Thursday of last week on Glenn Beck he dissed the tea party by saying we do not have principle like 9/12'ers do and if we don't get some we will die. Well that may be true, however, some of these groups are dual functioning and they wont die because their focus is sovereignty and not the hamster wheel of distractions called electioneering [nice trick]... Most groups are forming to sustain themselves past all these fads including Glenn Beck. So that if the national spokespersons let us down, and they always do, we can out live them. Nationally and Globally we have two things in common; 1) we are human 2) we pay taxes - so we try to point that out to everyone and tell them to hold their representatives accountable and to get to know what their agenda is... a candidate/incumbent has to be educated [if they don't have a clue], encouraged [if they do and are helping to save the country] or stopped [if they have a global agenda which is the Environmentalists]
I have attached the pdf of the UN's Agenda 21 [it has morphed into a much grander vision since 1992 but the base is still in tact] and a list of some of the global treaties to be aware of, the follwoing are links of interest:


The UN and the 2 Amendment:

Line 10.29 Constitutional Amendment - An example of how traditional county lines can be disolved therefore jeopordizing the last stand on state sovereignty and that is the power of the county: -So why a Const. Amend? Why these orgs? Why not use what they have already in place vs. creating another redundancy?, etc....

In your state, look at the committees your legislature is on, be suspiscious of biologists on finance committees! LOL SERIOUSLY!

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Political Cartoons by Tom Stiglich

Political Cartoons by AF Branco


Boom! President Trump Issues Warning To Deep State: “You’ll Be Surprised At The Names Of People Involved In The Corruption”

President Trump joined Judge Jeanine Pirro by phone last night for an extensive interview.

The president sounded very upbeat in the interview and hopeful that Democrats will act soon on border security and end to their government shutdown. “We’re doing very well with China. We’re doing well with North Korea. You know I was dealt a very tough hand.” On the shutdown President Trump said, “They think it’s politics. I think it’s very bad politics. I think the country wants to have protection at the border.”

The President also discussed the ongoing deep state witch hunt of him and his campaign and administration. Judge Pirro then asked the president if he has ever been actively working in Russia. “I think it’s the most insulting thing I’ve ever been asked. I think it’s the most insulting thing I’ve ever had written. And if you read the article you see that they found absolutely nothing.”

President Trump took a swipe at Jeff Bezos, “Washington Post that’s basically the lobbyist for Amazon. He uses that, Bezos has bigger problems than anybody right now.”

Then President Trump dropped this bomb. “The whole Russia thing is a hoax… Everybody knows it… Wait til you see how it all ends up. You watch. McCabe, Lisa Page, Strzok.

You watch. Including some others I should not name. I better not. You watch. It would make front page news if I do. You’ll be surprised at the names of the people involved in the corruption.“

Now THAT is some real news!

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