What Should We Tell Trump & Cruz At the Tea Party Convention

GOP front runner billionaire Donald Trump and his chief rival for the 2016 GOP presidential nomination, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), will take their battle on the road to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, on Saturday at the first day of the Breitbart News Network sponsored South Carolina Tea Party Coalition Convention.

Trump, who is attending an event with former Massachusetts Sen. Scott Brown in New Hampshire earlier on Saturday before heading to Myrtle Beach, will speak at 4:30 p.m. Cruz will hit the stage earlier at 2:20 p.m.

Both appeared at the same conference last year before they launched their presidential campaigns, but their speeches here this year will represent the first public battle between the two of them since—in Trump’s words—the “bromance” between the two front-running GOP presidential candidates ended on the debate stage two hours south in Charleston on Thursday evening.

Trump has been questioning Cruz over whether the Calgary, Canada, born Senator is a “natural born citizen”—which the U.S. Constitution requires of presidents—while Cruz has been fighting Trump over what Cruz says are Trump’s “New York Values.”


Those two major plot lines exploded in Charleston on Thursday at the Fox Business debate as both candidates outshone the rest of the field, most of which are establishment-backed candidates, as former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL), New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and Ohio Gov. John Kasich all jockeyed for position behind Cruz and Trump.

Also on Saturday, their fellow GOP presidential candidate former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee will speak 11:20 a.m. and several other major newsmakers including Sen. David Perdue (R-GA) and Breitbart’s own Peter Schweizer, AWR Hawkins, and Stephen K. Bannon will speak.

Schweizer, the author of Clinton Cash, has upended the 2016 presidential race with revelations he made about Democratic frontrunner former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s and her husband former President Bill Clinton’s crony capitalist ties to the world’s financial elite.

Hawkins, Breitbart’s Second Amendment correspondent, has been leading the way in coverage of Americans’ right to keep and bear arms—something President Barack Obama has tried to take away from many Americans with his recent executive gun control actions—and the focus of that issue when it comes to the future of the U.S. political landscape.

Bannon, Breitbart’s Executive Chairman and the host of Breitbart News Daily which airs on SiriusXM Patriot Channel 125 from Monday through Friday from 6 a.m. to 9 a.m. ET, was named the “most dangerous political operative in America” in a recent thousands-of-words-long profile by Bloomberg Businessweek.

The conference lasts three days and on Sunday will see former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum speak at 2:20 p.m., in addition to David Webb from SiriusXM Patriot and Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC)—the congressman behind the successful effort to remove John Boehner as Speaker of the House.

Monday will see Dr. Ben Carson and South Carolina Attorney General Alan Wilson speak.

The conference, now several years deep and held again at the Springmaid Beach Resort here, is being live streamed by Ground Floor Video and distributed on Breitbart News Network throughout its entirety. Those who can’t attend in person but want to watch will be able to live stream the event on Breitbart.com.

In addition to the live stream, Breitbart News Network and SiriusXM Patriot are bringing Breitbart News Daily, Breitbart News Saturday and Breitbart News Sunday on the road to the convention here in Myrtle Beach for live coverage from the scene.

The Saturday show will air live from inside the Convention Center from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. ET, while the Sunday show will air from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. ET and the Monday show will air from 6 a.m. to 9 a.m. All three shows will air as scheduled on SiriusXM Patriot Channel 125.

Also, on Saturday evening from 7:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m., several of Breitbart’s editors and reporters will be hosting a Breitbart Meet-Up at the Barrel Bar in Myrtle Beach. Details are available at this link.

Source:  http://www.teaparty.org/trump-cruz-battle-heads-myrtle-beach-tea-pa...

