I have been watching the number of people creating logins on this website since I did early this year.   It seemed to be a few a week.  In the last month or so it has been increasing greatly now getting to 100 a day.     I do wonder are 100% joining because they believe in the tea party beliefs or are there many "spy" or "anti-tea party" persons joining to cause dissention.  If it is because of people sick of the way the big government keeps getting bigger then great!  If one of the other then I hope they learn more truth than they have ever known and turn from the dark side.


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I am new as of today and ashamed to admit that for many years I have been SILENTLY voting for issues as those who believe the same as the Tea Party does, although I new very little about politics and nothing about the Tea Party.  Over the last several  years I have grown increasingly disgusted with both sides of the political fence.  Now that Obama is forcing his will on the people I have come to realize I must do more than just vote.  Very few people I know voted for Obama the first time and even fewer the second time.  I question the practical side of casting one's vote.  The nonsense in Washington has to stop and has to stop now.  So for one I say, I am a member because I believe in the Constitution, the vision of our founding fathers, and the power of good vs. evil.  I think many are joining today because there just ain't no denying what's going on and the character of the main man.

Promote, promote, that's key, and probably why so many are joining.  Anyone starting a new business has to promote because you're the only one knows you're there.  Pretty simple:  1) Establish a communication line with someone.  2) Find out what's needed and wanted. 3) Produce.  This keeps you from going out of business.  I joined yesterday because a member of TPCC "my911" was on Western Journalism's site, the one I frequent.  He posted, promoted, and redirected, making this site sound like something I needed and wanted so I came over to see if it could produce?  That's all it took.  This site is a more robust communication tool and has a kindred spirit more to my liking.  I'm glad y'all hear.  I'd like to contribute...Semper Fi




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President insults leftists during social media summit

The president made reference to the Antifa attack on gay Asian journalist Andy Ngo in Portland last month.

“Do you ever notice they pick on certain people?” asked Trump.

Embedded video
Michael Sheridan@MSH3RIDAN

"Did you ever notice they don't come after Bikers For  Trump?"@realDonaldTrump calls out ANTIFA for the wussies that they are.

“He would tell you he’s not the toughest person physically in the world – they don’t go after Bikers For Trump, you ever notice that, they don’t go after our construction workers who love us, they don’t go after the police,” he added.

Trump went on to further insult far-leftists, joking, “They live in the basement of their mom’s home,” while asserting that they all had skinny arms.

“But they have the black masks on and they have sticks, they hit people in the face, in the head.”

“But you ever notice Antifa’s never there when we have a bikers rally….they’re never around, they’re always there when you have a single guy protesting in front of a school,” said Trump.

Trump then made reference to his administration’s move to withdraw federal funding from educational institutions that don’t allow free speech on campus.


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