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  • David A. Denninger  Dee, in my inbox this morn, have you seen it ??   --  David

  • Mr Larry Rodger Chase

     It seems to me that the I.R.S. needs to be Dismantled altogether and do what our Forefathers said to do, Tax incoming products from other countries and their Products Like get rid of Clintons baby NAFTA and other programs destroying our roadways and Mexican truckers on the highways that do not have to abide by the trucking laws on engines and time limits on travel time on Breaks to sleep and exhaust in the air  to fouled to breath. as well as traitors in congress and the senate, as well as the people in Both houses that voted OBAMAS anti laws  in destroying the United States of America  

  • Ruth Hammons is SO very important for everyone to educate themselves about Islam and what they are trying to do here in the US....a true education for the masses is vital so that we can stand against them in our towns as they are everywhere and working behind the scenes to do all the harm they can.   There are so many attacks on Americans and our nation so there is lots of ground to cover but we MUST or be stupid!