H. Gregory Badger


Cleveland, OH

United States

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Do you agree to disagree without being disagreeable?
How did you hear about TeaParty.org?
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Do you agree Obama must be removed from Office?
Yes. And fast.

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  • Tif Morgan

    My dad is your friend, "kind of sort of", and I all ways followed along and watched.

  • Tif Morgan

    well shot Gregory may I call you Greg ?

    My dad all ways stood against certain things and would bring a fight against it, and is noted for shutting down Government Officials pretending to be Anonymous, and calling for war. He has the ability to just destroy web sites and their owners, if he wanted to.

    He believes in the Tea Party so much, that at risk to him he puts up a fight against who ever and where ever they are, for bring the Tea Party into harms way.

     He has shown Anonymous Activist that you do not have to hack a system to find out what you want. The Windows 7 upgraded from XP pro, has the ability to allow people to be tracked through the net, they find a site, left click the mouse, and place all that java into a box, and they study the information.

     any dog gone way, a lot of people world wide are now in support of him, because we and my dad helps people for free, and ask nothing in return.

    It may sound funny but Anonymous has given him a name, out of respect for his work, and my friend these videos these silly videos as you see them, are more then just a video.

  • Tif Morgan

    ok Greg it is, cool