It seems that her brain is no longer functioning and she cannot articulate what she wants to say. It was during a press conference on Thursday that she attempted to attack President Trump’s budget proposal but failed miserably.

During the conference, she constantly stumbled over her words and even started to repeat herself. How could anyone think that she can be trusted to talk about these issues when she can barely string two sentences together?

The Democrat Party is in a rough place at the moment and this doesn’t help their cause at all. It’s no wonder that liberals have been sent into panic mode today.

After having a disastrous election in all shapes and forms, Dems have had calamity after calamity ever since. This latest screw up coming from their side of the aisle is not only expected, it’s pathetic.

Nancy Pelosi has been at the forefront of many of the controversies surrounding the party as of late, and it seems that her political career could be over in the near future.

Any time she appears in front of the media, or even posting on social media, she seems close to a breakdown. The Democrats have resorted to having this woman as one of their main spokespeople, but are quickly regretting it.

Pelosi often speaks without citing facts but instead makes insults and incorrect statements like it is no big deal. However, in an age where anyone can quickly fact-check anything, her comments are not without consequence — and her representation of her political party undermines them as a whole.

She epitomizes what the Democratic Party is: a group filled with vindictive sore losers who just want to complain about everything. If they replaced all of their negativity with a positive attitude, our country would be united once more. Or, at the very least, if they put a SANE person in front of the mic once in a while, we’d at least have something to discuss!

President Trump has already reached out on numerous occasions to try and bridge the divide between the two parties, but the Democrats are not willing to accept his kind gesture.

It will be interesting to watch how long Pelosi lasts in her current position. Even lazy liberals with their lax expectations for excellence have their limits — it’s only a matter of time before people wake up and she is voted out of office.