As you will notice, I've changed the name of the group. As much as I would like to get millions of conservatives to leave Facebook, it isn't going to happen anytime soon. On the other hand, we can use Facebook as the means to our ends, and the way to do that is by educating our members on this website to post links from the better bloggers on this website TO Facebook to increase the presence of the Tea Party Command Center on Facebook. 

While it is all good that members share links from Breitbart, etc., to Facebook, we need to get members on this website to share links to blogs and forum posts on Facebook to draw conservatives to this website where they can sign-up and get involved with fighting back the Liberal left-wing hordes.

How to Copy and Paste a URL (Web Address)

Bitly Tutorial: How to use to shorten urls and track click-throughs

There are distinct advantages to using a shortened URL link for all applications. One of them is on Twitter where it is necessary to limit the number of characters you use in your description message. Watch the video below to learn how to do it. Every member of the conservative resistance needs to educate themselves as to how them can become more effective in our fight. You don't need to be a genius or have an advanced degree to do this. You simply need to have the will and the desire to learn something new. If you can follow simple instructions, you can become a force to be reckoned with. The resistance movement needs everybody involved to re-educate themselves on how to become more effective on the internet. I have the ability to teach you if you will simply follow my instructions and the tutorials I will be posting on this group in the future. It will also help if you will use the share links below this post to send this message to all of your friends on the Tea Party Command Center and elsewhere to help them get involved and become more effective in our cause.

Once you have watched the bitly tutorial video, you can sign-up on bitly's website and begin using it.

Sign Up - Bitly. The power of the link.


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I think this seems like a good idea but I got off of Facebook a while ago. Life is much better without it



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‘WikiLeaks Can’t Protect Their Sources’
Is The CIA About To Reveal Names Of DNC Leakers

Image result for Julian Assange

The saga surrounding who leaked sensitive DNC documents to WikiLeaks may take an interesting turn, hints former CIA officer Fred Rustmann.

WND reports:

The Central Intelligence Agency knows the identities of the people who leaked DNC emails to the whistleblower organization WikiLeaks during the heat of the 2016 presidential campaign, a former CIA officer contends.

Fred Rustmann, who served as an operations officer in the CIA’s National Clandestine Service for 24 years and was a member of the agency’s elite Senior Intelligence Service, said in an interview with WND that WikiLeaks’ ongoing release of classified information is “disgusting.” 

“WikiLeaks says they want to protect their sources – Julian Assange said that he wouldn’t reveal his sources, but he would say that it wasn’t the Russians,” Rustmann said. “But the agency knows a lot of the information. I suspect they may have a pretty good idea of who provided that information to WikiLeaks.”

Rustmann’s comments raise questions about potential plans for the CIA to reveal the names of those who allegedly leaked DNC documents to WikiLeaks.

Recently, the CIA made a veiled threat to WikiLeaks in respect to protecting their sources.

“WikiLeaks may think they are protecting those who provide them with classified information & other secrets, but they should not be certain of that,” the CIA statement said. 

In a statement to WND, Robert L. Deitz, a former advisor to CIA head Michael Hayden, called the threat “unprecedented.”

“It’s pretty unusual for the CIA to make a threat to WikiLeaks so publicly. It’s pretty unprecedented; one ought to be skeptical about this. That is not the way that CIA officials should operate,” Deitz said.

“This is the kind of thing, if somebody were to make this kind of threat it would come out of a different organization, DOD, State or maybe the White House. Traditionally it would certainly not come out of the CIA,” Deitz added.

WikiLeaks is in the news after both CNN and CBS falsely reported the group granted Donald Trump Jr. access to future leaks.

However, WikiLeaks had tweeted a link to the information days before the email reached Trump Jr.’s inbox. The fake news media claim this was stone cold proof of collusion, as WikiLeaks has long been smeared as a Kremlin puppet.


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