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United States

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  • Guy Rich

    Dee when is the Tea Party going to become a REAL political party ?!

    Playing "footsie" with the Republican Party is a total waste of time.

    The Republican Party AND the Democratic parties are two "heads" attached to the same beast. i.e. The Federal Reserve System.

    The Tea Party needs to register in every state of the union,.

    We need to start "fielding" our OWN candidates.

    Best Regards

    Guy Rich

  • John Barr

    As for Me & My House - if I was abely financially to support The TEA Party as a Political Party I would do so in 'The Twinkling of an Eye' Plus I would be ONE of The FIRST to Join

  • Alice Hallock

    So Mr obama  is going to desegregate  the communities in the Us , is he.  So bo tell me does that mean the multi millionaire BLACK communities and the at least ONE or MORE BLACK little towns that don't allow any whites to live there?