Western Journalist Allowed Access Into ISIS Has Returned With A Warning: “ISIS Is Much Stronger And More Dangerous Than Anyone In The West Realizes”


When we speak of ISIS, many westerners doubt the extent of its power until of course one of their own goes and visits it. The first Western journalist in the world to be allowed extensive access to Isis territories in Syria and Iraq has returned from the region with a warning: the group is “much stronger and much more dangerous” than anyone in the West realizes. Jürgen Todenhöfer, 74, is a renowned German journalist and publicist. Once within Isis territory, Todenhöfer said his strongest impression was “that Isis is much stronger than we think here”. He said it now has “dimensions larger than the UK”, and is supported by “an almost ecstatic enthusiasm that I have never encountered in any other warzone”.

“Each day, hundreds of willing fighters arrive from all over the world,” he told tz. “For me it is incomprehensible.”

Todenhöfer moved among Isis fighters, observing their living conditions and equipment. On his Facebook page, he has posted images which he said show German Heckler & Koch MG3 machine guns in the hands of Isis. “Someday this German MG could be directed to us,” he said.

He traveled through Turkey to Mosul, the largest city occupied by Isis, after months of negotiations with the group’s leaders.

Isis’s fighters themselves sleep, he said, in barracks formed from “the shells of bombed-out houses”. They number around 5,000 in Mosul, and are spread so widely that were the US to bomb them all “they would have to reduce the whole of Mosul to ruins”, he said.

Todenhöfer says that this ultimately means Isis cannot be beaten by Western intervention or air strikes – despite US claims last week that they have proven effective. “With every bomb that is dropped and hits a civilian, the number of terrorists increases,” he said.

Most concerning of all, he said, was Isis fighters’ belief that “all religions who agree with democracy have to die”.

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They believe the final battle has begun. when are we going to quit pooping around and find the people financing these groups ? Follow the money and behead the enablers.


     We will not take serious steps against ISIS until "their agent in the White House".....their "main man" is removed from that White House.  So, when will this necessary first step take place????????

"They would have to reduce the whole of Mosul to ruins" to get them all????  How about Hiroshima,and Nagasaki ?  We have truely forgotten our history.......

Because of Obama's preference of Islam, he is allowing ISIS to become stronger. He knows that the bombing will not destroy them he will never do what is necessary to make that happen. He is a Muslim and the spread of the ideology is more important to him than protecting America or our allies or anything else! He is reducing our capacity to destroy them at the same time. He his a traitor and needs to be treated like one. Our problem is that there is no one in congress has the balls to do anything about it. Eventually, and I hope not too late, the military will have to take over our country and make a concentrated effort to destroy these bastards once and for all. With the political weenies we have, the military take over is our only hope.

We become the enemy of the world.


Fellow Americans, we come to a point that is imperative to tell the truth and expose the criminals that demise our country’s honor, integrity and moral values. The greed for power and control of the world’s natural resources and commerce made our country a tyrannical state a predator that prey on the world’s weak to take control of their natural resources and exploit the people. This ill foreign intervention and occupation of foreign countries is the main reason of the development of this world hate and retaliation against Americans. Terrorism is the result of American’s ill wars and occupation and will not stop until we the people make our government accountable for this genocide and crimes against humanity, what our government has done under the pretense of national security and the protection of American interest, is wrong and it is a crime against humanity, international laws and most important our countries moral fiber and honor. We the people of this country have enough of this culture of corruption that is destroying our country and our economic; we must stop the killings, no more wars, lies nor deception.

Our government call them terrorist, because they decided to defend themselves by any means; what do you call them?, and what you will do if our United States were invaded and occupied by a foreign country?; will you defend our country any way you can and die if need be defending our country?. I think you will stand for our country and fight until your last breath is gone, I assure you, I will.    

Unity and believing in our God given natural right to freedom and liberty will set us free from the bondage of this corrupt government. Here is the truth, take a time to get to know the truth and set yourself free. WE THE PEOPLE.

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      Go back to Fidel's Cuban paradise where you will be happy and where you belong.   You are not  needed in the United States of America.

