What Really Upsets Barack Obama About the Letter to Iran from 47 Senators

The hill reported today that the Republican letter to Iran has backfired. They said it jeopardizes the alliance Democrats and Republicans have formed to pass the Iran sanctions bill, a bill that might prove worthless in the end.  Once this deal is through, Barack Obama will impede and delay any efforts by Congress regardless of the bill. What the hill failed to consider is the letter successfully sent the message to the Mullahs.

It is what is being lost in all this.

The letter infuriated Barack Obama because it told the Mullahs that any deal must include Congress and the president is not the sole decision maker. It infuriates Obama personally and ideologically to have his power limited.

Forty-seven members of the Republican senate united to make a point and the other seven are uniting to throw them under the bus along with the media.

The seven Republicans who did not sign the letter to Iran are out ripping it along with the Wall Street Journal. It plays into the president’s power over Democrats. The Corker-Menendez bill might now be in danger of not getting the 60 votes needed to pass but the message in the letter is arguably as important.

The Republicans should consider doing what the Democrats and a Hillary Clinton might do – dismiss the attacks and diminish the opposition. Instead of defending themselves, they need to use the opportunity to talk about the seriousness of this lousy deal. They need to make that case and not be distracted.

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dismiss the attacks and diminish the opposition. Instead of defending themselves, they need to use the opportunity to talk about the seriousness of this lousy deal. They need to make that case and not be distracted. YES THIS IS WHAT THEY NEED TO DO COTTON IS RIGHT MAN FOR THE JOB

I say depose the King and place him before a firing squad for TREASON !!!

Important News! Letter sparks Fireworks!

The Important letter has sent an important message to the world; 

We the Conservative People of the United States back up our representatives for having the courage and making the time to let the world know that we do not want Iran to have any nuclear atomic bombs!

Too bad that there were some so called representatives that back stabbed us by turning against those patriots!

We must remember who those who chose to protect their present salary instead of protecting the safety of the world at voting time!

Iran is a nation that lies and lies; their tongues are flexible and their lies come out with such ease because they have lost their conscience... and our administration is either naïve or in bed with them and trying to take some of the Republican representatives into bed with them!  Shame on them! They are habitual liars and they always attempt to fool the gullible and this administration is full of them.

If they get an atomic bomb; the first thing that they will do, will be to eliminate Israel and the United States out of the map! 

Why is Obama so gaulible that he thinks that because he helps them that he will be safe? Sadly, he will be one of the first to be eliminated because they want total control and he would get in their way!

God bless Israel, God bless America! God,Father, please protect us; in Jesus' Name. Amen

Oh my .. so he mad because some in congress actually believe our Constitution .. get use to it bub  more and more are on the side of the American people .. !

I doubt very much the letter bothers Obama.  For six years he has gotten away with a daily agenda of lawlessness. The RINOs talk loud, but they carry a broken stick.

The letter infuriated Barack Obama because it told the Mullahs that any deal must include Congress and the president is not the sole decision maker. 

well,that is too bad Obama. The congress and the American people have a say in this  You are not emperor of the USA.

I could really careless about what they did to upset this ass.  In fact, the Republican Party should employ someone that has but one responsibility but to do anything that annoys him and his administration. However, I do like cartoons. 

If the good friend 'advisors' in the corporate GOP are listened to, we will against see defeat snatched from the jaws of victory and the game will continue until reality forces a collapse that even the dog turds will have to pay for.
That is not all that scary.
The original colonies threw off a word=power empire, it can be done again; more easily because the only power that really exists here in all this is in the hands of the people, those that make the wheels turn -- not the world domination crowd. They are mostly ghosts in the shadows with the major weapon being fear plus a Punch and Judy Show. 

No matter how poisonous, how can a Man fear a slime-trail snail?

How an American president would support Iran to gain nuclear weapons is so far inconceivable that it truly falls into an act of treason. The entire world would be so horribly affected by Iran's plan after gaining these weapons. It's totally insane that our president would allow this. 

The Senators are TOTALLY justified  and obligated to point this out.

Oh Cesar is pissed off at this senate too!?!? Remember how that turned out?

The 7 Republican Senators that failed to stand for America and are now standing with the Democrats demonstrate who they have ALWAYS been.  They are DISGUSTING RINO/ESTABLISHMENT Republicans??? that should have long ago been retired by their state's voters.  Just check out the records of these FLAKES:

  Sen. Alexander, R-TN

  Sen. Corker, R-TN

  Sen. Flake, R-AZ (the true FLAKE in the Senate)

  Sen. Murkowski, R-AK (elected by Democrats)

  Sen. Cochran, R-MS (elected by Democrats since he is too old to understand)

  Sen. Dan Coats, R-IN (also, maybe just too old to understand)

  Sen. Susan Collins, R-ME (a reliable Democrat vote)

To Don R. Sherwood;

Thanks for the Share! We must keep them on mind and send them a message!

Let's hope that all our representatives are reading our messages, as it would behoove them.

God bless you

an american




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