WATCH: Sen. Warren Gets Scalding Remarks From Two Vets for Her Pro-Illegal Rally

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Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s obsession with catering to illegal immigrants has not sat well with heroes like Dennis Moschella and John MacDonald. Speaking Monday on “Fox & Friends,” the two veterans lambasted the senator for prioritizing the interests of illegal immigrants over those of America’s veterans.

“It seems to be the fact that she’s more interested in creating political theater than she is in helping Americans,” said MacDonald, who serves as the spokesman for the group Veterans Assisting Veterans, which is based out of Warren’s home state.

He was referring to the way in which the senator had all the time in the world to deliver tired speeches or participate in inane marches yet was either unable or unwilling to lift a finger on behalf of American veterans.

“There’s hundreds of veterans dying every day,” chimed in Moschella, the group’s president. “Why don’t we address those problems first, and then we’ll worry about other people coming into our country.”

Listen to some of the interview below:

This was in fact not the first swipe the pair had taken at Warren. According to the Boston Herald, last week their group submitted an open letter to the American people blasting Warren and several other Democrat senators for their selfishness.

“Veterans Assisting Veterans is outraged at the selfish blatant ignorance of the politicians that have chosen illegal immigrants over U.S. veterans,” they wrote. “We ask that the American public join our cause and our passion for helping bring attention to this issue.”

Warren spokeswoman Lacey Rose has since responded to this letter by pitching a disingenuous rant about President Donald Trump’s alleged attacks on immigrants, as reported by the Washington Free Beacon.

While Warren realized the “utmost importance” of aiding veterans, Rose said, but “(s)he also knows that standing up for our veterans and rejecting President Trump’s unlawful, immoral, and irresponsible attacks on immigrants are not mutually exclusive issues.”

Speaking Monday on Fox News, MacDonald offered a brilliant response to this pitiful argument: “Elizabeth Warren and people like her seem to have a very hard time understanding the difference between legal and illegal.”

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I will not blame parents for a process that was taken from them by deceit, disingenuous politicians and Marxist educators... Parent's have not had control of their Schools for decades... anymore than they have had control of their government.  It isn't because they willingly gave it over... it is because they were lied to, then conned and are now being told the must take it or leave it... home school or pay for private schools.

Who is to blame when one hires a contractor to build their house and he doesn't follow the blue print?  The owner of Contractor... Who is to blame when GM can't sell there cars because they don't meet the consumers needs... the consumer or the Management at GM?  Who is to blame when we hire the best of public educators to create a public school system that turns out poorly educated children? 

Parents are not to blame... it is the school administrators and teachers... the politicians that fund them, and the school boards that PROTECT THEM... instead of firing them.

Get rid of the teachers union, they protect them too much regardless of what illegal activity that goes on with them. How many years were teachers using their students as toys? The union protected them. We have to just demand control over the government instead of the other way around. But a lot of people are just plain afraid.

Hey pocahontas, I hear your TRIBE calling for you, they want their IDIOT back!!!

No, the tribe is getting ready to move on and, like with other OLD, incompetent Indian elders, they want to move on to the next fertile hunting ground, leaving her a tent, to die, as she is so useless!

Sen. Elizabeth "Pocahontas" Warren (how distasteful for her to have the title of Senator) feathered her nest, becoming a professor at Harvard due to lying about being an American Indian to capitalize on Affirmative Action, is an utter disgrace.  Only the mindless liberals of Massachusetts could inflict her on the rest of America!

She is the epitome of shameless chutzpah!

This horrible Communist Bitch will prevail with her allegiance to anything Un-America, if Vets get in the way of her "Agenda", tough.  Those who have sacrificed their Lives, given their all to this Country, taken leave of their Families for Holidays, left their Wives to run the home alone, raise the Children, no matter.    These people are loyal to America, but she prefers to attach her favoritism to Illegals, those who come ignorant, with no knowledge of our History, our Culture our Language. They sure are quick to get in Line for free food, housing, and medical care, provided by our Tax Dollar. She is wealthy, has sacrificed nothing, has "gamed" the system herself, and sees nothing wrong with bilking Americans for her benefit. Well, I suggest she move about 15 of these people into her mansion, and nourish them herself.  We're tired of them, and feel the loyalty of our veterans comes first.  Communist wretch.

Thank you John.

We need to start taking care of our veterans. Veterans before illegals!

Well what do you expect from Fauxcahontas she is a typical libtard. Only illegal aliens are important NOT American citizens.

Elizabeth Warren is just what the people of Mass want and desire to represent them.  They evidently do not care or could care less of the concerns and needs of the Veterans who served and fought to give the the right to put someone in power/office that does not care about anything but Democrats and her staying in office.  It comes right back to "You get what you get ready for" and the people of Mass got ready to honor or be concerned about their Veterans.  Another issue goes with it.  It will take awhile to get her out of office and if they do they will still have to continue to pay her for years.  So, again, you asked for her, you got her.  

One less democrat to go.




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