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United States

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  • Bob Buske

    Thank you Dee. That was very nice of you. Hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas and a special Holiday Season.

  • Rodger E. Timmer

    as  far back as I see it this socialist worm hole was Hillary's escape into

    a radical campus org. at USC with books like "A Primer for Radicals"

    by Saul Alinsky.  It is rumored she wrote her master's thesis on this.

    book which was carried around in the back pocket of Barack Obama

    while he was at Columbia U., a hot bed of communist thinkers. I don't

    think Clinton's loss to Obama back in 2008 was anything but a common

    strategy from the beginning.  Nikita Kruschev pounded the desk at a

    UN meeting in NY .Sept. 23, 1960.  They've been nibbling away ever since.   

  • Douglas Prince

    I have been a Tea Party Member for the past four years and suddenly I have stopped getting emails from you or the Tea Party?  Wondering just what is the problem here?