You are not permitted to voice a opinion against groups or people. Videos that attack the one and only fake George Soros, is a key concern because all videos that were listed as conspiracy against the Democrat Party has been deleted. All of the Hillary Clinton Videos posted by Toptentogo's News Network, for the second time has been deleted. 

 All videos linking back into this site of the Tea Party Command Center has been deleted again.

 Hate Speech, we never had any such videos up, my word against the YouTube Administration. The video Toptentogo's News Network has a better rating then youtube. This is not my fault, and if youtube wants better ratings, stop attacking conservative based youtube forums.

 Stop attacking Christians, these attacks are bias and bring further hatred against Jewish people. Its not my fault we have a Jewish Congress that can not even balance the budget. But instead, they continue their attacks against anyone that supports President Trump.

 While YouTube allows Anti Semitic videos, Toptentogo's News Networks challenged these videos. This was not permitted it was deemed hate speech against a Anti Semitic Group protected under Freedom of Speech, while our Freedom Of Speech against them is prohibited.

 And YouTube wants it forgotten that their system was hacked, this is not my fault that their superior intellectual data base has been compromised from day one.

 It's Not My Fault

 it's not my fault that every federal reserve bank  world wide was hacked.

It's Not My Fault

 It's not my fault they make up rules as they go alone. Such as you can not expose ISIS movements, it makes the current Congressional Party in Office look like idiots as ISIS sweeps across Africa, and they leave out the facts that it could possibly ISIS killing White Farmers.

It's Not My Fault

It's not my fault that the people of the EU is asking for help because of open borders are destroying a generation of indigenous people. This information is all so band at youtube.

It's Not My Fault Understand This-

It's Not My fault

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This is all planned.

When the time approached 90% market control they could alter access to any and everything representing things that are good and pure and just and holy and send them into the farthest reaches of the Universe.

The gamble is they will out DT then NEVER get prosecuted.

We shall see.

 If I allowed some to see how deep the issue is dealing with the EU, it would become self evident.

Hi Greg, I was told you kicked the bucket...????????????

My toe still hurts but otherwise I'm better than I deserve to be...

Your toe, ok...:)

 Sometimes YouTube are poop heads...:) Like Da!!!!!!!!!

It is time to regulate the internet... YouTube and most of the other major social networks are corrupt and unable to provide equal access and an environment which encourages free and civil discourse.  It is more than obvisous that YouTube and most of the social networks are limiting access and speech content based on ideology and not the principals of the 1st Amendment.

We must ask the President to use his Executive Powers too institution REGULATORY ACTION which restrains the use of unlawful censoring of content on a public website.  The use of the governments internet should allow for open and free expression of political and private speech ... as defined under our current regulatory Acts governing the use of public airways and free speech.

Those agencies which fail to comply with the current regulatory and constitutional law guaranteeing free access and speech over the internet must be denied access to this public service... Period.  YouiTube and others must be informed to reinstate all censored items that have not violated the LAWS of the United States... not their policy... as they are using the public internet...not a private system.

Huuu? The Regulator, is that like a Terminator...:)

One of the videos was where dad showed the youtube public how they could file a complaint, you can bet that went over like a fart in a wind storm...:)

Yes, Regulatory Action using the FCC rules to ensure that access to public owned airways and internet service abide by current law and 1st Amendment principals.  Trump can act independently of Congress to deny access to YouTube if they fail to reform their access policies if he so chooses...

It doesn't take an act of Congress to restore free speech on the internet... it takes a President willing to use his authority to reign in these powerful but corrupt internet services... cut them off Mr. President ... until they revise their access standards... to fit the current Constitutional and Statutory law.

The FCC is operated by this Congress, I will leave out the Jewish part...:)

Busy post 3 blogs so far..:)

THe FCC is an independent government agency...  However, the FCC is directed by five commissioners appointed by the president of the United States and confirmed by the United States Senate.  Each commissioner serves a five-year term, except when filling an unexpired term.

