Dee's Gifts (13)

19qo2ge4lmrn2 At 1:29pm on February 21, 2014, 19qo2ge4lmrn2 gave Dee a gift
For all the help.
At 7:11pm on January 20, 2014, Daniel Brown gave Dee a gift
At 2:34am on November 12, 2013, Kristi Ann Mod gave Dee a gift
Thanks so much for being my Friend here at the GREAT Tea Party Site!
At 9:19am on October 16, 2013, RIP gave Dee a gift
Thank you for being there for us Americans!
At 8:30am on May 22, 2013, Mike Vallier gave Dee a gift
Proud to be a member with you fine folks! Thank you!!
At 7:27am on April 30, 2013, Stephen J Cea gave Dee a gift
Phil Rains At 1:47pm on February 09, 2013, Phil Rains gave Dee a gift
Hope you are having a GR888888888888888T weekend.
At 10:31am on December 28, 2012, Bryan Robert Cotherman gave Dee a gift
At 12:09pm on August 21, 2012, American Patriot gave Dee a gift
Thanks Dee. :-)
At 8:15pm on April 27, 2012, Marcia Wood gave Dee a gift
Dee, you're doing a great job and actually starting to make quite a difference now. It'll be a rough up hill climb between now and November, but we can do this....

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