One of South America’s most impressive sights is Iguazu Falls. 
These waterfalls, bordering Brazil, Paraguay, and Argentina, 
attract thousands of visitors every year and are truly impressive, 
but water in almost any form gets everyone’s attention from the
youngest child to the oldest adult. Almost all of us are drawn to 
the oceans, rivers, lakes, and waterfalls.

Without water, life as we know it would end, but water can also 
be dangerous. Much of our water is not potable, for instance. 
And we all recognize the blessing or blight that can come from 
rain-laden clouds. Samuel Taylor Coleridge painted a glowing 
word picture of water in The Rime of the Ancient Mariner. He 
wrote, “Water, water, everywhere, and all the boards did shrink; 
water, water, everywhere, nor any drop to drink.” Let’s look at a
few lines about water from a biblical perspective.

1. Genesis 49:4.

How was Jacob’s son Reuben first described? 
But then he became turbulent, or unstable, as water, 
falling into serious sin. Why do some fall away like Reuben? 
How can someone become faithful, well-established, dependable?

2. Exodus 14:26.

When God freed the Hebrews from Egypt, what did Pharaoh’s army do? 
What judgment befell them? How was Israel spared in the Red Sea?

3. 2 Kings 2:19–21.

What did Elisha discover near Jericho? 
How did he restore the water? 
Whom did he credit with the miracle?

4. Psalm 42:1.

How is spiritual thirst compared to the thirst of a deer? 
What does God provide to quench the thirst of His people?

5. Isaiah 44:1–4.

What happens when water is poured on a dry, thirsty land? 
What is promised to Jacob in this passage? 
What must it be like to live near God’s flowing streams?

6. Jeremiah 2:13.

Describe a cistern. What about a broken one? 
When people forsake God, the Living Water, what do they have? 
Why do you think people sometimes 
settle for so much less than God offers?

7. John 7:37–39.

What invitation does Jesus give to those who have spiritual thirst?
To what is His Spirit compared? 
What happens to those who receive Jesus?
What flows from a believer’s life?

8. 1 Corinthians 3:6.

We can all have a part in God’s work. 
How can we water the places where God’s work is happening? 
Who brings about the increase, or makes the “plants” grow? 
Can we take credit for the increase? Why or why not?

9. Revelation 22:1–2.

What is the origin or source of the water of life? 
Why will it continue to flow? 
What does it nourish?

10. Revelation 22:17.

Who gives the invitation for those who are thirsty? 
Why is the gift offered to everyone? 
Why is it free?

From 102 Fascinating Bible Studies by Preston A. Taylor

About the Author (2010):

Preston A. Taylor is a retired pastor and missionary to Argentina. He
received his BD and ThM degrees from Southwestern Baptist Seminary
and his DMin from Luther Rice Seminary. For the past 25 years, he has
written a weekly devotional message for newspapers in the towns where
he has served as pastor. Dr. Taylor currently lives in Zapata, Texas.

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