The U.S. president designates one of the commissioners to serve as chairman. Only three commissioners may be members of the same political party. None of them may have a financial interest in any FCC-related business 

Currently, there are 3 commissioners who are Republican and the Chairman is Republican and the US Senate is in the hands of the GOP... the Presdient could ask for the resignation of any commissioner who refuses to enforce free speech policies and regulations by internet service providers..  Hence, with a little effort, the President can bring the full weight of the FCC to bear on militant internet service providers, thus ensuring free speech and access are provided to all internet users... 





Political Cartoons by AF Branco

Political Cartoons by Tom StiglichPolitical Cartoons by AF Branco


Fact Check:   'Joe Biden Claims ‘We Didn’t Lock People Up In Cages’

CLAIM: Former Vice President Joe Biden claimed, on immigration: “We didn’t lock people up in cages.”

VERDICT: FALSE. The “cages” were built by the Obama-Biden administration.

Univision moderator Jorge Ramos asked Biden at the third Democrat debate at Texas Southern University in Houston, Texas, why Latinos should trust him after the Obama administration continued deporting “undocumented immigrants.”

Biden claimed that the Obama administration’s policies were more humane than those of President Donald Trump: “We didn’t lock people up in cages,” he said.

In fact, the “cages” were built by the Obama administration to deal with a surge of unaccompanied minors who crossed the border illegally in 2014.

Originally, the Obama administration was “warehousing” children — literally — in overwhelmed Border Patrol facilities. Breitbart News broke the story of the surge, which was partly triggered by Obama’s policy of allowing illegal alien children who entered the country as minors to stay in the country (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA).

Above image credit: AP Photo/Ross D. Franklin, Pool, File

The above photo was published by the Associated Press in June 2014, and the photo below is of Obama’s Secretary of Homeland Security, Jeh Johnson, touring a Border Patrol facility with “cages.”

Above: Border Patrol officers escort Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson and Gov. Jan Brewer through the department’s Nogales processing facility for immigrant children. (Photo courtesy Barry Bahler/Department of Homeland Security)

The “cages” are chain-link enclosures in Border Patrol processing facilities that are meant to protect children from adults in custody. They are not permanent accommodations.

In mid-2018, as the Trump administration began enforcing a “zero tolerance” policy that stopped the “catch-and-release” policy of letting illegal aliens go after they were arrested. Detaining adults and children meant that children had to be processed separately; the enclosures prevented adults from harming children.

As Breitbart News reported at the time, children were not housed in “cages.” They were processed and then taken to shelters, where they were given medical care, toiletries, education, recreation, and counseling, and where staff attempted to find relatives or sponsors to whom they could be released.

Democrats began tweeting images of “kids in cages” to condemn the Trump administration. Journalists, too, shared those images.

One problem: they were taken during the Obama administration.

Public outrage at the images led President Trump to end the policy, and require families to be detained together.

Democrats keep repeating the mistake, however: in July, they had to delete a tweet that used an image from the Obama era and cited the “inhumane treatment” of children by the Trump administration.

Republicans argue that not detaining illegal aliens is actually the cruel policy, because it encourages migrants to undertake a dangerous journey, often guided by cartels and smugglers.

As Breitbart News’ Alana Mastrangelo noted recently:

But what’s worse than “cages,” however, are reports of migrant children also being handed over to human traffickers during the Obama administration — while Biden was vice president — according to the New York Times. Between October 2013 and July 2015 alone, nearly 80,000 unaccompanied children from Central American countries were detained by U.S. authorities.

It remains unclear how many of the tens of thousands of children were handed over to human traffickers — including sex traffickers — during that span of nearly two years, as those cases are reportedly not tracked.

“Others were ransomed by the very smugglers to whom their families paid thousands of dollars to sneak them into the United States,” reported the New York Times in 2015, during Obama’s presidency and Biden’s vice presidency. “Some lost limbs during the journey or found themselves sold into sexual slavery.”

Biden told voters in South Carolina last month that he would close all border detention facilities, guaranteeing that the migrant flow would continue.

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