The Tea Party Needs Your Help - Can We Depend On You?

Obama is destroying America and driving us into bankruptcy!  It is time to send a message to Washington screaming:  

"We are as mad as hell and we are not going to take it anymore!"

Obama is silencing the polls and pushing the media into more lies, but the Tea Party has a new protest tool to fight back!  

                                                                   Fight Back We Shall!                

We have discovered a simple way for you to turn your Facebook, website and email into a powerful protest tool. With just a little effort and old fashioned courage, you can shove it to the Washington Pharisees, big time! 

The best part is, it's FREE!  Just share this page in your email contacts, on Facebook, Twitter and all your social sites.

How easy is that?

Or even better, copy and paste the 'Impeach Obama' artwork below, then embed the link provided on your Facebook, website or social site and let the system work for you!  Turn your website into your own 'Vote To Impeach Obama' website. Don't stop there, email either this page link or a link to your website to your friends, family, coworkers, neighbors, everyone!

This is a live link! Vote here or Copy, Paste and Post on your webpage!

Make sure to click the link and vote in the poll!  We need big numbers to show the Political Pharisee's Obama has gone to far and IMPEACHMENT must be started now!

Here is what we will do: As we get the poll tallies we will personally send them to all 435 Members of the House of Representatives and all 100 Members of the Senate, 535 in all, and we will eat the cost so you can build your protest courage!

WOW! they going to get so pissed off!

Think of it, ten of thousands, maybe millions of Patriots casting their 'Vote To Impeach Obama' against the anointed Imperial King himself!  ...and to make matters worse for the Washington Socialists we won't stop shoving it in their faces!  HOT DAMN!

As your friends, family, co-workers and neighbor cast their 'Vote To Impeach Obama' they will be screaming at Washington to fire the rat in the White House! (that should make them start impeaching)

Where can Patriots cast their vote? Here or on your website, Facebook or Email!

It is time to get off the sidelines and get into the game! The great part is it costs you nothing and you are the solution!

"I have already cast my Vote To Impeach Obama, what about you? " Steve Eichler CEO Tea Party/

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