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I totally agree with you that's mean we're are a socialist communist, nation

Good, all of us need to join them. 

Only the people could see that he was a phony but the House believed he was their savior. Just another Boener

I'll sign on....where do I put my signature.?


The GOP are completely lost. They for sure are not conservative. We need a third party, how do we get there? I suggest we elect Trump or any other GOP and several more conservative to the house and senate and from there start a grass roots campaign for a 3rd party right in the face of the GOP, just dump them and replace it with another more moderate-conservative party. I cannot get anymore pissed off with the GOP after the budget deal passing.

Screw them all! Time for a complete tax revolt.

Do away with the IRS-the GOP won't on their own.

We have a third party and we are here!!!

I agree. We have to make things happen.

How can we make things to happen when we have a government is not for the people, by the people anymore? I want to see this

One thing is to replace the Rhino's, let our voice be heard not through the media filters. Trump, Cruz, Christi and even Rubio to some extent are doing that. Many of the people, students, the youth are asleep that they haven't been getting  (our) the  message, the truth of what's going on. The entertainment-music communist industry/Hollywood, the education system are getting their message to them loud and clear. That is where we need to focus much better than is being done.

Agreed 1000% and GO TRUMP!

even Trump is not doing what he suppose to do




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