Senior White House advisers are taking very seriously the possibility that Republicans in Congress will try to impeach President Obama, especially if he takes executive action to slow deportations.

Dan Pfeiffer, a senior adviser to Obama, said Friday that the White House is taking the prospect of impeachment in the GOP-controlled House more seriously than many others in Washington, who see it as unlikely.

Pfeiffer noted that former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, who has a large following among Tea Party conservatives, has called for Obama’s impeachment and a large block of the GOP’s base favors it.

“I saw a poll today that had a huge portion of the Republican Party base saying they supported impeaching the president. A lot of people in this town laugh that off. I would not discount that possibility,” he told reporters Friday at a breakfast sponsored by The Christian Science Monitor.

Pfeiffer said Speaker John Boehner’s (R-Ohio) decision to file a lawsuit against Obama over his use of executive actions increased the chance of impeachment proceedings in the future.

He said that possibility could become more likely if Obama takes executive action to halt the deportations of illegal immigrants who have strong ties to the United States, such as those who have family members who are U.S. citizens.

POLL: Do you consider Obama to be a weak President?

“I think Speaker Boehner, by going down the path of this lawsuit, has opened the door to Republicans possibly considering impeachment at some point in the future,” he said.

Palin wrote an op-ed for Breitbart earlier this month calling for Obama’s impeachment because of his handling of the surge of unaccompanied minors from Central America on the Texas border, calling it the “last straw that makes the battered wife say ‘no mas.’

She has also criticized Boehner’s lawsuit as a weak move.

Boehner has pushed back against pressure from Palin and other conservatives.

“I disagree,” he told reporters this month. 

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I have no confidence in the President to do anything that would be good FOR this Country.  Obama is wanting, for some reason not comprehendible to intelligent people, to destroy us and our Country.  There is not one action of his that anyone can point to and say, "WOW!  That's great, that will produce jobs!"  This is exactly what George Sore-Ass wants and he probably is behind Obama pushing this willing POS.


I'm afraid.  I'm tired and I see no end to this.

It's simply the "Right" thing to do...

Obama must be impeached and the suit must be acted on immediately; we see the courts still taking their marching orders from Holder he must be impeached also, to do so with him at the same time would stop his interfering of the courts as he would be unable to act with authority.  To keep the talk going makes the rest of us to stop listening, after all its the same day after day and nobody in Congress or the Senate seems to have any back bone to act.

Why has so much been said and nothing done? I'm not calling for it but I can't help but wonder how he has not been removed from the equation when the good and just that have met theirs. We nearly lost Reagan to a troubled mind; this guy has pissed off a nation, it is for this reason alone I think his actions to take away what we must have to protect ourselves and families; he knows he deserves such an end. We don't want him to go like this, we want to witness his execution for Treason during a time of war.

Delaying actions that would remove Obama is wrong, we feel this must happen immediately, to wait makes the odds of harm to our public more likely. In the interest of our Security and Status in the world today we must move now.

What is with all this nonsense about impeachment? We haven't won the 7-8 Senate seats yet. We're counting chickens before they're hatched. Let say the GOP wins 8 seats in Nov., that would give the GOP 51 votes. We would get rid of Harry Reid, which is a step in the right direction. Now instead of Reid tabling every piece of GOP legislation, a Republican House and Senate could pass every Bill getting the economy and jobs going again. If Obama wanted to veto every GOP bill, we could turn his last 2 years into a miserable dog fight. When 2016 rolls around, the GOP could point to the Dems as job killers.

The point about taking control of the Senate and getting 51 votes; that's not enough to convict the President. You need 67 votes to convict, name 16-17 Democrat Senators that would cross party lines. Highly doubtful... Gaining control of the US Senate is the linchpin.


My question is this ..... WHY HASN'T THIS HAPPENED ALREADY!!!?!???!!!!???????

The "Speaker" disagrees -he should be removed as well.

God's justice has fallen, and it can not be stopped.  OB will be removed one way or the other.  It is inevitable. 

I have JUST written my Rep., Chris Gibson, to PLEASE have impeachment ready to go as soon as the Senate and a STRONGER House are ours in November.  They will not be sworn in until January, which gives him another 6 months of his dictatorship to roll on thru Harry Reed.

But the current members can have the proceedings ready to roll between now and then.


What are they waiting for?

Let's get 'er done! Time is wasting

Send the POS to Kenya!

Obama is not a "weak" president, he is TOTALLY INEPT as a "leader", and there has to be a power behind his "rise" to the position.

