I feel We The People will step up to the plate in November.I have spoken with people from all walks,

of life and hear the same thing, that they have had enough !

I KNOW I HAVE !!!!!  I have been an Electrician for 32 years and have never seen a time in my,

memory when I could not find a job.But at the same time, I've never seen a Nation pull together,

like we are right now. I'am proud of people I have never met and at the same time dissapointed,

in people I thought I knew.We were warned by our forefathers that a day would come when we,

would have to down right fight to preserve our liberties.That there would be those who attempt,

to destory the very rock this nation stands on.THIS IS THAT TIME !!!!

Our forefathers,fought odds against a King that was unthinkable but in the end,they became the,

victors ! We too, will be the victors in this fight to save this nation and return it to the splender,

she always has been.The THANKS, will go to the people who stood where many dared not too!

I will stand with those people and the people I have never met.


                                                           Your Faithful Patriot  Craig

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Political Cartoons by Gary VarvelPolitical Cartoons by Gary Varvel

Political Cartoons by AF Branco


Democrat Disaster! 53% Of Black Voters, 60% Of Other Minorities Say Liberal Media Trying To Help Democrats Impeach Trump

Thanks to President Donald Trump ALL Americans now know the mainstream fake-news media is an extension of the Democrat Party.

In a recent poll a majority of black voters and minority voters say the media is trying to help Democrats impeach President Trump.

And half of FOX News too, by the way.

CNS News reported:

Both black voters and other minority voters are more convinced than white voters that most reporters are trying to help impeach President Donald Trump, rather than report the news fairly – with a majority of each of the three groups holding that view – a new Rasmussen Reports survey reveals.

In the national voter survey, conducted November 12-13, 53% of all voters said most reporters are trying to help impeach Trump:

“When they write or talk about the impeachment effort, are most reporters trying to help impeach President Trump or block his impeachment? Or are most reporters simply interested in reporting the news in an unbiased manner?”:

“Help impeach President Trump”: 53%
“Block his impeachment”: 8%
Report “news in an unbiased an unbiased manner”: 32%

But, 53% of black voters and 60% of other minorities, compared to 51% of whites, said reporters are trying to get Trump rather than report the news fairly.

Tucker: 'Star' witnesses couldn't point to any high-crimes

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