Workers Find Thug Stealing Tools… Bystander Records Hilarious Street Justice

Sometimes, you have to take matters into your own hands — and that’s exactly what a group of construction workers just did in North Carolina.

The blue-collar crew in Charlotte reportedly caught a man trying to break into a construction vehicle and steal tools.

In a form of street justice, the men taped the suspect to some nearby scaffolding until police arrived… and the aftermath was caught on video.

“I gotta do what I gotta do to hold you. You got no business in my truck,” one of the workers explained as the man was trussed up, according to WJZY, Fox 46 in Charlotte.

“I wasn’t breaking into it!” insisted the suspect. “I wasn’t in it! I was just checking it out.”

A bystander recorded the altercation, and told the local news what she saw.

“You don’t stumble into those things but there I was,” said Tina Quizon, who is also a freelance videographer for WJZY. “The leg is taped to the scaffolding, they put a rope around his waist.”

“I was like, nobody is going to believe this,” she said.

Officers arrived quickly to the scene, and the suspected thief did not appear to be harmed, just embarrassed and indignant.

After the video was posted on Facebook, it received over 8 million views. Many commenters tried to claim that detaining the suspect was somehow racist or cruel.

“This reminds me of slavery,” one commenter wrote. “They didn’t have to TORTURE him. They should be charged. Next time call the Police.”

The viewer was apparently ignoring that fact that the construction workers were clearly a mixed crew of blacks and Hispanics, and that the police arrived within minutes.

“Humiliating someone should be against the law too!” whined another commenter.

“Notice how most women who never served in this line of work or have any idea how expensive tools can be, are the ones defending this punk?” shot back another respondent.

“My job site got robbed in 2013, Took 8000 dollars worth of tools,” chimed in another Facebook user, who had no sympathy for the alleged would-be thief. “I’m guessing they got all of it in the bed of one truck. It doesn’t take many tools to start adding up to big bucks. It’s absolutely infuriating and that man deserves the humiliation.”

The fact is that a citizen’s arrest is completely legal under the right circumstances.

Like many states, North Carolina has a law — G.S. 15A-404(b) — which permits a citizen’s detention of criminal suspects.

“A private person may stop and detain another person when the private person has probable cause to believe that the other person has committed in his presence ­­a (1) felony, (2) a breach of the peace, (3) a crime involving physical injury to another person, or (4) a crime involving theft or destruction of property,” explained Shea Denning, a professor of public law at the University of North Carolina, in a piece written for the UNC School of Government blog in 2014.

It seems likely that the alleged theft of valuable construction tools falls under that law.

There’s a difference between “playing cop” and stopping somebody who has been caught in the act.

It looks very likely that these construction workers just wanted to do their jobs, until a would-be thief tried to take their hard-earned living away from them.

Strapping a suspect to scaffolding until police arrive may unconventional, but it was probably exactly what needed to be done.

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It doesn't look like the video transferred over properly, so here's the link to see the video:

Awwwwwwww, poor baby, nobody loves him.  That's why he is a thief, bet this is not the first time he has tried to steal something.

Don't ya' just love it?   I was laughing my ass off, and thinking the fool was damn lucky they didn't take him to the top of the building and have an "accident"...  People are getting FED-UP

“Humiliating someone should be against the law too!” whined another commenter.

remember years ago when some American guy vandalized property in Singapore (<-I think) and was sentenced to a public caning??   That's an event I remember because I took notice of our media going most berserk about the 'public' part of the public caning. It was a confirmation that our society had become terribly misguided in a big way - believing humiliation was/is always unacceptable, even for criminals.

Oh yeah....I'd kind of forgotten about that--

Michael Peter Fay (born May 30, 1975) is a US citizen who was the subject of international attention in 1994 when he was sentenced to six strokes of the cane in Singapore for theft and vandalism at age 18. Although caning is a routine court sentence in Singapore, its unfamiliarity to Americans caused controversy, and Fay's case was believed to be the first caning involving an American citizen.[1] The number of cane strokes in Fay's sentence was ultimately reduced from six to four after U.S. officials requested leniency.

