Wednesday Top Headlines
by Media Editors:  Trump makes the prime-time case for a border barrier; Democrats insist he’s “cruel” (Associated Press)
Pulosi, scumbag/clown-Schumer spark laughs on social media for “angry parents” rebuttal to Trump address (Fox News)
Don’t tie tragic National Park deaths to the government shutdown (Reason)
Leftists’ plans extend health care to illegal aliens, placing them on par with U.S. citizens (The Washington Times)
New California governor vows “sanctuary to all who seek it” (CBS Los Angeles)
Federal agencies cut over $16 billion in regulations in 2018 (The Washington Free Beacon)
Rosenstein reportedly to leave DOJ in coming weeks (Fox News)
U.S.-China trade talks wrap up in Beijing as hopes of a deal build (Reuters)
Broward Sheriff Scott Israel tells staff he’s being suspended over Parkland response (Miami Herald)
Pentagon: Military logistics system not ready for war with China or Russia (The Washington Free Beacon)
Cancer deaths decline 27% over 25 years (U.S. News & World Report)
Judge says Christian baker Jack Phillips’ lawsuit against civil rights officials can proceed (The Daily Signal)
Russian in Trump Tower meeting is charged in separate case (The New York Times)
Jeff Bezos, Amazon CEO worth $137 billion, to divorce wife of 25 years (Fox News)
Humor: With government shut down, citizens forced to interfere in their own lives (The Babylon Bee)
Policy: Easy money is driving the boom-bust cycles (Foundation for Economic Education)
Policy: Some steps to reforming our bureaucracies (The Daily Signal)  
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 I got Head Line News For Ya!!!


United Nations Global Compact- China

United Nations Global Compact- Africa

United Nations Global Compact- Russia

United Nations Global Compact- Canada

United Nations Global Compact- Mexico

The media is all BS!!!!!!!!

Trump gave money to countries that are a part of the United Nations Global Compact Migration.

Where Is Our Border Fund Trump: Foreign Aid Was a Big Winner in the Budget Trump Signed Last Week




Political Cartoons by AF Branco

Political Cartoons by Ken Catalino


 “Acosta, You Are A Dickhead”.... 

Above: Sebastian Gorka, Jim Acosta

“Jim Acosta is actually worse than anyone imagined.”

Former Trump adviser Sebastian Gorka engaged in a loud verbal altercation with CNN‘s Jim Acosta Thursday, according to the Daily Caller‘s Virginia Kruta.

According to multiple witnesses, Acosta made a flippant remark to Gorka – who just launched his SALEM Radio Network show “America First,” telling him that media-related meetings with the president were for “real journalists” only.

Acosta walked in then, according to Gorka, touched his arm and said “Why are you here? This place is for journalists only,” then walked away. He also noted that the incident occurred in front of fellow SALEM host Mike Gallagher and Sirius Patriot XM host David Webb — and explained that, although they had been in the same building on several occasions, he and Acosta had never officially met prior to this incident.

“Abilio ‘Jim’ Acosta, you are a dickhead,” Gorka fired back at Acosta. – Daily Caller

“For the next 40 minutes, he hid in the back and didn’t come out as I was right by the exit, until I went to the Oval Office,” Gorka told the Caller, adding “Jim Acosta is actually worse than anyone imagined. He’s definitely not a journalist, and he is clearly a cowering coward. I just feel sorry for anyone who is in the White House pool with him and know he is hated by all the actual journalists in the White House.”

John Fredericks@jfradioshow

Wow! Unbelievably NASTY decorum in White House Press Briefing room! @Acosta walks by new radio show host @SebGorka and says to him: “Why are you here? This place is for journalists only.” Really Jim? And too? Welcome to the press room, Seb!

Vince Coglianese of the Daily Caller was there for the exchange, and said “The whole room went silent as Gorka chewed [Acosta] out.”

Sirius Patriot XM host David Webb confirmed the incident, saying “I was right next to Sebastian and he reported accurately what Acosta said. Acosta was serious and condescending.”

View image on Twitter
David Webb   @davidwebbshow

Yes ⁦@Acosta⁩ we do belong in the Press Room. ⁦@SebGorka

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