I gotta vent. We / our country is sitting back & not doing a damn thing about illegals/ invaders invading our country! They are coming here in the thousands daily. They are killing our people, our police,our border guards, our fellow citizens. What are we doing? Talk talk talk. They are stealing our resources, our jobs, our taxes, our benefits, starting businesses, and we’re ok with it. We’re letting them! We’re helping them! Giving them jobs,places to live, money, food, healthcare,educations, putting them in schools with our children, accomidating them, making two signs! One english one spanish. Even phine messages are bilingual. Our politicians are ok with it. Our news media is for it. Our chambers of commerce are for it. Our countrymen are betraying us for MONEY! We’re sick! Sick in the head & the heart. What country in their right mind would put up with such a thing? We should be preventing them at the border. We should be rounding them up & be tracking them down & shooting them for invading our country but we’ve made it illegal to defend our country! WHY?

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I’m talking about the basics. Natural born. All globalists are traitors! 

 So am I...:)


Hey Signalhz, some people still believe the earth is flat! 

OBTW - you are doing something about it! You are bringing awareness to the issue! ...be louder! 

Yes I know. I’ve talked to a few of them. Lunatics! 

What i meant about doing something is shooting them crossing the border. The ones that are here we need more enforcement. Prosecute people & business hiring them with hefty hefty fines even taking their business from them & locking them up. Sell their business to someone else. Authorize police to check those who look like they are from Central America & mexico. Also foreigners who look like they are from foreign countries & who obviously cannot speak English. And whatever other ways police know how to identify illegals. Take the glives off of them. Like Sheriff Joe Arpaio was doing. Etc...

THAT would stop this invasion. The threat of violence done in return to the violence they are doing to us, plundering, invading, killing, spreading sickness, destroying our schools, our standard of living, OUR HOPES.

Call your members of Congress.... daily if necessary and demand they shut down all immigration and deport everyone here illegally.... Tell them if they won;t they can join the illegals when America finally wakes up and deports them.

Just for you Steve 

Flat earthers headed to the artic 


Idiots... everyone knows the edge of the Earth is in DC... the only place in the world where up is down and down is up... no need to go to Antarctica.

Yeah ... louder is better.... Congress is full of geriatrics and the deaf. Besides AT&T needs the money to hire more operators in India. 

everyone of us needs to keep emaling the WH make sure the wall gets built and that the pres lets ice go into CA and remove those people.   then keep calling congress everyday like i do 






Political Cartoons by AF Branco

Political Cartoons by Chip BokPolitical Cartoons by Steve Kelley


The Fall Of Fake News!! Quiet Shake-Up At MSNBC After Station Hemorrhages Viewers Following Mueller Debacle 

Reports are surfacing about a quiet shake-up of personnel at MSNBC after the cable news station lost more than 30% of their audience after the Mueller debacle.

Apparently MNSBC doesn’t think their financial woes are newsworthy given that they didn’t run any breathless stories about their own failings.

News of MSNBC’s collapse can’t come as a surprise to insiders who undoubtedly are fully aware that their audience no longer trusts them.

One source familiar told Mediaite the changes came amidst mounting complaints from NBC News chief Andy Lack about a dip in MSNBC’s ratings following the end of the Mueller investigation. In May, ratings for the network in the advertiser coveted 25-54 demo were down 32% year over year.

MSNBC viewers were asked: How much do you agree that MSNBC regularly reports made up or fake news about Donald Trump and his administration?

The responses were devastating! While 35% or respondents agree that MSNBC pushes Fake News, only 24% disagreed. That’s a ratings death sentence!

What do you expect from a channel that boasts disgraced liar, Brian Williams, and race pimp, Al Sharpton?

Bright Start News@BRIGHTstrt

MAJOR SHAKEUP AT MSNBC - Ratings crater after Mueller Report Debacle! 

MSNBC Shakeup: Jonathan Wald and Dan Arnall Take Dayside

MSNBC quietly implemented a sweeping shakeup in programming this week, Mediaite has learned, appointing SVP of programming and development Jonathan Wald and MSNBC executive editor Dan Arnall to lead...

Flashback: MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow’s Ratings Plummet To Yearly Low

MSNBC primetime host Rachel Maddow brought in her worst weekly ratings of the year last week.

Her show last week averaged 2,324,000 viewers, with an average audience of 337,000 in the 25-54 age demographic, both of which mark yearly lows for the liberal television host, according to Nielsen Media Research.

Maddow first saw a dramatic drop in ratings following the conclusion of special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation. Her previous low for a week in 2019 was the last week in March, the first full week after Mueller submitted his conclusion to Attorney General William Barr, where she averaged 2,458,000 viewers with 392,000 in the demo.

She spent two years dissecting every aspect of the special counsel’s investigation into whether President Donald Trump conspired with the Russians to win the 2016 presidential election. The night Mueller submitted his findings to Barr, Maddow appeared to hold back tears over the fact that neither the president nor any family members were indicted.

Compared to Maddow’s low ratings last week, Fox News’ Sean Hannity, whose program is often the most-watched among all cable news shows, averaged 3,108,000 viewers with just under half-a-million viewers in the key demographic.

She also nearly tripled CNN’s Chris Cuomo’s weekly ratings. His program only had 880,000 viewers with 225,000 in the key demo.


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