Is Christianity under assault from the secular Progressives?

POLL: Should the GOP use Democrat votes to elect the establishment Republican candidates?

POLL: Do you think Obama's staff and Eric Holder are complicit in treason?

POLL: Are the mainstream media and the Democrats pushing race and gay issues to deflect from Obama's scandals and failures as President?

POLL: Do you think that the Democrats/Progressives have worn out the 'race card'?

POLL: Do you consider crooked Harry Reid to be a 'domestic terrorist'?

POLL:  Are the Democrats tyrants?

POLL: Are the Democrats Guilty of Treason?

POLL: Obama and the Democrats only enforce the laws that they agree with: Should any public official that does not uphold the laws of the land be removed from office and arrested?

Lighter Side


Maxine Waters Gives Sick Order to Black People


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