office?
It's clear to me and others that "President" Obama criminally conspired with foreign political and corporate entities (Bilderbergs) prior to his election as U.S. President in 2008. Obama must be released from this office due to violation of U.S. legal code 18 USC § 953 - "Private Correspondence With Foreign Governments (Logan Act)" and is a threat to U.S. national security.

Obama cut a deal with the Bilderbergers (conglomerate of white European elitist bankers, politicians, and business magnates who pull the strings as "kingmakers" in international politics and try to play God) by agreeing to disarm the American military and citizens of weaponry and blatantly subvert the U.S. Constitution, family values, and economy. Obama's overseers--these vile men known as the Bilderbergers/Trilateral Commission (Z. Brzeziński), desire to see the European Union (EU) as the next super-state (Brzeziński himself is a pawn and doesn't even know it). However, in order for this to happen, America has to lose super-power status so the EU can rise politically, economically, and militarily. These actions are evident based on the condition of America's economy ($17.7 Trillion debt and climbing), welfare dependence of citizens (unemployment rate of 8.7%), an absurd socialistic healthcare program which bankrupts the working class American, lack of industrial resources (small businesses are penalized and going defunct), Obama's persistence in signing various executive actions to hinder or attempt to cancel Constitutional rights, and multiple foreign policy failures (Benghazi, North Korea & Iran's blatant defiance of the U.S. and the West, and the selection of Obama campaign donors as inexperienced diplomats at key U.S. embassies overseas).

Obama's disrespect and abuse of the Office of the Presidency, Christianity, and veterans with his dark aims of cancelling the U.S. Constitution confirms his hatred of the Framers ("Founding Fathers") of the American Republic. If we take a closer look from a forensic politics angle, American presidencies have been tainted by European elitists for over 200 years and did not begin with Obama (i.e. Jackson, Roosevelt, Ford, Carter, Clinton, Bush, etc.).

Thus, we, as a people who were born to resist and maintain freedom, must too, operate on OUR terms and conditions; which would be honored by U.S. presidents past (even President Carter said Obama was "incompetent"; yet, I believe Obama is perfectly competent and understands his orders quite well) and U.S. presidents to come! Refuse to comply with Obama's cannibalization of America! Expose the Bilderbergers/Rothschilds/CFR/Trilaterals/Rockefellers, to name a few Malthusians and fasci-capitalists, for who they are; the future useless eaters who will fail miserably with their cankered gold! Thank you America and to those citizens who make a difference to improve and better our nation.

"Your gold and silver is cankered; and the rust of them shall be a witness against you, and shall eat your flesh as it were fire. You have reaped treasure together for the last days."
- James 5:3 (KJV)
If you are willing to help what would you be willing to do?
Anything I can do to help

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"http://j.mp/1zKPQoS - Sign Petition to void Chase Bank's pro-gay agenda"
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Presidents Carter and Obama are affiliated with Z. Brzezinski, a long-time advocate of globalism and fasci-capitalism. Obama was mentored by Brzezinski during his tenure at Columbia University circa 1982-1983, while President Carter had Brzezinski…
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The News with Sen. Cruz - July 11, 2014

July 11, 2014Greetings,As many of you know, Texas is seeing the devastating consequences of President Obama's immigration policies. For too long, Washington has sent a signal to the world that those who come here illegally will be given…See More
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The News with Sen. Cruz - June 20, 2014

June 20, 2014Greetings,As tensions in Iraq escalate, our priorities now should be to protect Americans, defend our national security interests, and discourage the Obama Administration from making any kind of deal with Iran. And, as always,…See More
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The News with Sen. Cruz - June 6, 2014

June 6, 2014Greetings,This week, many troubling announcements were made in Washington that could hurt Americans in a number of ways. We must vigilantly protect our rights and keep working to create more jobs, growth, and opportunities for…See More
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Posted on June 5, 2013 at 5:59pm 0 Comments


The Internal Revenue Service has placed two employees on administrative leave in connection with a 2010 conference in Anaheim, California, which cost millions of taxpayer dollars.

The employees were not identified in a Wednesday statement from IRS Acting Commissioner Danny Werfel, nor were the exact circumstances of their alleged wrongdoing detailed.

The incident involved a party…


Change Is Coming! Jesus Christ will change government FOREVER!

Posted on April 29, 2013 at 8:11pm 0 Comments

Change Is Coming: Five Ways Jesus Christ Will Change Government Forever

Reference: Article by Howard Davis
Website: www.ucg.org

Politicians try to win votes with promises of change. Yet all too often nothing really changes or we end up with even bigger problems.…


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