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United States

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Do you agree to disagree without being disagreeable?
How did you hear about
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Is President Trump keeping his campaign promises?
with my lifeon the line you bet YES

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  • Ralph E WallSr


    the time is fast approaching believe it or not

  • James Pahl

    learn how to spell "butt."

  • Linda Hahn

    Dear Mr. Quick,

    Please refer to the Rules of Conduct, which you will find under the member tab above .  Having noticed a comment that you made to a member "yoy must be another fag", administration took note of other comments you have made. 

    It is important on a site such as this  that we maintain civility with one another.  Otherwise, we open ourselves to criticism from those who already spread lies about the Tea Party.

    Further infringement of the rules could end in your suspension. 


    Linda Hahn