The picture was Photoshopped from the actual shirt she wore at the Women’s March.

“Speaking of smoke and mirrors and lies, I need to clear up a lie that was posted online this morning,” she said during the “Hot Topics” segment on ABC’s “The View. “A photo of me at the Women’s March has been photoshopped to show me wearing an offensive shirt against you-know-who. Even though I don’t care for this man, I would never wear the shirt that’s there.”

The violent image on the shirt was blurred out on the show.

“I’m just gonna say this,” Goldberg said. “You know what, if you feel like that, if you feel like the sentiments on that [tiled for TV] shirt, grow a pair, and you wear it. But don’t put it on me because you think it’s easier, because, quite honestly, I’ll tell you how I feel.”

The actual shirt read “And you thought I was a nasty woman before? Buckle up, buttercup.”

“Every day, half of the country despises me, half of the country loves me,” Goldberg, who espouses an anti-President Trump sentiment daily, said. “But you know what? I stand up. You see my face. Don’t put stuff on me that I haven’t done. Don’t do it.”