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Poll List 3- January 2015

1. Is Obama trying to start a race war? What should be the response from Washington to the terrorist attack in Paris?… View »

Government (General)

Do you, as an American Citizen, trust your government to look out for your best interest? Is the Immigration System broken or is the Government Broken? http://teapart… View »

Diseases/Ebola etc

Could illegal aliens from Africa bring the deadly Ebola virus with them as they sneak across the US/Mexican border? View »

Michelle Obama

Is Michelle Obama the most classless first lady the United States has ever seen? View »

Rick Perry

Do you support Rick Perry sending the Texas Guards to the border? View »


Has Putin out maneuvered Obama and the western  leaders? View »

POLL List - Page 2

1. In your opinion, does Congress act in the best interest of the American citizens? you support building a tent city on the White House lawn to house the ill… View »

Over Regulation

Over Regulation Polls: Is the United States Over Regulated? View »


Hate polls: Should the knock out game crime be treated as a hate crime? Do you believe that public school teachers should be using tax dollars to attend a… View »


Communist polls: Who should receive the Communist of the Year Award? Congress need to revive the House Committee on Un-American activities? http://teaparty… View »


Lighter Side


Maxine Waters Gives Sick Order to Black People


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