Early life[edit]

Michael Fay was born in St. Louis, Missouri.[2] His mother, Randy, divorced his father, George, when he was eight.[2] As a child, he was diagnosed with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder which, his lawyer later claimed, made Fay not responsible for his eventual sentencing for vandalism in Singapore.[3]

Although Fay mostly lived with his father after the divorce, he later moved to Singapore to live with his mother and stepfather, Marco Chan, and was enrolled in the Singapore American School.[2]



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BREAKING: Hillary Admits She Was Wrong About ‘Deplorables,’
White Nationalists Only ‘0.15%’ Of U.S. Population

( – Hillary Clinton, the failed liberal presidential candidate who sealed her fate by slamming half of U.S. voters as a load of racist, sexist, xenophobic “deplorables,” just came out and admitted she was wrong, Breitbart reports.

Speaking with Hugh Hewitt on his radio show about her book “What Happened,” he asked her if she actually believes that half of the American population are white nationalists and racists.

“Of the 62.9 million people who voted for President Trump, do you have a number in your mind that you think are actually white nationalist racists of that 62.9 million, a real number?” he asked.

“No, I don’t,” she said.

Still have any doubts? Later in the conversation, Hewitt asked the same question again. “Do you think there are more than a half million, you know, honest-to-God white nationalists running around the United States?”

Clinton: “Probably not, no.”

A white nationalist would like to establish a sovereign country for people of white European heritage, an idea everyone across the political spectrum finds unspeakably intolerable and offensive. Now, the woman who declared that this was the desire of more than half of Americans is saying that virtually nobody wants it. On both counts, she’s completely wrong.

There’s no doubt that Clinton is probably going to try running again for president in 2020 – if she’s even alive that long – and might be trying to absolve her guilt and pander to all those “undecideds” who instantly went MAGA the second she blasted them as no-good racist deplorables for not voting Democrat.

However, Clinton did later admit that there were more white nationalists in America than she had thought. Expressing her worries that the internet and the presidency of Trump is giving them a voice and a platform, she hinted that under her iron scepter, she will attempt to silence them.

“Unfortunately, their views, which used to be quite beyond the mainstream, you know, have a much broader audience now, because you know, of being online and having outlets and media presence that can promote those attitudes,” she said.

How many white nationalists are there in the United States? That’s a question with troublingly few answers, since for some mysterious reason the liberal mainstream media – even though it claims all the time that white supremacy is on the rise – hasn’t actually bothered to take polls and just ask people whether they are white nationalists.

Actually, there’s a simple answer to that. If such a poll were to be taken, our bet is that liberals would be very disappointed to discover that almost nobody is actually a white nationalist, and so there would be no way they could continue scaring people with those fears. A tactic Clinton has apparently given up on.

Left-wingers are entirely convinced that some vague but large majority of people who say they aren’t racists or white nationalists, actually share a lot of views with them – which is why Nazi and white supremacist have become interchangeable with Republican and libertarian.

An article by Newsweek, which polled around 5,000 in order address this very question, came up with this response:

About 70 percent of respondents strongly agreed that people of different races should be “free to live wherever they choose” and that “all races are equal,” and 89 percent agreed that all races should be treated equally. At the same time, 31 percent of respondents said they strongly or somewhat agreed that the country needs to “protect and preserve its White European heritage,” while 34 percent strongly or somewhat disagreed and 29 percent said they neither agreed nor disagreed.

Reality is, it’s a little true that some Americans do have overlapping views with white nationalists, but the overwhelming majority of respondents STRONGLY believe that the races should be free, are equal, and should be treated equally. Sounds like none of these respondents would be joining a lynch mob or waging a second Holocaust any time soon – trying to equate the preservation of white heritage with support for slavery and genocide is obviously one of the Left’s biggest lies, and the very reason why 39 percent of people in this same survey believe white people are under attack.

So Clinton changes her mind, and now says she believes less than one percent of the American population are white nationalists – did she believe there were even LESS than that during the campaign trail? Either way, she’s either just lying or plain stupid.


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