Earlier this week, liberals forced out the CEO of tech company Mozilla for privately holding common but unfashionable political views. Liberals continue to hound the owners of Hobby Lobby for defending their religious liberty, and also harass the libertarian Koch Brothers for supporting liberty-friendly causes.

Every week it becomes more obvious that liberals are not liberal in any way shape or form.

The word "liberal" comes from liberalis, the Latin word for "freedom." Politically speaking, the Oxford English Dictionary defines "liberal" as "favoring maximum individual liberty in political and social reform."

Understandably, the Founding Fathers were called liberals since they reformed the status quo to vastly increase personal liberty politically, economically, and religiously. Today's "liberals" are the fiercest defenders of the status quo, desperately clinging to outdated economic theories, educational policy and governing models.

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How about "LIBCOMS" Liberal Communists 


You can leave the LIB part out.  They are simply communists.

   How about dirty lying idiots. Works for me.

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Propagandistic. propagandist. a person involved in producing or spreading propaganda.

This would cover their tactics. How about Propagandistic Party ?

How about "Communist"

Emphasis on the SS

Traitors ! Liars ! Thieves ! Thugs ! Bullies ! Racists !  I could go an and on ! So many ways to describe them.

Dwight is 100% right while Terry is much more definitive. So combine the two & you have the perfect name with the best adjectives possible. My compliment to these two guys. Best description ever.

How do you come up with a new name for these people when words like morons, liars, theives, communist, anti-chirstian, and envormentalist whacko (all of which fit) doesn't capture the full nature of them if used alone.  They are not Misanthropes because as long as you agree 100% with them, you're ok.  poop-clowns and scum are nice, but can't believe Hannity saying on his program "New York's poop-clown mayor.." and scum doesn't quite sum it up for me.  I'm going to be interested to see what is written and I'll look far a term myself.

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That's an easy one.  The replacement name should be The Criminal Element.


I know that most of you are not Mormons, but the Book of Mormon describes a group that are doing the same corrupt things to the righteous as the Liberals are trying to do to us now.

These people are referred to at the Gadianton Robbers -- named for the leader of the group who made a covenant with Satan.

Perhaps we can refer to our band as the Soros Robbers for the same reason.




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