WOW! Dartmouth College Gets Surprise Visit From Rolling Thunder When Student Announces Plan To Burn Flag

Image result for rolling thunder dartmouthWarning for college students who publicly suggest they’ll host an event to discuss “what burning an American flag might achieve,” and then burn a flag if they feel like it:

Don’t be surprised if a bunch of veterans on motorcycles shows up.

Dartmouth College student Timothy Messen wrote a blistering columnThursday that said without evidence that President Donald Trump’s November election victory was followed by “an increase in sexual and racial violence.”

MOREStudents vandalize flag in wake of Trump presidency

Citing Trump’s past suggestion that flag burning be made a crime – which is not going to happen – Messen told his readers that “the best way to defend our rights is to exercise them.” He invited everyone to a possibleflag-burning on campus Friday to coincide with Trump’s inauguration.

Whoops. The Dartmouth reports:

Members of Rolling Thunder New Hampshire Chapter 2, a Claremont-based branch of Rolling Thunder arrived at the middle of the Green prior to the student demonstration. …

“We had heard a rumor from somewhere that someone was going to be up here protesting, burning flags,” said Jim Campbell, a member of Rolling Thunder New Hampshire Chapter 2. “So we put some emails out, some texts, and got a bunch of guys to come up and brought up our flags to show our support for not burning the flag.”

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It sure makes it easier on me! We have been through some very grim times....

GET these foolish LIBERALS TO SETTLE DOWN and things will be a whole lot better.....FOR ALL of US.....!! 

 when the little snowflakes and cupcakes start acting up . This is exactly what needs to happen overwhelming  numbers of Vet.'s and patriots need to start showing up . to shut them up. and take back our Country and our Birth right as American's and   God loving Citizens .  Good Job guy's .

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END OF STORY, I would think.

Are there NO patriots in that community including the school administration that would step forward to stop this kind of anti-America BS?

Why do VET BIKERS have to play the part of PATRIOTS all the time.



Hurrah for the Patriots!!  These Colleges, are nothing but festering cess pools of anti-Americanism.  They exhibit their lack of intelligence, by announcing to the world that ,they plan to display their hatred, and got very surprised when people did not like it.   Go Bikers, we love you!

Trump needs to issue an Executive Order ... reestablishing the US Flag Code... which would make burning the flag illegal.  Any court ruling otherwise needs the judge to be immediately impeached. Burning the flag is a form of SEDITION and should also result in charges of sedition.  It is also a form of speech that would create public unrest or RIOT and like all speech that is dangerous to the public safety needs to be banned.

There are many ways available to express one's ire with the government ... without resorting to expressions that incite public riot... burning the flag is not protected speech.. existing law makes it illegal and a Judge's order to the contrary doesn't change the law... such an order is... in and of itself... lawless, rule by judicial fiat.


God bless our veterans. No words can express our thanks for they're duty and sacrifice to our nation and our flag. Those snow flakes never fought for anything except maybe the pink crayon in the box.

Good job guys! Hope these kids can absorb some of your patriotism!

Beautiful, these heroes of America bikers ex-military 1st responders have been standing up for years.  It's about time all of us patriotic Americans who haven't stood up as boldly as we should have, now's the time!  We finally got a president and the government that is for the people voted for by the people.  And we shall not go quietly any longer!

Do these mush heads get any more dense.   Brain washed.    Many years ago Bill Ayers,  the terrorist, murderer, bomber said he wished he had found how much easier to destroy  the country-turning it   into  another 3rd world country/communist  by taking over education.   He could brain wash  and it was so much easier  and filled his pockets$$$$$$$.   And  in comes Geo Soros Common Core into our schools....




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