WATCH: CEO Gives Job Applicants ‘Snowflake Test’ – 5 MILLION Have Watched The Video

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Many college students today do not know the meaning of “hard work” and “discipline,” and yet after they graduate from their pretentious colleges, they fully expect to have a nice, high-paying job because of the lies their “liberal arts” teachers told them. But this CEO is giving them a much-needed wake-up call.

Kyle Reyes, the CEO of The Silent Partner Marketing and Keynote Speaker, went on Fox News after his video and open letter to “snowflakes” went viral. His message was: “So, on behalf of American CEOs, business owners, veterans, do us all a favor: Grow up or shut the f*** up.”

Reyes made this video, saying that anyone who wishes to be hired at his company has to take a snowflake test, which asks questions such as: “What does America mean to you?” And, “When was the last time you cried and why?”

These are not trick questions, they are used to determine how much of a pretentious, liberal whiner the applicant is — because “snowflakes” have no place in Reyes’ company. Why? Because they’re entitled brats, who don’t know the meaning of hard work and sacrifice.

These kids, who are fresh out of college, cried when Donald Trump won the election and had to have “safe spaces” made for them — filled with coloring books, puppy dogs, and rainbows. Well, you’re not going to find THAT working in the real world, unless you work for a daycare. But, even then, the job is going to have its tough moments.

The college students of today believe it is their right to disrespect our police officers and veterans, to burn the American flag, and protest our election cycles. They demand things of their states and schools, preaching “tolerance” and “safety,” believing themselves to be invincible in their ivy-covered halls of higher education.

But as Reyes said in his open letter: the business world does not give a damn about you. Your job doesn’t care about your personal life — all they care about is you getting all of your work done on time. And the only “safe space” that is available to you is your home.

Business owners and CEOs don’t look for victims, or excuse makers, and you won’t be hired if you have that kind of mentality. The college students of today need to realize that you can’t just leave work to protest the “mean ol’ president” or walk around with no shirt on in the streets. You now represent that company, and you need to be professional.

There is no such thing as free. I know liberals wanted Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders in office because they promised free things from the government, but the world does not work that way. Everything costs money. That free healthcare they’re whining about? It’s paid for by taxes — meaning you and the rest of the American people pay for it to work.

Being successful means doing hard work. And that hard work, which liberals know nothing about, is what our police officers and our veterans know all too well. They put their lives on the line every day, training and breaking their bodies to protect this country. Maybe instead of criticizing them, and burning the flag, you can honor them and acknowledge everything that they do.

What does America mean to you? What does being an American mean to you? To me, it means having the privilege of being a citizen of this fine country and recognizing that it’s about serving and honoring this country, respecting those who do also, and not taking anything I have for granted. It’s about standing up and voting in our free elections, and saying that I am PROUD to be an American! Who can also say this? Certainly not the liberals, who believe everything should be handed to them.

I wish more employers and company owners would be like Kyle Reyes, not giving in to the entitled millennials and their heinous demands. Our employers should hire our veterans and other proud Americans — people who actually have a strong work ethic and know what “responsibility” means. Maybe then liberals will actually grow up, get their act together, and tests like this will no longer be needed!

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Rush Limbaugh Explains How Robert Mueller
Will Attempt To Financially Destroy President Trump

 Special Counsel Robert Mueller has crossed President Trump’s “red line” after issuing a subpoena for documents related to the Trump Organization’s business dealings with Russia.

New York Times reports:

The special counsel, Robert S. Mueller III, has subpoenaed the Trump Organization to turn over documents, including some related to Russia, according to two people briefed on the matter. The order is the first known time that the special counsel demanded documents directly related to President Trump’s businesses, bringing the investigation closer to the president. […] The Trump Organization has said that it never had real estate holdings in Russia, but witnesses recently interviewed by Mr. Mueller have been asked about a possible real estate deal in Moscow. In 2015, a longtime business associate of Mr. Trump’s emailed Mr. Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen at his Trump Organization account claiming he had ties to President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia and said that building a Trump Tower in Moscow would help Mr. Trump’s presidential campaign.

Radio host Rush Limbaugh theorized on his program Friday that one of Mueller’s true objectives is to financially destroy President Trump.

Partial transcript via Breitbart News:

And these requests, the subpoena for documents from the Trump Organization, I ask you again, what has that to do with the campaign and with collusion and with the Russians? They’ve already been looking into Trump business in Russia with the Miss, what is it, USA, whatever his pageant is.

Do you all remember during the early days of the campaign there was news that Trump, in a tax return something like 20 years ago, took a $900 million deduction that was granted and survived an audit by the IRS? Now, I forget the details. It had to do with losses that he had incurred in that year in building things. It was around 900 or $920 million deduction. I’ll never forget when it was reported because most people will never come close to ever having that in a lifetime, and to have a guy personally write that much off?

Anyway, I think Mueller wants that $920 million back. I think Mueller wants to prove that that was a faulty deduction. I think that they want to go back, they want to get Trump’s tax returns because they want to nullify that $900 million deduction, and then they want to collect 20 years of interest and penalties and wipe Trump out.

In the meantime, President Trump’s lawyers are in the process of negotiating with special counsel Robert Mueller to bring the Russia probe to an end, reports Rebecca Ballhaus and Peter Nicholas of the Wall Street Journal.

Mueller’s tentacles continue to reach further and further.

CNN reported that investigators are attempting to determine whether former Blackwater chief Erik Prince misled the  House Intelligence Committee about a meeting he had in Seychelles in January of 2017.

Prince is accused of using the meeting as an opportunity to establish a secret back channel with Russia.

Fox News’ Catherine Herridge spoke with one of President Trump’s personal lawyers about the new subpoena request by Special Counsel Mueller.

According to Herridge, Trump’s lawyer was unaware of the subpoena and said it may be a ‘wrap up’ subpoena or ‘clean up’ subpoena which may signal the end of the investigation.


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