The only people who this suprises are the sheep that think obama is defending America !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We have to have a leader strong enough to wage total war on our enemies. Wipe out the infidels and their families. We would also need a society that will support this action. We already have the military ready to do it if only a leader would turn them loose.

Killing your enemy then urinating on them was a good start. This should have been encouraged not condemned. Show me a military that will hang their enemy's ears from their pistol belts and I'll show you a military that can win a war against ISIS.


   No this Nation is very aware of ISIS'S threat it is the Regime who sympathizes with ISIS and the MuSLIMe Jihadists who are ether hiding the facts or are as stupid as the Nation thinks they are.

The United States Marine Corps with the assistance of the Navy , given the mission to do so and with a non-interference policy from Government could dispatch ISIS in 90 days.

Instead, for two more years we will have a Commander in Chief who will allow ISIS to triple in threat level, and that is not even counting the many assassinations that will be commited world wide.

We are like the sheep watching the wolf devour our flock one at a time....and doing damn little to stop it.

If for no other reason (and we have plenty) this is why we must depose Obama before his term is up. We don't really have time for the election process to make a difference...do we?

This maybe our last Christmas. Dictator Obama is working hard to end anything having to do with Jesus and his worship.




Political Cartoons by AF BrancoPolitical Cartoons by Gary Varvel

Political Cartoons by Tom Stiglich


Breaking — West Virginia Lawmakers Invite Persecuted Pro-Second Amendment Counties In Virginia To Join Their State

West Virginia lawmakers introduced legislation to invite persecuted pro Second Amendment Counties to join their state.

The West Virginia Senate adopted a resolution to remind Virginia residents from Frederick County that they have a standing invite — from 1862 — to become part of West Virginia.

West Virginia freedom fighters broke away from Virginia Democrat slave owners during the Civil War.

This week West Virginia has once again invited persecuted Virginia pro 2-A counties to come join their state.

Sounds like a winning plan!

Resolution 8 reads as follows:


(By Delegates Howell, Summers, Shott, Householder, C. Martin, Hott, Graves, Cadle, Barnhart, J. Jeffries, Maynard, Phillips, Foster, Hamrick, Steele, D. Jeffries, Wilson, Waxman, Bartlett, Paynter, Linville, Sypolt, Bibby, Hill, Ellington, Higginbotham, J. Kelly, Mandt, Pack, Dean and P. Martin)

[Introduced January 14, 2020]

Providing for an election to be had, pending approval of the General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Virginia, and a majority of qualified citizens voting upon the proposition prior to August 1, 2020, for the admission of certain counties and independent cities of the Commonwealth of Virginia to be admitted to the State of West Virginia as constituent counties, under the provisions of Article VI, Section 11 of the Constitution of West Virginia

Whereas, The Legislature of West Virginia finds that in 1863, due to longstanding perceived attitudes of neglect for the interests of the citizens of Western Virginia, and a studied failure to address the differences which had grown between the counties of Western Virginia and the government at Richmond, the Commonwealth of Virginia was irretrievably divided, and the new State of West Virginia was formed; and

Whereas, Such division occurred as the Trans-Allegheny portions of Virginia perceived that they suffered under an inequitable measure of taxation by which they bore a disproportionate share of the tax burden; and

Whereas, That this perception was further compounded by the effects of a scheme of representation by which Trans-Allegheny Virginia was not allowed to have its proper and equitable share of representation in the government at Richmond; and

Whereas, That this arrangement arguably resulted in the tax dollars of Trans-Allegheny Virginia being used to enrich the Tidewater through internal improvements which did not benefit the people of Western Virginia, while the people of the Trans-Allegheny had little to no say in how their tax dollars were allocated; and

Whereas, Though this course led to an irreconcilable division, and the subsequent formation of West Virginia, yet, the longstanding peaceful cooperation between this State and the Commonwealth of Virginia is a sign that such separation, undertaken even under the most challenging and onerous of circumstances, can, with the passage of time, yield lasting results which are beneficial to both sides; and

Whereas, In the intervening years, the same neglect for the interests of many of the remaining counties of the Commonwealth of Virginia has allegedly been evidenced by the government at Richmond; and

