Joan of Arc, French saint and national heroine (1412–1431), heard 
voices speaking to her during her teenage years. She was tried as 
a heretic and burned at the stake in Rouen, France, on May 30, 1431. 
When religious authorities asked why she did what she was doing, 
Joan of Arc told them voices spoke to her. When church leaders asked 
why they did not hear the voices, Joan told them that they were not 

We need to listen to God’s voice. He speaks through creation, the 
Bible, through the lives of people, and by the Holy Spirit. We should
be deaf to the voice of the world and the devil, but alert to God’s voice. 
Let’s go to the Scriptures for the topic of voices.

1. Exodus 5:1–2.

When Moses and Aaron visited Pharaoh, what did they ask of him? 
How did Pharaoh respond? 
Why do people question God’s voice?

2. 1 Kings 19:1–18.

Why did Elijah go to Mount Horeb? 
What did God ask Elijah? 
What commission did he receive?
Does God still have fresh orders for His people?

3. Job 4:12–19.
In the midst of Job’s suffering, describe what he saw. 
What two questions are asked? 
How do you think you would respond to the suffering Job endured?

4. Psalm 42:4.

What kind of voice did David have as he went into God’s house? 
What kind of attitude (voice) should we have both 
in the church and in the routines of everyday life?

5. Isaiah 6:1–4.

What vision did Isaiah have when Israel’s king died? 
What did that display signify? 
What did the angelic beings say? 
How is God’s message conveyed to us today?

6. Isaiah 40:2–3.

Whose voice would later be heard in the desert? (Matthew 3:3). 
What was the message in Isaiah and later in Matthew? 
What is our message today?

7. Jeremiah 3:11–15.

What did the voice of God say to Israel? 
If they heard and repented, what blessing would they receive? 
What happens if we hear the Word of the Lord but don’t heed it?

8. Ezekiel 33:30–32.

What is said about Ezekiel’s preaching and the people’s response to it? 
Does it do any good to hear the words and not practice them? 
Is this a common response to God’s message today? 
Why or why not?

9. Revelation 3:20.

Who knocks at the door of every heart? 
Who must open the door? 
What happens when we let Him come in?

10. Revelation 11:15.

What did the voices in heaven say when 
the seventh angel blew his trumpet? 
What will happen to the kingdoms of this 
world when Jesus returns to reign forever?

From 102 Fascinating Bible Studies by Preston A. Taylor

About the Author (2010):

Preston A. Taylor is a retired pastor and missionary to Argentina. He
received his BD and ThM degrees from Southwestern Baptist Seminary
and his DMin from Luther Rice Seminary. For the past 25 years, he has
written a weekly devotional message for newspapers in the towns where
he has served as pastor. Dr. Taylor currently lives in Zapata, Texas.

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