Adolfo O. Perez


Homestead, FL

United States

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Do you agree to disagree without being disagreeable?
How did you hear about
Email forward from Friend
Is President Trump keeping his campaign promises?
I think he should be IMPEACHED & tried for crimes against America and them sentenced to hard time

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  • Jake Martinez

    Dear Adolfo:

    I am honored-thanks for the invite.

    God Bless-Keep The Faith.

    Semper Fi!


  • dorothy coleman

    I, like this and any reform that strenghtens the weak Republican party. Let theNew young Republicans take over TD PUSH THE PARTY FORWARD. wE NEED COURAGE FORTHRIGHTNESS AND STRENGTH=! AVANTI

    d. cOLEMAN

  • Neil SANKEY

    How do you suggest we do this, Adolfo, report him to the Attorney General??