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The repubs would not be the one shutting down the govt obama would veto the bills that the repubs present hence he would be responsible for the shut down but the repubs don't have the balls to stand and fight they just roll over and play dead ryan the traitor has to go now!

Steve... it's worse than rolling over and playing dead.  The GOP leadership is working to support Obama and his fundamental transformation of America.  They are not rolling over, they are assisting in very meaningful and destructive ways, to subvert our Constitution and the Republic.

It's make a deal OR be blamed for the horrors of a Gov't Shut Down... Obama, as Prez, has the final SAY... in what ONLY he can Sign into Law... Paul Ryan & Repubs have done the best thy possibly could, under the circumstances

Republican "leaders" can't get before the Left's Media, to TRY to explain that a Shut Down is Obama's FAULT, and wouldn't be reported on fairly if they could. THAT'S being "Stupid" !  Republicans don't have the Final SAY Obama does.. and a Shut Down will not accomplish what you brainwashed conservatives THINK it will.. It will ONLY make things worse. 

This NOTION that Republicans "PROMISED" to Defund & Fix everything Obama, is NON-SENSE, period !  


More of Gauvin's mindless drivel!  Of course a SHUT DOWN will accomplish the goal. 

However, our brain dead elected Republicans "screwing off" until only an Omnibus Bill will preclude a shutdown, Congress makes themselves look like the bad guys.  However we voters understand who is shutting down the government!  How many times must one see the game before they figure it out. 

Sadly, Republicans seem to have a lobotomy shortly after they get elected!

Paul Ryan laments that he "hates the process", as if he wasn't into it, up to his neck.  As chairman of the most important committee in the House, Ways and Means, he was responsible for writing the tax bills.  But, like the rest of the Republican PUSSIES, he claims, "next year".  BS!!!!!

We MUST NOT allow him and the rest of Republicans in Congress to get away with such lies!  Same for their apologists like Gauvin!



Ryan is hardly brain dead... it would be better if he were.  Instead he is in collusion with the White House and the Globalist as they work to fundamentally transform America.  One has to believe that Ryan and the GOP leadership are total morons if we are to accept their explanations for their collusion with this Administration.

Since, they are not morons... that leaves co-conspirators and dissimulators, covering up their real purpose by acting powerless and or dumb.  They are neither powerless nor dumb. Instead they are traitors and deceivers; wicked co-conspirators in the destruction of the US.

Well, Ryan is just a white man that can be influence by a so call black man because of race, that's where the problem lie, Boehner, is the same if we had a black man who is a conservative like Allen West I bet you things will be be different right now

Everyone should.  Third party needed.  THe GOP is not the GOP but the liberals mop.

...but rather the liberals' fop?

I'm sorry, but sometimes I just can't help it. We must be taken seriously by any who read our posts. They chronicle who the Tea Party is and what it is about. We must try. Dee, how about a spell checker feature. Puhleeeze! (I am begging)

Ryan should find a quiet place and do the proper thing. Something Japanese comes to mind....

There is no Republican Party any more.  It's full of traitors.  Ryan is the #1 Quisling.   Wish we still hung people for treason in this country.

Great idea, let us do it

I have plenty of rope...let us unite and get busy!




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