Whereas, Particularly, many citizens of the Southside, the Shenandoah Valley, Southwestern Virginia, and the Piedmont contend that an inequitable measure of taxation exists by which they bear a disproportionate share of the present tax burden of the Commonwealth; and

Whereas, The people of the Southside, the Shenandoah Valley, Southwestern Virginia, and the Piedmont also believe that, currently, a scheme of representation exists by which the citizens of Southside, the Shenandoah Valley, Southwestern Virginia, and the Piedmont do not have a proper share of representation in the government at Richmond; and, consequently

Whereas, The people of the Southside, the Shenandoah Valley, Southwestern Virginia, and the Piedmont believe that their tax dollars are used to enrich the Tidewater and Northern Virginia through internal improvements which do not benefit the people of these other parts of Virginia, while the people of these other parts of Virginia have little to no say in how their tax dollars are allocated; and

Whereas, In recent days, these tensions have been compounded by a perception of contempt on the part of the government at Richmond for the differences in certain fundamental political and societal principles which prevail between the varied counties and cities of that Commonwealth; and

Whereas, In the latest, and most evident, in this string of grievances, the government at Richmond now seeks to place intolerable restraints upon the rights guaranteed under the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution to the citizens of that Commonwealth; and

Whereas, The Legislative body of West Virginia believes that this latest action defies the wise counsel which has come down to us in the august words of our common Virginia Founders: as the government at Richmond now repudiates the counsel of that tribune of liberty, Patrick Henry-who stated to the Virginia Ratifying Convention in 1788 that “The great object is that every man be armed. Everyone who is able might have a gun”; and

Whereas, The government at Richmond now repudiates the counsel of a Signer of the Declaration and premier advocate of American independence, Richard Henry Lee-who stated in The Federal Farmer that “To preserve liberty, it is essential that the whole body of the people always possess arms”; and

Whereas, The government at Richmond now repudiates the counsel of that zealous guardian of our inherent rights, George Mason-who stated that “To disarm the people…[i]s the most effectual way to enslave them”; and

Whereas, The government at Richmond now repudiates the counsel of the declaimer of our independence and theoretician of our freedoms, Thomas Jefferson-who stated in his first draft of the Virginia Constitution, that “No free man shall ever be debarred the use of arms”; and

Whereas, The Boards of Supervisors of many Virginia counties and the Councils of many Virginia cities have recognized this dangerous departure from the doctrine of the Founders on the part of the government at Richmond; and

Whereas, These Boards of Supervisors and Councils have passed resolutions refusing to countenance what they affirm are unwarranted and unconstitutional measures by that government to infringe the firearm rights of Virginians; and

Whereas, The actions of the government at Richmond undertaken since the recent general election have, regrettably, resulted in unproductive contention and escalating a lamentable state of civic tension; and

Whereas, That, as has been proven in numerous instances, such as have been observed internationally in more recent times with the peaceful dissolutions of Czechoslovakia and the Soviet Union, and the creation of South Sudan, or, earlier in Virginia’s own history, with the formation of Kentucky, the peaceful partition of neighboring peoples can occur, and, is often very beneficial to both sides in reducing tensions and improving the tenor of discourse over ongoing political and societal differences; and

Whereas, Article VI, Section 11 of The Constitution of the State of West Virginia explicitly permits additional territory to be admitted into, and become part of this state, with the consent of the Legislature and of a majority of the qualified voters of the state; and

Whereas, In a spirit of conciliation, the Legislature of West Virginia hereby extends an invitation to our fellow Virginians who wish to do so, to join us in our noble experiment of 156 years of separation from the government at Richmond; and, we extend an invitation to any constituent county or city of the Commonwealth of Virginia to be admitted to the body politic of the State of West Virginia, under the conditions set forth in our state Constitution, specifically, with the consent of a majority of the voters of such county or city voting upon such proposition; and we hereby covenant that their many grievances shall be addressed, and, we further covenant with them that their firearms rights shall be protected to the fullest extent possible under our Federal and State Constitutions; and

Whereas, Providing that the General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Virginia shall give its assent to any county or independent city presently part of the Commonwealth of Virginia having the opportunity and ability to do so, therefore, be it

Resolved by the Legislature of West Virginia.

Trump Holds Rally in Milwaukee, WI 1-14-20

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