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Ted Cruz, opportunist  that   he is, once again shows how devious, manipulative, and dishonest that he is.  Cruz, did not show up for the vote to audit the Federal Reserve because of his wife's deep involvement with Goldman Sachs and their indebtedness to Goldman Sach.  The Federal Reserve bailed out Goldman Sach during the financial collapse of 2008.  Goldman Sach is closely tied to the Federal Reserve for all of its borrowing needs.  Cruz is over his head in big money donations from the people and companies that he refers to as "capitalists cronies on Wall Street",  and  that he criticizes. 
If Cruz had been in tune with the Republicans voters back in Texas, he would have known that this is an important vote for his constituency.  The Platform of the Texas Republican Party called for the Federal Reserve to be abolished.  Cruz did not come up through the grass roots, so he would not have known that.    He was appointed to office in Texas.  Then he latched on to the Tea Party to get elected as Senator.      
There is something about human nature that you can't hide for too long.  His colleagues in the Senate, have seen this part of his human nature, and realize that Ted is all about Ted and furthering his own ambition.  All of these people who have worked with him in the Senate say the same thing.  They don't trust him, not because he leached on to the Tea Party agenda, to get elected to the Senate, but because he is self promoting, self staging, and self serving.  Everything that Cruz did in the Senate was to gain popularity and notoriety, setting himself up to run for President.  
Ted Cruz has hidden many things about himself from the public.  First, that he ran for the Senate as a dual citizen of Canada and America. Second, he took the Senate oath to defend the Constitution, knowing that he owed allegiance to Canada at the same time.  You can't tell me that a Harvard Law School trained lawyer did not know he was a Canadian and an American.  If he had not with held this important information about himself, and his family, he never would have been elected Senator.  In my opinion, Cruz is fundamentally a dishonest person, in the way in which he approaches the practice of law, and the way in which he twists the Constitution to meet his personal agenda. 
Second, Ted Cruz has hidden, in his financial disclosure, that he and his wife had borrowed 1,000,000 dollars from his wife's employer, Goldman Sach, to finance his campaign.  Again, Cruz, the Harvard lawyer, plays dumb, and pretends that he did not know of this failed financial disclosure.  
Third, every opportunity that Ted Cruz gets, he is in New York, begging big money donors for money for his campaign.  Yet, he has the audacity to denigrate the people of New York and New York itself for its values.  
Fourth, there are bound to be even more things that we don't know about Ted Cruz, that would be pertinent to know, in considering a vote for Ted Cruz.  Cruz will never disclose these things unless he gets caught and is forced to admit them.  However, he will always find a way to divert from his guilt, and point to others, or other reasons for his mistakes.
Ted Cruz does not deserve our Tea Party votes! 
Donald Trump is not beholding to any large donors,  lobbyists or special interests.  He is deserving of our votes, and he will MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! 

Trump & Cruz are sharing the same ideas, and they both indicated that last night in their offer and counter offer to be each others VP. Lets have the two of them take a bare butt spankin' from the Tea Party, then take 'em for ice cream with a truce and pact to go after Clinton and Sanders. Git 'er done!!

I think their views - aspirations and goals are truly similar. That they both want what is best for america & that they will both do their absolute best to ensure that America will always remain the greatest nation on earth. Ask them to do the following - debate the issues -leave the personal attacks out of the interactions & reduce the points on which the democrats will attack the nominee - who ever he may be. I like a feeling of unity. I believe Mr. Trump or Senator Cruz will be the eventual nominee (just an opinion). What if (?) - Cruz was a vice-president or a senate majority leader - Carson was Sec. of Health & Human Services - Christie was Attorney General - Huckabee was Sec. of Education -  Fiorina was Sec. of Commerce - Paul was Sec. of the Treasury and they all used their positions on their resumes in 2024. Not to leave anyone out - Bush - Rubio & Kasich could return to Florida or Ohio & become distinguished citizens at the local retirement communities & tell war stories about the good ole days. I just saw a poll on who won the latest debate - Trump (55%) - Cruz (36%) - Rubio (5%) - Carson (3%) - Christie (1%) & Bush & Kasich (0%). I am no rocket sceintist but this looks like a two man race with a few (3) spoilers  - two cry babies & a few show ups. So for the others read the facts . A man with 0% or 5% is never going to win the political lottery even if they could win a caucus. Why Iowa can not hold a primary like other states dumbfounds me. They do not reflect the nation in any way. Candidates have won the caucus but nothing else or only a couple of states. New Hampshire & South Carolina are the first indicators. So to the bottom eight - become a rocket scientist - read the facts correctly - your chances are being president are nill. Quit working for the democrats & quit attacking the actual leaders. Let the actual leaders attack Billary & Bernie with out your destructive actions & comments.

"Enough" about some one's hair - their boots or their citizenship. I believe osama was born to an amnerican mother & held indonesian citizenship but the democrats & republicans were fine with that. Mr. MacLame was absolutely sure Osama was a US citizen. So enough. Tell me what the candidate will do - how he will make America better in the future & how we can restore America to it's greatness that it had before Osama took the helm. Tell me how we can become a constitutional republic once again. Tell me how we can once again become a government of the people & for the people.

