Image result for hillary is doneAfter her embarrassing loss in November, Terry McAuliffe, a longtime Clinton flack and the current Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia, is now saying Hillary Clinton and hubby Bill are finally done with politics.

“I think so, sure. I don’t think Hillary has any interest in running again,” McAuliffe said during an “ask the governor” interview on WTOP, according to the Washington Post.

McAuliffe, who was a major Clinton fundraiser for years and also once served as the Chairman of the Democrat National Committee during the Bush era, said that the past campaign was devastating for the Clintons.

“I mean, this is hard on anybody… can you imagine having to go through this?” he said. “I’ve had many conversations with the Clinton family. We’re friends. It’s hard, very tough. I think on Election Day everybody felt pretty good. I think the Trump campaign thought they were gonna lose. And you know, this is what happens in elections.”

The Virginia Governor did backtrack a bit, though, saying, “I’ll let her speak for herself. I haven’t asked her that. I think the president’s [Bill Clinton] probably going to go back, working on all the good deeds he’s done before in helping people around the globe. You know, there are elections. We’ve got to move forward. As governor of Virginia, I’ve got to move forward.”

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"This is hard on anybody...can you imagine having to go through this?"  Go through what? Standing in front of a teleprompter and reading lies to idiots?

And then little Terry Goob says," I think the Trump campaign thought they were gonna lose." No, just the opposite. Hillary and her minions were certain Trump would lose. Not the Trump campaign.

And to top it all he says, " I think Bill Clinton's probably going to go back, working on all the good deeds he's done before in helping people around the globe."

Isn't that just too syrupy for words? Wittle will yum yum Clinton, doing good wittle deeds awound the wittle gwobe.

Damn. There went my supper.

Dale Heathman :  mine too. 

"And to top it all he says, " I think Bill Clinton's probably going to go back, working on all the good deeds women and children he's done before in helping people  himself  around the globe.""

It is just so ridiculous.

They should just take their willions and weave. Weave us awone, pwease.

No one should kid themselves with this latest Terry McAuliffe dribble. If anything, this remark is meant to distract the public from the insane vote recount event. That underhanded effort is being championed by the Clinton campaign. Bernie Sanders walked away with a brand new lake house (gift) after he was screwed by the DEMs. And now Jill Stein is doing the bidding for the Clintons in this ridiculous recount effort. They claim that their so-called experts informed them that this election might have been hacked. Really? They even infer that it was an attack by the Russians just to sway the election. Hmmmm, sounds like something the corrupt media does every day, right here. Third party candidate Jill Stein amassing $7 million in 2 days really stinks to high heaven, folks. It remains to be seen what the DEMs intend to derive from these cheap political theatrics. Whatever it is, you can be sure it will be more sour grapes spin to drive their base further insane. ....if that's actually possible.

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All of the Klintons should be hung.


Hillary and the entire LEFT brought all this on themselves...before you all feel sorry for them just look back at the 30 years of what the Clintons got away with and how many lives they destroyed....and look back at how the left wing lap dogs in the media lied and covered up for the Clintons. just the mention of their name makes me want to puke.....and all you left wing ding bats got sucked up into this black hole of tyranny, perversion and madness.

You are absolutely right. Over 155 criminal indictments meaning that a Grand Jury thought there was sufficient evidence to go to trial — a trial case dismissed because the key prosecution witness suddenly died of mysterious causes within just a few days of the scheduled trial. Since those deaths were investigated as homicide or should have been, but officially were finally attributed to things like suicide (How do you put a gun to the BACK of your head and pull the trigger? Especially if the bullet was NOT fired from a handgun at close range?) So, 155 unsolved murders plus 155 fraud or other criminal cases! that adds up to 310 probable crimes committed but gotten away with!!!


Bull****. You don't have to be president to be corrupt. (But it help's). She will team up with Soros and the rest of the evil dregs of the world to undermine our great country. Remember! They don't quit. They never quit. They will grind and use propaganda and violence to beat us into communism. We must guide our children to respect and protect our freedoms and God. They will NEVER quit.




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