How to Post Polls on FaceBook

FaceBook is a bit more challenging! 

But, if you follow these instructions, you will be expanding the reach of the Tea Party!

First, go to your "friends" list and open it to see all of them:

You should see this



I then right click on my friend's name and choose the option of opening it in a NEW TAB.  Depending on your computer, you can open 10 to 20 tabs to place the poll on their Facebook page. You might want to experiment to see what your computer can comfortably manage.  

After I have the tabs open, I simply add the poll to the first one like this:

Poll: Who do you support for the 2016 GOP Presidential Candidate? Rand? Ted? Sarah? Marco? Someone else?

*Please Vote and Share with your friends*


You will see this:

 Where it says Choose Thumbnail you will want to click to the second one which results in the following:

Now, simply click "post" and you have added the poll to your friend's page!  They can vote, their friends can see it and vote and it can be shared by everyone! 

Then, you move on to your other friend pages and do the same thing!


You use the steps above only you open your 'Groups' pages, right click on them and open several to post the polls on. 

You can locate your groups by looking to the left on your news feed page

Click on "Groups" to open them all and start right clicking to open several of them in different tabs:

and by looking to the left of your home page.

Again, Click on "Groups" to open all of them and right click to open a group in a new tab:

 You might want to verify that both lists are the same because I found that mine are not the same!  

When I started working on this project, I was able to share 100 polls but it took me hours.  With the process described above, I can now share 100 polls in 1 hour!  You will be able to do the same too.  It just takes practice, patience and a desire to help the Tea Party.

Yes, I will help you!


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