While I am grateful that Hillary Clinton did not win in 2008, Obama is just as bad in many respects. He is inexperienced in politics, and she is "GREEDY TO OBSESSION TO GET THE POWER AND MONEY" that comes with the position - both are and have proven to be a near-lethal combination to American principles and our way of life.

They were both heavily involved in the politics that have led to the Benghazi massacre, and both should be indicted for complicity in this horrible terrorist attack and the blood of these 4 men are forever on their hands!

An indictment of both Clinton & Obama would serve many purposes for several good reasons - 

JUSTICE for the Benghazi 4 and their families;

RESTORATION in Americas' values of protecting/avenging terrorists that threaten our citizens abroad;

RETRIBUTION against government officials that engage in MURDER & TREACHERY against their own citizens; and,

a COMBINATION OF THESE  for the well-being of our citizens in re-building a sense of "trust" in our governments' being held accountable to our Laws and NATIONAL DIGNITY.

Additionally, to the comments already made, an indictment against both Hillary Clinton and Obama would FOREVER BAR either to running for ANY public office, as they could not serve our country as CONVICTED FELONS




Political Cartoons by Tom Stiglich

Political Cartoons by Michael RamirezPolitical Cartoons by Bob Gorrell


YIKES!!! Chelsea Clinton Emphatically States A Person With A Beard And A Penis Can ‘Absolutely’ Identify As A Woman

  • The one issue Hillary and Chelsea don’t appear to agree on entirely is transgender self-identification
  • In an interview with The Sunday Times, journalist Decca Aitkenhead asked the Clintons about transgender self-identification
  • Chelsea Clinton replied ‘yes’ emphatically when asked if someone with a beard and penis can ever be a woman
  • ‘It’s going to take a lot more time and effort to understand what it means to be defining yourself differently,’ Hillary said
  • Aitkenhead said Hillary became ‘uneasy’ when the question was asked while Chelsea shot a ‘furious stare’ at the journalist as her mother answered
  • Hillary added: ‘It’s a very big generational discussion, because this is not something I grew up with or ever saw’

(Daily Mail) – It may appear Hillary and Chelsea Clinton always see eye-to-eye, but in a recent interview one topic cracked the facade of the like-minded mother-daughter power duo.

The one issue Hillary and Chelsea don’t appear to agree on entirely is transgender self-identification.

In an interview with The Sunday Times, journalist Decca Aitkenhead asked the Clintons if someone with a beard and a penis can ever be a woman, to which Chelsea replied emphatically, ‘Yes.’

However, as Aitkenhead describes it, Hillary looked ‘uneasy’, and blamed generational gaps for being less accepting.

‘Errr. I’m just learning about this,’ Hillary responded. ‘It’s a very big generational discussion, because this is not something I grew up with or ever saw. It’s going to take a lot more time and effort to understand what it means to be defining yourself differently.’

The Clintons sat sown with Aitkenhead to promote the book they co-authored, The Book of Gutsy Women: Favorite Stories of Courage and Resilience.

The book features Danica Roem, the first trans woman elected to a U.S. state legislature.

According Aitkenhead’s account, she tells Hillary during the interview that many British feminists of Hillary’s generation have a problem with the idea that a ‘lesbian who doesn’t want to sleep with someone who has a penis is transphobic.’

Hillary nods in agreement, while Chelsea ‘stiffens and stares at me’, according to Aitkenhead.

The journalist then adds that many women of Hillary’s generation are uncomfortable with biological males sharing women’s bathrooms.

‘I would say that, absolutely,’ Hillary nods firmly. ‘Absolutely. Yes.’

That’s when Chelsea begins shooting a ‘furious stare’ at Aitkenhead, who points it out to her.

‘I’m a terrible actor’, Chelsea laughs.

Chelsea then says she is thrilled with the National Health Service’s decision to assign patients to single-sex wards according to the gender they identify as, instead of their biological make up.

‘How can you treat someone if you don’t recognize who they feel and know in their core they are?’ Chelsea says.

‘And I strongly support children being able to play on the sports teams that match their own gender identity,’ she adds. ‘I think we need to be doing everything we can to support kids in being whoever they know themselves to be and discovering who they are.’

At this point Hillary looks conflicted.

‘I think you’ve got to be sensitive to how difficult this is,’ Hillary says. ‘There are women who’d say [to a trans woman], ”You know what, you’ve never had the kind of life experiences that I’ve had. So I respect who you are, but don’t tell me you’re the same as me.” I hear that conversation all the time.’

Despite the clear tension in the room, the pair say they don’t argue about this topic.

But according to Aitkenhead, ‘I get the impression they don’t like to present anything less than a united front to the world.’


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