To Mr. Bush - Kasich & Rubio - please join the silent minority & go back to Florida or Ohio. To Mr. Rubio - if you can not show up & do the job - do not become a clog in the process - resign & go home. I can not believe you are polling above any of the other candidates. I for one have heard enough from these three men. Put Paul - Huckabee & Fiorina ahead of them.

Save the mud slinging for the other party and behave like gentlemen Mr Trump. This childish name calling has to stop. Stick to the issues and may the best man win.


you got that right - the enemy is Clinton and Sanders. Take shots at them.

 My question to the Donald What would You do about the Nuke deal with Iran? I know you say it's a bad deal but what would You do?   I agree with Mr Oren Long great suggestion that whomever (Trump or Cruz) comes 2nd would graciously concede and get behind the nominee whether Cruz or Trump. (No Bush or Rubio)

These are the critical issues that we must discuss in my opinion. None of the Democratic or Republican candidates will do it. Andrew D Basiago - Independent Write In has my vote. This time make your vote count. Clean up our corrupt system with Andy. Don't be intimidated by the name calling Mangus's of the world. Most of them are paid government trolls out of Colorado.


Get rid of the privately owned Federal Reserve.
Issue US Treasury Direct debt-free currency
Encourage state owned banks, owned by the States to give the private banks competition
Re-institute the Glass-Steagall Act

World Politics:
Announce Disclosure get together a group of truth talkers; do it.
Talk openly about time travel, split away civilization, teleportation.
Stop our wars of empire maintenance. Bring home the troops.
Break up the military industrial cabal that runs things.

Announce your support for suppressed Zero Point Energy Devices.
Bring forward legislation to sponsor their introduction into our markets.
Revisit Cold Fusion

Reform Campaign Financing:
Require all money must be identified fully
No more hidden money.

Start with a high profile speech on the house floor with truth on Chemtrails, Label GMO foods.

Stop the incredibly corrupt TPP secret trade agreement
Penalize off-shoring manufacturing.
Make it cheaper to manufacture in the US.

They should bury the hatchet.....&.......Start going after the DEMs.....

United they stand and divided they WILL FALL! They both have a lot to offer each other all they must do is swallow a little pride, for the sake of the COUNTRY. 

 Time is limited so a copy and paste for this blog,

I guess you could say it is my turn, I have read so many statements, and National Director- Dee, she is correct, most of the Tea Party members could not unite or get along long enough to bring a fight against the system. Most debate of petty issues, but, National Director, Dee was wrong in shutting down Tif Morgan's forum, "A 50 States Convention Program- Article V Constitution " this is my opinion and the opinion of all most all of the networks team members and team leaders. But this site is not the only site, as we have found a connection of Parliament at these sites that made a fatal mistake and deleted the forum. It has been restored. 

 When you find a issue and the issue controls you, because you would rather fight among each other over these things, then they win.

 The TTP Legislation United Nations Agenda- YouTube



You need to advise the readers that the TTP vote you all post about was to approve the Executive use of FAST TRACK  to negotiate a PROPOSED treaty that will be submitted to the Senate as the Constitution requires - the Senate must then vote it up or down.

So maybe rather than create smoke all need to be very clear and let us fight the coming Senate vote. What many post about TTP having been voted on is a partial truth but not really all truth now is it?




Political Cartoons by Tom StiglichPolitical Cartoons by AF Branco

Political Cartoons by Gary Varvel


Florida Sheriff — “I Will Not Enforce Assault Weapons Ban, Neither Will Most Sheriffs”

Dennis Lemma, who is the Sheriff in Central Florida’s Seminole County, told a group of 2nd Amendment activists recently that he would not enforce an assault weapons ban that could soon become Florida law if the “Ban Assault Weapons Now” amendment passes in the Sunshine State.

According to News965, the ban has the following specifications.

The amendment proposed in the state legislature would ban possession of assault weapons, which are defined as “semiautomatic rifles and shotguns capable of holding more than 10 rounds of ammunition at once, either in fixed or detachable magazine, or any other ammunition feeding device.”

Lemma, an ardent supporter of the 2nd Amendment and a first term sheriff who is running for re-election, said this about whether or not he would enforce such a law.

“It’s not only that I wouldn’t, the majority of sheriffs across the state would not do it,” Lemma said in the video. It’s up to the sheriffs what they are willing to enforce.”

Trump Holds Rally in Milwaukee, WI 1-14-20

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