What Really Upsets Barack Obama About the Letter to Iran from 47 Senators

The hill reported today that the Republican letter to Iran has backfired. They said it jeopardizes the alliance Democrats and Republicans have formed to pass the Iran sanctions bill, a bill that might prove worthless in the end.  Once this deal is through, Barack Obama will impede and delay any efforts by Congress regardless of the bill. What the hill failed to consider is the letter successfully sent the message to the Mullahs.

It is what is being lost in all this.

The letter infuriated Barack Obama because it told the Mullahs that any deal must include Congress and the president is not the sole decision maker. It infuriates Obama personally and ideologically to have his power limited.

Forty-seven members of the Republican senate united to make a point and the other seven are uniting to throw them under the bus along with the media.

The seven Republicans who did not sign the letter to Iran are out ripping it along with the Wall Street Journal. It plays into the president’s power over Democrats. The Corker-Menendez bill might now be in danger of not getting the 60 votes needed to pass but the message in the letter is arguably as important.

The Republicans should consider doing what the Democrats and a Hillary Clinton might do – dismiss the attacks and diminish the opposition. Instead of defending themselves, they need to use the opportunity to talk about the seriousness of this lousy deal. They need to make that case and not be distracted.

read more here: http://www.independentsentinel.com/what-really-upsets-barack-obama-...

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Time that someone steps up and shows some common since and puts a stop for the sake of the WORLD. Obama, Kerry ,and Hillery for that matter, would sell us out for their own personal reasons. They have had a chance to lead and now have the USA in a following position. They couldn't handle it and now want to complain when someone steps up and says NO. Stick with the plan and don't waver.  We are with you LEADERS all the way. Don't ever give up or back down from Iran ,or the White House. Thank you 47 Senators for being what we voted for. We the PEOPLE ARE WITH YOU !!!!!

Hang the 7 for not standing with the rest !

A letter authored by a war veteran backfires but a junket by Bush deranged Nutsy to visit the enemy and have tea was the right thing to do?

The lapdogs are in a spin.

Wake up your sheeple friends to the facts.





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