WWII vet becomes viral video star after San Jose racers' spontaneous tribute



Posted:   03/04/2014 09:15:17 AM PST | Updated:   about 15 hours ago

SAN JOSE -- Everyone on the block knows Joe Bell. Whether he's tinkering with his old fishing boat in the driveway or telling World War II stories from the sidewalk, neighbors always stop to chat.

Once in a while he dons his uniform, which still fits his thin, 95-year-old frame, and wears it to the senior center for lunch on Veterans Day or to meet with other vets.

When he put it on again Sunday morning, something spectacular happened. Joe stepped outside his Cape Cod-style house in San Jose's Rose Garden neighborhood to cheer on runners in a race that benefits the foundation for fallen Army Ranger Pat Tillman. One by one, the runners left the course to shake an old soldier's hand.

I live two doors down from Joe and captured the moment with my iPhone. Within 48 hours, the 45-second video went viral and was picked up by the Today Show, Good Morning America, Fox, Runners World, and a host of other media outlets.

By Tuesday evening, the video had been viewed and shared more than a million times.

It started so simply. As Joe stood a bit stooped on the sidewalk waving and cheering, the runners started waving and cheering back. When one of them saluted, Joe saluted back.

"Go get 'em," he called out.

I started filming. Then one of the runners, a young man in a red shirt, ran onto the sidewalk and, mid-stride, shook Joe's hand.

"Thank you for your service," he said, panting, then jogged on.

Another runner followed, then another and another. They began to pile up. For a moment, I worried Joe might get knocked over.

Read the Rest: http://www.mercurynews.com/bay-area-news/ci_25271319/wwii-vet-becom...

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AMEN!!!! God Bless This WONDERFUL WWII VETERAN and Everyone who Stopped to Shook his hand!! This Video Made me Cry With Happiness for this VETERAN!!  THANK YOU VETERAN FOR SERVING!!!

great poster...where can I download it???

A race to the finish gave way to an opportunity to give honor, I love patriots.

God bless those racers for showing that hero respect and shame on the newscasters for trying to belittle what was done ! 

Pay attention Ovomit and federal government morons - the American Spirit is far from dead and buried - it IS alive and well and has been since 1776!  Don't poke it too hard or you won't like the results.

sometimes in America..there is still a sign of what this country once was...BHO may have tried to destroy us in many ways...but the true heart of this country is still beating away.

God Bless Ole Joe!! I outranked you while I was in US Navy, but I salute you gratefully!! One Vet to Another

This is the America I want for my future generations. We should always honor those that serve for us. Even if it's in the middle of a sporting event.

For God and Country!

Come and be a part of a Historical event in Washington DC May 16 2014 for "Operation American Spring". Likely to be the last massive, yet peaceful attempt, to take back America. The America that this Veteran knows and loves.

Well done San Jose...Semper Fi

This was great.  Now do we have any hope of rescuing our country like we rescued so many others?  God, please help us to know, love, and serve you because that is the only way we get our country back.  Since so many have shut God out, He is just giving us a smidgeon view of what this country will be like without him.  Remedy, repent, realign ourselves with God, become part of his troop--put on the Armor of God--and take this country back glorifying God.  God is our only hope so that we may continue to thank those veterans.  In the near future, that won't happen without the above.

Thank God Joe still there to shake the runner's hand. Hooray for Joe.

It just goes to show you that We The People are still out there!!!!!!!!

Molon labe




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