What Really Upsets Barack Obama About the Letter to Iran from 47 Senators

The hill reported today that the Republican letter to Iran has backfired. They said it jeopardizes the alliance Democrats and Republicans have formed to pass the Iran sanctions bill, a bill that might prove worthless in the end.  Once this deal is through, Barack Obama will impede and delay any efforts by Congress regardless of the bill. What the hill failed to consider is the letter successfully sent the message to the Mullahs.

It is what is being lost in all this.

The letter infuriated Barack Obama because it told the Mullahs that any deal must include Congress and the president is not the sole decision maker. It infuriates Obama personally and ideologically to have his power limited.

Forty-seven members of the Republican senate united to make a point and the other seven are uniting to throw them under the bus along with the media.

The seven Republicans who did not sign the letter to Iran are out ripping it along with the Wall Street Journal. It plays into the president’s power over Democrats. The Corker-Menendez bill might now be in danger of not getting the 60 votes needed to pass but the message in the letter is arguably as important.

The Republicans should consider doing what the Democrats and a Hillary Clinton might do – dismiss the attacks and diminish the opposition. Instead of defending themselves, they need to use the opportunity to talk about the seriousness of this lousy deal. They need to make that case and not be distracted.

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An American::

I add my thanks to Don to yours and thanks to you as well.

But I have this feeling I don't care what goes through the mind of the dog that bites the hand that feeds it -- where I'm from, it's the last move they make. Better to leave it at that.

All this is more important than just missing a turn at bat -- too many out there that mean us great harm.
We can thank the parasites for letting us know exactly who and what and where they are,  and can do something about, top to bottom..



They had the right to do this.  It was needed to rein in Obama.  He is operating outside the guidelines of government.  That should be the headline.  Nothing more.

Who are the Seven that did not sign? Time to throw them under the bus and let their names go viral!

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The 7 Republican Senators that failed to stand for America and are now standing with the

Democrats demonstrate who they have ALWAYS been. They are DISGUSTING RINO/ESTABLISHMENT

Republicans??? that should have long ago been retired by their state's voters. Just

check out the records of these FLAKES:

 Sen. Alexander, R-TN

 Sen. Corker, R-TN

 Sen. Flake, R-AZ (the true FLAKE in the Senate)

 Sen. Murkowski, R-AK (elected by Democrats)

 Sen. Cochran, R-MS (elected by Democrats since he is too old to understand)

 Sen. Dan Coats, R-IN (also, maybe just too old to understand)

 Sen. Susan Collins, R-ME (a reliable Democrat vote)


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Cotton is the voice of reason who won't be silenced.  He's the anti-McConnell.  Hopefully, he has a great future in DC - assuming he does not get caught up in the corruption that is endemic there.  Obama not happy?   Boo hoo.  He belongs in prison.

they said fuehrer Obama really isn't god and that upsets demonkrats and their media servants!!!!!

What's incredible is the continued validation of Obama the Usurper. Till he's been identified he shouldn't be negotiating anything...Semper Fi Nam 66-67


Have you ever wondered what happened to the 56 men who signed the Declaration of Independence?
56 Men
Forty-Seven American Patriots did the same thing that our Fore Fathers did.  Trying to preserve our Nation and its Freedom.  Do not persecute these brave men.  Honor them and we honor the 56 before them.
I don't trust a Iranian any farther than I can throw one.  The Muslims Koran tells them that it is OK to lie to Infidels. 

What alliance? The Democrats refuse to cooperate and work with the Republicans in any of the Houses, the "Terrorist in Chief" has made sure of it.

The real problem is the Narcissit thinks no one should disagree with him.  It shows that he is not thought of as the king almighty and that he can't stand.

I believe that members of Congress pledge to defend this country agains all enemies, foreign and domestic-------if Iran getting nukes is such a great deal for us and others, why are the discussion so secret---little barry needs to be slapped down hard




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