A Wisconsin mayor is not backing down after suggesting President Obama is a “Muslim” who has destroyed the "fabric of democracy.”

Superior Mayor Bruce Hagen said late Monday that he was exercising his freedom of speech by posting the controversial comment on Facebook.

“I have huge respect for the office of the president, but no respect for the current administration,” he said, according to Fox News’s local affiliate.

“Do we still have freedom of speech in this country?” Hagen asked. "Sometimes I kind of forget.”

Hagen is under fire for a recent comment on an online photograph of first lady Michelle Obama.

“Unbelievable,” he wrote on the picture, according to Fox News’s local affiliate. "She and her Muslim partner have destroyed the fabric of democracy that was so very hard fought for.”

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Col. Nelson,

AGAIN, you are so right!!

Most people who have not been in the military or did not have a clearance, do NOT understand the seriousness of this issue. 

But of course, most people don't have a clue the layers of confidentiality there are and the ramifications of these issues being out there. And, Hillary knows full well what she has done, however, with all the illegal things the Clinton's have done and gotten away with, they fully believe they are "above the law." 


I have opined for some time now that Obama is a Muslim. I can't actually prove it, of course, but if one looks at what he has said and done over a period of years, the conclusion is pretty clear. In one of the two books he wrote just before he became President, he did say blatantly that he would side with the Muslims. He actually wrote it. So draw your own conclusions.   

Good for this Mayor! There should be NO DOUBT in any good American's mind that BO is a worthless Muslim! I'm sure there might be a few Muslims who are civilized, but BO is not one! Every person on this earth should also realize that once the Muslim populations in any country exceeds 10% they will ban together & form their own Sharia Laws in those countries & then ALL of them become evil savages! There are NO EXCEPTIONS! Just look at the numbers in all the once civilized countries of Europe! It's NOT PRETTY & as Americans' we cannot let this scenario occur here. Period! First they'll want to take our guns & disarm us. Makes it easier to behead a person when they can't defend themselves. Then they'll want you to get rid of your Constitution (not politically correct) & they'll adopt their own savage ways of raping & killing Christians since you won't have any RIGHTS. Then they get 4 wives, seven kids per wife & everyone signs up on the "Welfare Doles!" Does any of this sound familiar? Might be heading to your neighborhood soon. I certainly don't want to support this CRAP! Buy more ammo!  




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